PR & Marketing Internship In China

If you want a career where you're always on the move, where exciting things are always right around the corner and where you have the power to influence the thinking of millions of people, then PR and marketing is just the right field for you.

Want to get a taste of the real action that happens in PR and marketing? Do an international marketing internship in China and you'll know what's the great buzz about this field.

Taking place in a top-ranking economy of the world, this internship program will enable you to gain a credible and impressive international work experience in the competitive field of PR and marketing.

The Scene Of PR & Marketing In China

marketing internship in china

The media norms in China are unlike that of any other country. Media entities like newspapers, press agencies and portals come under the purview of strict government control.

The censorship imposed by the state places certain limitations on what information can be disseminated and what can't be.

However, these boundaries have not dampened the growth of advertising, PR and marketing in the country.

Domestic companies in China remain interested in breaking out on the international scene and foreign companies outside China remain interested in foraying into the profitable Chinese market.

This situation has fostered the need for both types of companies to get help from PR and marketing experts who know what and how each type needs to communicate with its respective audience and accomplish its goals.

International marketing internship in China will teach you about the differences present in the cultures, mindsets, habits, practices and pain points between Chinese and Western consumer markets.

The internship could take place at an adverting agency, PR firm, digital marketing company, specialist marketing consultancy, etc.

Wherever you intern, rest assured that you'll be learning a lot about the best marketing ways that work in a rather regulated political setting and that are customized according to cultural differences.

Common Job Duties For Marketing Internship In China

marketing internship in china

Let's discuss what you'll be doing in your international marketing internship in China.

The exact job responsibilities will vary from company to company, but you can get a fair idea of what will be the overall work nature of your international marketing internship in China.

  • Contribute to creating PR and marketing plans, analyze the impact of these plans (for example in terms of revenue and sales) and make changes accordingly to drive better results.
  • Help with the drafting, writing, and distribution of press releases and advertising copies. Also, proofread and check the accuracy of written materials that need to be published.
  • Build and maintain friendly professional relations with local, national and international media outlets.
  • Plan, coordinate, organize and even attend relevant marketing seminars, meetings, programs, and other events to get media attention.
  • Do market research and analysis to find out new opportunities and audiences.
  • Keep a record of weekly or monthly press and marketing activities conducted.
  • Research and analyze the PR and marketing efforts of main competitors.
  • Keep a close eye on the current industry trends and emerging influence areas.
  • Manage information distribution via different marketing channels (internet, social media, electronic media, etc.) to ensure coherence and effectiveness.

8 Tips To Remember For Your International Marketing Internship In China

marketing internship in china

Your international marketing internship China will give you a lot of experience and knowledge, provided that you allow yourself to take in everything it imparts.

It's going to be a two-way street, where you need to be willing to come to the internship with all your enthusiasm in order to squeeze out maximum benefits from it.

Here are few tips that you should keep in mind while doing international marketing internship China to make sure that you're going on the right track and getting a good use out of your valuable time:

  1. Get acquainted with the common norms and practices of working in your office within first few days. You can ask wherever you need guidance, but also try to do much of the learning by observing how people around you are working on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Be vocal when you want to be a part of some interesting work assignment. Don't waste your time waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap. If you feel like working on a project that falls a little outside of your ordinary work duties, then take initiative and speak to relevant people to get involved with the same.
  3. Don't let the mistakes hold you down in any way. You are in a new cultural and business environment and among new people, and so you may make a few blunders here and there. Accept the fact as part of the job and avoid feeling too embarrassed about it.
  4. Ask for feedback from your colleagues, seniors, peers and supervisor at regular intervals. What you get in return might be good, average or bad, try to take it in your stride and proceed forward to doing a better job than before.
  5. Maintain a record of all your feats that you achieve during your international marketing internship China. Write them down or commit them to your memory. Doing so will let you easily recapitulate your noteworthy accomplishments at the end of the internship.
  6. Keep the educational learning going side by side your international internship in China. Whether it's hitting the books and browsing the Internet for some theory knowledge or attending workshops and seminars to hear the experts give away nuggets of practical wisdom, just never stop learning something new.
  7. Don't stay aloof from your fellow interns in the name of competition. International China internship is also an opportunity to mingle and socialize with people from around the globe. So spend time with them during and maybe even after the work hours and try to befriend them as well as you can.
  8. Be in regular touch with your family and friends back home during your international internship in China. It's likely that you'll be so absorbed with this new life adventure of yours that you will find it difficult to stay in sync with what's going on back home. But talking to the important people in your life from time to time will give you the emotional and mental support needed to carry on with your independent living in a foreign country.


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