Rise of Digital Journalism in Thailand

Rise of Digital Journalism in Thailand

Journalism has changed its forms in numerous ways with the introduction of technology and the digital age. With its core values still intact, journalism has embraced the digital age and adapted itself to continue reporting on news that affects people at a national and international level.

With COVID-19 raging on, traditional forms of journalism have made adjustments to how they provide news to the public (From: InfoQuest Limited). Some news media have adopted a hybrid technique of supplying hard copies of newspapers and providing the news online as well.

However, not everyone is able to do this. This would mean that most of the time, these news media would have to cease production of hard copies and shift to an online presence permanently.

An internship abroad during this time is a great opportunity because you will be able to experience and learn about all the ways media grows and develops. Digital media is on the rise and will change the way we consume news.

Digital Journalism in Thailand

In Thailand, digital journalism has grown in popularity for a while now. With new technology being developed at a fast pace and a population with a huge appetite for digital consumption, journalism is bound to be successful, no matter its shape or form.

The Thai media has managed to make the necessary changes and adjustments to how they present their content to the public online. While the pandemic has made it harder for businesses to cope with the changes, the media industry is working hard to make the necessary changes in order to survive in the changing economy.


Fig. 1 Digital Journalism (Source: Pexels)

The future for traditional media looks bleak in comparison to other industries. It has been in a steady downward spiral for a while now, but the pandemic has accelerated this process. Due to the large usage of social media and the internet among the public in Thailand, many consume their news online, and it is mostly in English.

Seeing this, a handful of Thai news media are providing their news online. Some of these news media include Prachatai English, Thai PBS and Khaosod English. These are news media organizations that mainly report on social and political news occurring in the country. Another news outlet that is on the rise in Thailand is Coconuts. This company mostly publishes lifestyle news, food and destinations in the country.

News media and journalism in Thailand is constantly evolving and will continue to do so in the near future. The use of social media in news reporting is increasing. This has resulted in the reach of news to a wider audience at a faster pace. Some of the social media frequently used by news organizations in Thailand are Twitter, Facebook and Clubhouse.

Are you ready for an internship in Thailand?

An internship in Thailand is an exciting opportunity. It provides you with a chance to learn more about the unique dynamics of your society and the world. And with new platforms for providing news to the public, the roles and responsibilities within this industry will also change.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to your future career to start learning about the new dynamics within the industry to get a head start. Starting your internship in Thailand is a great chance to experience the media industry at the heart of a diverse region in terms of politics, social and cultural values.

You will be exposed to an international environment where you can grow your professional network. Some of the best news companies you can intern at are Coconuts and BurdaInternational Asia Region.

Fig 2. Online Newspaper (Source: Pexels)

As an intern in the news industry, you will be required to draft blogs, social media posts and write some website content on the latest trends and current issues. You will be writing some press releases, editorials and newsletters.

You will also get the chance to conduct interviews and reach out to relevant contacts during your internship.

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