PR and Marketing Internship In Hong Kong

PR and Marketing Internship In Hong Kong

Ask experienced PR and Marketing professionals for one tip for the newbies in this field, and most will tell you to complete your education and get an internship experience to ensure a good start.

While the academic degree teaches you the technicalities of the job, the internship prepares you for the fast-paced lifestyle that a PR and marketing job entails.

Many PR and marketing students have little idea about how demanding the work is in this field.

It requires an incredible amount of energy, self-motivation, composure, and emotional intelligence.

Before committing to PR and marketing, you need to see for yourself if you are comfortable with the rigors of this field.

Hong Kong Skyline

The best way to do that is by doing a PR and Marketing internship in Hong Kong.

The firms in this industry are very competitive, they prefer hiring people who have the skills and experience to become productive as soon as possible.

An impressive international internship in Hong Kong will speak volumes about your capabilities and potential, and significantly improve your employability.

You can of course do more than one internship for greater experience, but remember to give quality more weight than quantity.

For each internship that you do, you should have some noteworthy accomplishments that you can talk about during interviews with your prospective employers.

Good recommendation letters from the internship firms definitely contribute to your credibility as a promising PR and marketing professional.

PR and Marketing Industry In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important economic center in the Asia-Pacific region, which many people call as Asia's global city.

Because of the unique market positioning that Hong Kong enjoys in Asia, it has managed to attract several multi-national PR and marketing companies to set up their regional operations here.

These companies offer comprehensive range of services like corporate PR and communication, crisis management, B2B and B2C marketing, brand marketing, brand reputation management, media relations, brand profiling, brand consulting, digital marketing, market research, financial and technology communication, event marketing, etc.


The firms local and international clientele comprises of a variety of businesses in different industry domains.

People working in these firms come from diverse countries and backgrounds which makes the work environment very multi-cultural and dynamic.

The reason why PR and Marketing internship in Hong Kong is so exciting is because of the eclectic nature of this industry here.

You get to work with clients who have different needs and deal with varying issues.

Hong Kong internship is superb for taking a deep dive into the workings of a PR and marketing company.

Everything that you had been studying, up until now inside the classroom, you will see it all getting applied to real-world situations.

5 Things To Keep In Mind During Your Internship

Internships are certainly great working opportunities, but you too will need to bring something to the table if you want to make the most of them.

Here are some things that you can do to take your PR and Marketing internship in Hong Kong to the next level of greatness:

Don't Forget To Do Your Homework


Blindly jumping into the internship with no understanding of what is expected from you is a sure shot way of losing direction way early in the program.

Read up the internship job description thoroughly. See what you can do to prepare yourself for the same.

Maybe your communication or writing skills need a bit of fine-tuning, or perhaps you need to learn using a software program, the knowledge of which may be required during your internship work.

Strive To Go Beyond What Others Expect Of You

Try not to get too comfortable in your assigned work role. Take initiative for handling some new and different responsibilities.

Remember you want to take away maximum exposure that you can get from your internship experience.

So discuss with your supervisor for diverse tasks so that you can enhance both your technical as well as soft skills.

Learn The Necessary Art Of Multitasking


A PR and marketing professional is expected to juggle between different jobs, with finesse! Treat your Hong Kong internship experience as a learning ground for the same.

Observe how your seniors manage their time and workload, and then put what you learn into practice with your own assignments.

Be Active In Networking

PR and Marketing Internship In Hong Kong

It should come as no surprise that PR and marketing is a highly social field.

Media, clients, fellow colleagues, all will come under the sphere of your professional network.

An internship is a great platform to start building your network of contacts. So leverage this platform wisely.

During your PR and Marketing internship in Hong Kong, you will be working as part of a very vibrant crowd. Great place to meet people of different nationalities and join the global network.

Don't Lose Your Cool

If you are not used to chaos, then you'll be in for a surprise!

Working on multiple assignments, collaborating with different people, chasing different deadlines is not easy.

But there is nothing you can't do with a cool and collected mindset!

The most important lesson that you can take away from your internship experience is how you can find order in chaos if you maintain your composure.

Hong Kong Is Also A Fun Destination

Hong Kong at night

Yes, you will be working hard, but you will also be having just as much fun! That is the beauty of the internship in Hong Kong.

An internship back home may seem mundane and regular but not in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an amazing city with lots of things to see and do. Theme parks, shopping malls, street markets, historic and cultural sites, museums, you name it and it is here.

Some of the attraction points that you can't afford to miss are Peak Tower, Repulse Bay, Victoria Harbour, Madame Madame Tussauds, Avenue of Stars, Disneyland, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Science Museum, Man Mo Temple, and Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Opt for a PR and Marketing internship in Hong Kong for a stimulating work experience that will prepare and refine you for any related job that you will undertake in the future.

Not to mention, the wonderful opportunity that you will get to travel and explore a popular international tourist destination.

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