Get Your Foot on the Job Ladder: the Benefits of Becoming an Intern

Sometimes, getting a foot on the job ladder is difficult, especially for those who lack experience, either because of their youth or because they want to change their career.

Most employers want to hire people with experience, but you can't get experience until someone gives you a job.

So what's the solution to this Catch-22 situation?

The solution is to become an intern.

What is an internship?

An internship is where an employer provides a work placement to a person, known as an intern, for a (usually) short period of time in order for the person to gain work experience and exposure to the industry that is their field of interest.

Internships can be either paid or unpaid.

The Benefits

Work experience: An intern will gain hands-on, practical experience of working in a business and environment, which is not possible in a classroom, where all the study is theoretical.

A more attractive applicant: Employers often prefer experience over qualifications and will, therefore, look favourably upon a job applicant whose CV or resume can boost industry experience acquired through an internship.

A job at the end: Many interns are offered a full-time job by their employer when the internship is over, so there is often no need to start a long and painful job search.

Try the job out: Because of its short-term nature, an internship can be viewed as a way to test drive the field you have chosen to enter.

The hands-on experience you gain may convince you that it is definitely the career path you want to tread, or it may show you that you are not a good fit after all, and you can, therefore, explore other careers that may suit you better.

Extend your network: You will meet lots of new people during an internship, some of whom may prove to be valuable contacts who can further your career, perhaps by alerting you when a job vacancy comes up at their organization.

You can also use these contacts to provide references for you when you begin applying for jobs.

Build up your confidence: Classroom training is good, but it cannot replace the practical application of your skills and prove that you are good at what you do.

If in an interview a potential employer asks whether you can you do such and such, the practical experience gained during your internship will enable you to say "Yes, I can, because I've already done it," rather than "I think so because I've read about it in class."

An internship, especially if it is unpaid, can seem like a financially and emotionally unprofitable venture.

However, an internship is worth considering because it can deliver several benefits that will make you far more attractive to future employers.

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