What You Should Know For Your Summer Internship In Asia

The winter season has come to an end and Spring has now arrived.

I'm sure you're excited that the weather is warming up and you can finally break out your t-shirts and khaki shorts.

You're also probably very enthusiastic that it's halfway through the academic semester, and summer break will be here very soon.

Now is the time to start figuring out what your plans will be for the summer.

Your friends may already have set in stone their family trips abroad, and others might be getting summer jobs.

Then there are the boring ones who will spend their entire summer holidays at home.

summer internship

The fact that you're reading this article must mean that you're interested in doing an internship this summer.

A summer internship is an ideal choice for students and young professionals.

It allows you to gain relevant working experience in your preferred industry field.

Instead of doing an internship in your home country, take it a step further with an international summer internship.

Even more specifically, doing a summer internship in Asia is an excellent choice for students seeking to accelerate their careers.

Coming to Asia to do a summer internship will kill two birds with one stone.

This is for the fact that you get to acquire international working experience, as well as travel the world.

Now let's get into the nitty-gritty of how you can boost your career with a summer internship in Asia.

Employers Love When Candidates Have International Work Experience

Summer holidays seem to change as you get older.

As a kid, I would go on family vacations to Universal Studios, beaches and travel throughout Asia and Europe.

Then during my high school days, the family vacations seemed to die down, and I found myself spending more time with my friends and going on local trips with them.

Whether you're graduating from high school soon, a current university student or in transition, you're probably looking to do something more productive during your summer break.

A summer internship in Asia is the perfect solution for you, as you get to receive hands-on international working experience, and best of all you get to travel to a new country.

summer internship

In today's job market it's very important to do various things to enhance your CV.

This will make yourself stand out of the crowd.

Cara Rebernick from Sage Corps says, "Employers definitely take notice."

According to a 2016 report conducted by Mercer, surveyed employers expressed that "Global mindset" was a characteristic they would be looking for when hiring in the near future.

"Global mindset" ranks as the number one in-demand skill for companies in Italy, and number two China and Japan follows an overall trend in 2016 for employees to have "Cultural Literacy."

In the US, "Global mindset" is identified as one of the top five skills employers look for in potential employees.

"Engaging students in professional development alongside their international studies prepare for this future work-need."

Take Advantage Of Your Summer Vacation

Back in high school, I would count down the days until the academic year was finished during the second semester.

I remember all of my friends asking each other what their plans were for the summer break.

It was always a competition to see which one of us was going to the coolest place.

However, when your teenage years come to an end you start to realize that your chances to take advantage of your summer for vacations are dwindling down.

summer internship

The reality of beginning a new full-time job starts to set in once your parents are encouraging you (very nicely) to get out of their house and do something worthwhile.

By choosing to do an internship in Asia, you have the opportunity to both travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, while gaining valuable international working experience.

According to an article from List 25 on the "25 Most Visited Countries In The World," 6 of the 8 countries that Asia Internship Program offers have made the list.

These 6 countries are Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Learn A Second Language During Your Summer Internship

There are so many benefits that will come your way after completing a summer internship in Asia.

We already mentioned that international working experience will be valuable on your CV for future employers to see.

Additionally, you'll be able to study a new language while interning in one of these amazing countries.

Acquiring a second language is one of the most treasured skills that you can utilize in your life and also makes you stand out from the crowd in the job market.

There is only one better way to learn a language than living in a country that speaks the language you want to learn.

That is to live AND work there.

summer internship

Learning a language while working abroad offers a unique opportunity to learn to speak about subjects that you need to enhance your career.

The best way to do that for college students and young professionals is to do an internship abroad.

Interns come away with language skills that pertain to the chosen field which puts them at an advantage when competing for jobs after college.

According to Ryan McMunn of BRIC Language Systems, "the internships in many cases wind up becoming full-time jobs."

"This is a great path to an international career."

Where In Asia Should You Pursue Your Summer Internship?

Well, the country in Asia where you should do your summer internship depends on many things.

Your taste, lifestyle, career field and what you would like to experience can all factor into this.

Each destination has something different and unique to offer.

Here we'll give you a brief description of some of the countries in Asia, to give you a better idea.


summer internship

Thailand is an amazing and beautiful country offering a rich amount of history and culture.

The Land of Smiles is famously known as a tropical destination, however, there is a diverse mix of landscapes.

From the Phi Phi islands, the city skylines in Bangkok, to the mountains in Chiang Mai, there's much to see.

With a summer internship in Thailand, you'll have the opportunity to visit all of these places and so much more.


summer internship

Japan is a wonderful country being blessed with a one of a kind culture including the people, language, customs, history, and cuisine.

