Supply Chain and Logistics Internships in Vietnam

Supply Chain and Logistics Internships in Vietnam

If you are getting a degree in supply chain, logistics, or in any of the related disciplines like business, industrial engineering or operations management , then you should think about getting a relevant internship experience too.

The internship should be such that it gives you a practical view of the various supply chain and logistics functions, allowing you to better grasp your academic knowledge.

International supply chain and logistics internship in Vietnam is the right option for you.

You will get to intern at a leading supply chain/logistics organization in Vietnam and closely understand the workings of the organization’s important functional areas.

In this international Vietnam internship, you will be able to cultivate and enhance a range of technical and professional skills.

These include quantitative and analytical skills, interpersonal and communication skills, planning and organization skills, problem-solving skills, basic project management skills, and so on.

Having developed these essential skills and gained a significant work experience through the internship, you’ll be absolutely ready to begin a long-term career in the supply chain and logistics profession.

Supply Chain and Logistics Industry in Vietnam

Let’s take a brief look at the learning opportunities that Vietnam offers when it comes to supply chain and logistics areas.

Vietnam is a fast growing economy in which supply chain and logistics industry is developing at a great pace.

The North and the South areas of the country are home to the country’s prominent logistics hubs.

One of the reasons for the unprecedented growth of logistics in Vietnam is the boost in trade activities.

The supply chain and logistics industry in Vietnam is consistently endeavoring to become more efficient through the improvement of country’s transport infrastructure and other capabilities.

The size and scale of operations vary for different logistics companies in Vietnam.

But they are all fiercely competitive and successfully catering to a wide array of customers.

Working at any of these companies for your international supply chain and logistics internship Vietnam would turn out to be a superb learning experience for you.

Do’s and Don’ts of International Internship in Vietnam

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy guide that tells you things you should do and things you shouldn’t do during your international supply chain and logistics internship in Vietnam?

That way you can assuredly get everything that you are expecting out of the internship.

Well, here is such a guide for you, a concise list of key do’s and don’ts that you should remain mindful of throughout your international internship in Vietnam:


Become accountable for your own progress.

Even if you have a supervisor or a senior that you report to daily about the work you are doing, it still pays if you start the practice of holding yourself accountable too towards achieving your internship goals.

Ask yourself regularly, what have I done so far during my international Vietnam internship and how all that work has led me closer to the goals that I had begun with.

Act like an exemplary professional at all times during your international supply chain & logistics internship in Vietnam.

Value your responsibilities as an intern because they are important in the grand scheme of things at your workplace.

Finish the tasks you are being given within the deadline.

Show active involvement in the projects by finding ways to contribute your knowledge and skills wherever you can.

If you are coming to the international Vietnam internship with an educational background in supply chain and logistics, you should try making meaningful links between what the academic course had taught you and what the internship is currently teaching you.

There are many topics that we encounter in books for which real-life applications are not so clear at the time of reading.

But when you are on the practical side of the field, as you are in international supply chain & logistics internship in Vietnam, you could begin to finally get what the topic was all about.

Get involved thoroughly with every aspect of the international supply chain & logistics internship in Vietnam.

For example, if the internship program entails some attending some industry seminars and conferences, make sure that you are attending those.

Be aware of all the opportunities that are available to you as an intern and make the best use of them.


Never keep any questions or issues that you are facing in understanding something to yourself.

International supply chain & logistics internship in Vietnam is a place for you to clear up all your queries and doubts about supply chain and logistics, and develop a sound understanding of the fields.

You won’t be able to do that if you don’t resolve your understanding related questions in time.

Ask a fellow intern or a senior colleague whenever you need any guidance.

Don’t always wait to be told what to do.

Contribute in researching the best feasible routes available for transport.

Interns who show initiative are appreciated, because this indicates their commitment and interest for the internship.

So instead of always waiting around for having the responsibilities delegated to you, why not sometimes volunteer to help of your own accord.

Maybe you find an assignment that you know you can handle on your own and ask your senior to entrust the same to you.

Don’t be discouraged when you make a mistake or are given constructive criticism.

This is all a part of the learning and growing journey you go through during the internship.

Instead of trying to cover up your mistake with excuses, own it and make a silent promise to yourself to try and never let it happen again.

If you can come up with a solution to mitigate the issues arising out of your mistake, suggest the solution too.

Also, be thankful for any constructive criticism that you receive, treating it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

Do not lose contact with the people you’ve met during international supply chain & logistics internship Vietnam.

Keep in touch with them even after the internship is over.

These people are your key industry contacts that you can add to your professional network.

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