5 Reasons to Do an Internship in Marketing in Singapore

In case you're thinking about applying for an internship in marketing, searching for positions abroad especially in Singapore is probably something you are not considering.

Leaving the comfort of your home and moving to a foreign place isn't an easy task in any sense, however, the rewards can help make the decision a lot less difficult.

Submerging yourself in the way of life, language and customs of a city abroad won't just lift your career prospects, it will likewise open your eyes to a new culture and lifestyle, giving you yet another point of view on life and your career prospects.

Singapore is a little island country situated on the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, in Southeast Asia. The official languages of Singapore include English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, while English is the official language for doing business. Singapore has a population of over 5 million individuals, with most of the population from China.

In spite of the fact that Singapore is a young country, it is a standout amongst the most prosperous in the business world. It is the friendliest business capital on the planet, and has been reliably named the world's best spot to do business. Singapore additionally flaunts the world's most noteworthy architecture and smartest city layout. From various perspectives, Singapore is way ahead of its time.

Below are five reasons why you should do an internship in marketing in Singapore:

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1. Multi-cultural immigrant society

Since it is anything but difficult to move and in the long run settle in, Singapore has turned out to be one of the world's most assorted countries as far as cultural backgrounds go. Singapore is very open to foreigners and through its immigration policy, urges many to move into Singapore. It isn't hard to find authentic cuisines from all around the globe, essentially from Southeast Asia and China.

Furthermore, living in Singapore, for no matter how long, is the perfect opportunity to build your language skills. You will be completely immersed in the local culture, giving you the best opportunity to initiate your speaking abilities. In addition, you’ll have colleagues you can practice with during your working periods.

In addition, there are also often free language courses in big cities. Since you will have spare time in the evenings and weekends, this gives you a chance to be fully immersed in the language and take part in these voluntary classes. Taking a language course is also a great way to make new friends outside of your working environment which is handy for interns on longer-term placements since you can build a network to keep you company when you’re not in the office.

2. Freest Economy

Singapore is positioned number one for having the most open business economy.

In Singapore, since the country is, to large extents, a very work-focused society, the citizens are particularly concerned about making it simple to deal with business matters.

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3. Environment

Singapore has been concerned about its ecological quality and has very strict environmental policies, hence making the air quality in Singapore clean. Singapore has put incredible endeavors into keeping its city green with greenery and in terms of conservation.

There is a motivation behind why Singapore is as spotless as it seems to be—and your Singapore internship program isn't the correct time to challenge any of these laws! Singapore has numerous laws that help maintain its reputation; the most astonishing of which being its chewing gum ban. Under this law, the gum isn't permitted to be purchased or sold inside the country state. Additionally, the spitting out of gum on the street will result in a significant fine of up to $1000.

The inappropriate disposal of chewing gum was a significant issue in Singapore already, so proposed ban of this sticky substance was for quite some time recommended. Be that as it may, the law wasn't at long last upheld until chewing gum was being adhered to the entryway sensors of the Mass Rapid Transit (MTR), causing breakdowns and interruptions of the open transportation services.

Yet, Singapore's laws go a long way past chewing gum. When you are interning in Singapore, make certain not to jaywalk, neglect to the flush the can, or stroll around your home stripped, on the grounds that you may end up unexpectedly spending significantly more cash than arranged.

Ultimately, ensure you complete your food or drink before venturing onto the MTR, as drinking, eating, and taking pictures on this advantageous and quick method for transportation are not permitted.

4. The safest place in the world

Because of Singapore's strict regulations and in light of the fact that Singapore is a very principle-driven society, the rate of crime is extremely low with brutal violations being exceptionally uncommon. Numerous families are pulled in to Singapore since it is an extremely protected spot to bring kids up notwithstanding Singapore's different other social services including schooling, healthcare, and so forth. This makes this city amazingly safe for Singapore Interns as well.

5. You’ll gain skills which will truly impress employers

reasons to do internship in marketing Singapore

At the point when your CV and cover letter arrive on the desk of a recruiter, it is critical to have something about your application that stands out. Since a large majority of students now complete an internship during their degrees, having experience working abroad will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Interning in another country gives you skills in a foreign job market and this is something employers find exceptional. Demonstrating you can deal with working with international colleagues and a language change is in this way a convenient expansion to your CV.

With Singapore being named one of the most secure nations on the planet and frequently alluded to as the "best spot to work together" just as "most livable city in Asia", it is certainly slanting as a top-pick goal worldwide for internships all things considered.

Singapore is a different spot inside and out, from the general population that calls it home, to the kind of sustenance it offers to the engineering contracts between its numerous high rises and gardens. The rundown above will give you some basic understanding into this genuinely one of a kind spot, in any case, rest assured that Singapore has a lot more amazement and uncommon highlights coming up for you during your internship.

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