Things To Love About Singapore #Intern Edition

There are a lot of things to love about Singapore. Singapore offers you amazing food…excellent for sightseeing and shopping. Don’t get me wrong, those are great. But what really sets Singapore apart from the rest of Asia— you guessed it, the Singaporeans’ smart city! Singapore is interns’ dream destination for a reason.

And you are about to find out why! Let’s start with the most impressive part!

#1 Singapore’s Spotless Society And Superb Working Condition (For Passionate Individuals)

You know you are in good hands when the nation is highly populated with multicultural citizens and it is sparkling clean. You might find it surprising to learn that the Singaporean government was not only thinking of keeping their streets and alleys free of trash; they are keeping their country neat and pristine to indicate how far they have come; and, as a plus, breed more social and economic successes! Talk about efficacy. When the government and its citizens work hand in hand, nothing is impossible! Outstanding collaborative nature and work ethics of Singaporeans across the country is transferred into multicultural corporate practices and cultures. That said, your internship experience will entail more than just regular learning opportunities – it will set the bar for what is expected when you step foot in the working world!

If you love what you do, you will definitely find people who share your passion and drive. If that’s the case for you, Singapore is your place!

#2 International Companies Magnet

No, they are not just companies from one single region, we are talking about a collection of global leading companies! Because Singapore houses so many incredible innovative and critical minds, it attracts multinational companies from Switzerland, France, Japan, India (and more) to set up their headquarters there. This means that you can shop around for your ideal company without having to settle for limited options! You can truly integrate yourself in a completely new and challenging environment where you can surpass your own limitations and step out into the world with confidence and strong cultural sensitivity. This guarantees that by the end of your internship, you will have stories to tell to your friends and family!

Singapore is where your adventure begins! Who wouldn’t love something fresh and new, am I right?

#3 Singapore's Inclusive Work Environment, Need I Say More?

Physical disabilities, mental disabilities, physical disorders, mental disorders, you name it. Everyone has equal chances to intern in Singapore. As a less known fact, increasing numbers of Singaporean companies are now more than happy to recruit new interns (and new recruits) with all kinds of disabilities across the spectrum..! What is more exciting is that they will have a chance to shine outside of their three go-to industries: food & beverages; tourism; and hospitality… It's not everyday that you get to work shoulder to shoulder with these amazing and talented people!

Not only do disabled people are reliable and trustworthy, having them as your coworkers could help you become more patient as a person! And here for your special bonus, you will get a chance to unlearn some of your negative traits! We can’t say ‘no’ to a country like Singapore now, can we?

(Source: shawnanggg on Unsplash)

#4 Everything Is Accessible!

Last but not least, transportation. Traveling will never be an issue for you in Singapore! You are surrounded by reliable and safe public transportation. That’s to be expected from the world’s most squeaking clean country. Taxis, trains, buses, and bikes, Singapore has it all. You can always rely on good Singaporean public transports to be punctual and affordable (not typical for Asia)! I mean where else in the world can you get quality bus/ mass rapid transport (or MRT, as they like to call it) services for just 1.60 Singaporean dollars? That’s 150 Singaporean dollars per month— and a steal, in my opinion!

And since this is Singapore, everything is within traveling distance! Want to stop by after a day well-spent at some restaurants? You got it! Want to go take night walks at the Garden by the Bay? Done! You can basically travel to wherever you want with very little money leaving your pockets!

What more can you ask for from Singapore?

#5 A Pool Of Knowledge– That’s What!

Singaporean education is exceptional. With that in mind, you may not be surprised to learn that libraries are located throughout the island! Knowledge sure is everywhere in Singapore. To top things off, Singaporean libraries can be found in and near some of the most convenient places in any city: shopping malls (and I repeat: libraries inside shopping malls!!). But, that’s not all, Singapore has more in store! They have libraries in community centers where you can swim, play laser tag, or do rock climbing (how crazy is that)!! Check out Tampines Regional Library for that one.

During your internship, you will get a chance to hone your practical skills. Let the Singaporean libraries enhance your knowledge!

Enchanted by the global and smart city that is Singapore? Explore Singapore and all its magic with your own eyes and gain a valuable experience out of it!

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