With sights like the Golden Temple in Kyoto, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and Mount Fuji, there is a vast array of must-see attractions which you can witness first hand during your summer internship in Japan.


summer internship

Singapore is an incredible destination providing a melting pot of cultures with Chinese, Malays and Indians making up the majority of the city-state's population.

The Lion City is arguably the most modern city in Asia and is notably recognized as being one of the cleanest cities on the globe.

Your Instagram game will go to another level after visiting famous landmarks in Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands, the Botanic Gardens, and Universal Studios.

You're sure to have an unforgettable experience with a summer internship in Singapore.

South Korea

summer internship

South Korea is a magnificent country to visit, as it maintains a unique mix of traditional values and taste of the modern world.

Whether you want to see the sights of the country like the Gyeongbokgung Palace, dine on the famous Korean barbecue, or take in the trendy K-Pop scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

These are just a couple of examples of what you can experience with a summer internship in Korea.


summer internship

Malaysia is another incredible country to visit in Asia, which is comprised of a plethora of nationalities, cultures, and flavors.

If you've ever seen photos of Malaysia online, then you've probably seen the highly recognizable Petronas Twin Towers, which people love to take selfies within the background.

Among the various landscapes of mountains, jungles, and beaches, there is so much to see and do during a summer internship in Malaysia.

Hong Kong

summer internship

Hong Kong is an extraordinary modern locale, boasting a remarkable city skyline alongside the Victoria Harbour.

Although Hong Kong is known as one of the premier shopping districts on the globe, there are many other things to do and see here.

For instance, you can take in the breathtaking views of the city from The Peak, explore the street markets or even go to Hong Kong Disneyland.

You'll be able to tell your friends and family of all the places you visited after completing a summer internship in Hong Kong.

Which Summer Internship Fields Are Available In Asia?

With the amazing destinations that Asia has to offer, there's also a wide range of industry fields to pursue.

As the economy is steadily growing in the Asia-Pacific region, many new businesses and startup companies are emerging.

Along with this comes openings of an abundant amount of job opportunities and internship positions for students, fresh graduates, and young professionals.

Asia is home to some of the leading business, technology and tourism hubs across the globe.

Hospitality & Tourism

summer internship

Everyone knows Thailand for being a major tourist destination.

Tourists flock to popular places in Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

With this makes the hospitality and tourism industry a huge part of the economy in the country.

A summer Hospitality & Tourism Internship in Thailand is a perfect opportunity for any students and young professionals wanting to gain experience in the industry.


summer internship

Don't think that we forgot about the marketing people.

For students and young professionals interested in this industry, a summer Marketing Internship in Japan is a unique opportunity.

The marketing sector immediately gets your foot in the door and you'll gain valuable experience with an internship in Japan.

Not to mention, your international network will grow immensely and future full-time working opportunities will come knocking.


summer internship

For someone interested in the engineering industry, a summer Engineering Internship in Singapore would be a fitting destination to choose.

Considering that many companies in Singapore specialize in chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Engineering is definitely a field that benefits from gaining practical hands-on working experience, thanks to it's demanding nature.

Information Technology

summer internship

Acknowledged as one of the leading technology hubs on the planet, South Korea is revolutionizing the IT industry.

Companies like Samsung and LG Electronics are heavily contributing to this rapidly growing sector.

Choosing to do a summer Information Technology Internship in South Korea will put you in the proper position to succeed.

to learn from industry professionals and jumpstart your career.


summer internship

Malaysia is well recognized in the manufacturing industry, specifically in the sectors of electrical components, consumer and industrial electronics.

This makes the manufacturing industry an integral part in Malaysia's economy.

A summer Manufacturing Internship in Malaysia is ideal for those wanting to explore this industry from an international perspective.


summer internship

Hong Kong is a prime destination to do a summer internship with its strong presence in the business sector,

A summer Finance Internship in Hong Kong is an excellent choice for future interns to pursue.

This region is home to business professionals with decades of experience that you can learn a lot from.

Hong Kong also maintains notable international banking corporations like HSBC Bank, Bank of China Hong Kong, and Standard Charter Bank.

These are just a handful of examples on the types of internships you can explore in Asia.

To see a broad range of career fields that you may want to pursue, check out this extensive internship guide.

Finding a summer internship field in Asia through AIP, is a piece of cake!

Don't Procrastinate! Apply For Your Summer Internship In Asia Today!

Choosing to do a summer internship in Asia is a win-win situation for any student or young professional.

You get to travel the world and visit absolutely beautiful destinations, all while gaining valuable international working experience.

By having a global mindset and cultural literacy, you'll be a very attractive candidate when you begin applying for jobs.

Combine that with learning a second language during your internship will put you above and beyond your peers.

Impress your future employers with your display of international prowess.

There are many amazing destinations in Asia to visit which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Start planning NOW for your summer internship in Asia!


Where would your dream summer internship be? We'd love to know!

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