The Infrastructure Industry in Singapore

The Infrastructure Industry in Singapore

Asia is rapidly expanding its cities and urban residents with roads, high skyscrapers and modern homes. The countries in the region are constantly searching for innovative and more sustainable solutions to their architecture.

Among these countries, Singapore is known to have the highest quality of infrastructure in the region and the world. Having a stable economic system along with a government that is continuously investing in the country’s infrastructure has greatly benefited Singapore’s development.

If you want to get started in this line of work, an internship in Singapore will open up doors to greater opportunities. The architecture and infrastructure in this country are constantly evolving and setting higher standards for the rest of the world. Learning more about the projects and the new technologies used to create these infrastructures will greatly benefit you if this is your chosen career path.

The Importance of the Infrastructure Industry

The infrastructure industry is considered to be a huge contributor to a country’s economy. A country’s infrastructure is present everywhere and is a reflection of its economic stability. The infrastructure says a lot about the state in which the country is currently in from the transportation networks to building construction projects.

Just like electricity, infrastructure is composed of utilities that are used by everyone. It provides a core structure for every kind of service to be conducted and produced.

Marina Bay Sands

Fig 1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Source: Pexels)

Infrastructure is controlled by four key players; the government, the banks, developers and the production companies. When the cooperation between these four parties is comprehensive, the infrastructure of a country becomes successful.

However, there are other factors that need to be considered as well when constructing any kind of infrastructure. Some of the most common problems encountered are:

- Scale and Time: Infrastructures are built on a very large scale and require a lot of investment. Once completed, they become economically viable. However, during their construction, they can cause inconvenience to the public, especially when they take a lot of time to complete.

- Ecological issues: Maintaining the balance between advancements in society and ensuring the protection of the environment is always a problem, especially when it comes to constructing highways and airports. Solving these problems takes a long time and requires a lot of consensus building.

- The Paucity of Funds: There are many construction projects that have led to bankruptcy due to the incessant spending by governments and private sectors. A lot of times, even the public’s tax money cannot cover the debt of the project. That is why it is important to efficiently evaluate the scale and funds of the project before it begins.

- Regulatory Uncertainty: Infrastructure projects require governments to hand over resources to the private parties. However, there is usually a lot of opposition from other stakeholders to this idea. That is why there are a lot of incentives provided to private parties to ensure that the projects are not stalled.

But despite these obstacles, the infrastructure industry has soared in recent years with the development of new technology and the cooperation of government bodies with private sectors.

An internship in Singapore will be greatly rewarding because you can see your creative ideas on paper slowly being developed and constructed into physical buildings and roads. You will have the chance to fully explore your creative side and apply them in projects that will last for a very long time.

The Reason behind Singapore’s successful Infrastructure Industry

Singapore’s success in the infrastructure sector can be attributed to the country’s impressive drive for innovation and knowledge.

The research community in Singapore is always two steps ahead when it comes to the development of the infrastructure. Armed with sufficient knowledge, the community helps to mitigate any structural bottlenecks and always guarantees to raise the standards of construction.

Having a government that is heavily inclined to invest in infrastructure is also a great advantage for Singapore, especially in the transportation sector. The government is looking to expand its railway networks from 230 km to 360 km by 2030.

There are also plans to build a new terminal at Changi Airport called Terminal 5 by 2030. This construction will involve an investment of US$ 10 billion. It is estimated that at least 70% of the total investment will be done by the government of Singapore and the rest will be provided by the Changi Airport Group, which is held by the Finance Ministry.


Fig 2. Infrastructure in Singapore (Source: Pexels)

An internship in infrastructure in Singapore will give you practical experiences and a lot of chances to learn about the latest technology in infrastructure. The advancements in Singapore are greatly propelled by the government’s support of its projects.

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Singapore has a lot to offer. From a modernized society to a diverse culture, you can find a plethora of experiences you can learn and increase your professional skills in. An internship in Singapore will open up doors and opportunities for you in the rest of Asia.


Fig 3. Buddhist Temple in Singapore (Source: Pexels)

Starting your professional growth in Singapore will be beneficial to you because of all the resources that Singapore has to offer. With the connections gained in this country, you will be armed with enough knowledge and skills to explore more avenues.

And an internship with AIP will ensure you get an internship experience that is both professional and personally rewarding. With AIP, you will be able to explore the different facets of Singapore and expand your knowledge of the culture of the country.

Your internship will not be one-dimensional and it will greatly enhance your architectural knowledge with the implementation of the latest technology.

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