PR and Marketing Internship In Thailand

PR and Marketing Internship In Thailand

To begin a career in communications fields like PR and marketing, internships are considered just as important as the academic degree.

You can not go for either of these two. If you are in school or college, and thinking of making a career in PR and marketing, then you'd be wise to participate in related internship programs.

In fact, international internships are considered really good for marketing and PR fields. Reason being these two fields require you to interact with a wide variety of people whether it's your clients or audience.

These people may belong to different countries, cultures, and viewpoints. International internship develops in you a deep inter-cultural understanding that comes in handy when you have to work in a global market.

Among the international internships, PR and marketing internship in Thailand is one of the most well-recognized internship programs.

Most Important Benefits Of Marketing Internship in Thailand

Marketing internship in thailand

You are right to ask why you should be spending your summer vacation doing a Marketing internship in Thailand. How can moving far away from home to a foreign country for an internship benefit you?

Well, we will give you 5 reasons to clear such doubts and embrace the idea of Marketing internship in Thailand:

Great Way To Expand A Blinkered Mindset

We all know that traveling is a great way to open up the mind and welcome the rush of new thoughts.

But traveling and working together, that is just taking the mind-opening to the next level.

Especially in fields like PR and marketing where getting a fresh perspective on things is the only way to thrive, you need something like an internship in Thailand to condition your mind to think out of the box.

A Chance To Do Something Uncommon

Marketing internship in thailand

You have an exceptional academic record, but so do other people. You have done an internship in or around where you live, chances are other people have done so too.

So now what you are left with is a resume that pretty much looks like everyone else's. But a Thailand internship is by no means a common feat.

Having this internship experience will make a world of a difference in your resume. You will instantly stand out from the crowd in the PR and marketing job market.

This is because you will not have an ordinary work experience to showcase, you'll be able to boast of a work experience that is outstanding, challenging and exciting for real.

Internships Are Recruitment Grounds As Well

If you have thought about working abroad some day, then PR and marketing internship in Thailand could be the key to that dream. Internships turning into full-time job offers are not uncommon.

People who deliver exceptional performance during their internship are likely to grab the attention of their supervisors at the company.

Your good work may prompt them to offer you with a full-time job position after you are done with your academic commitments.

Find Your Way Into PR and Marketing Professional Networks

Marketing internship in thailand

Having good contacts means everything in PR and marketing.

You need to know the right people from whom you can seek help whenever required, whether at the time of looking for a job or when you are working on executing a strategy during your job.

Marketing internship Thailand is an easy way to get started with the contact building process. You make acquaintances, introduce yourself to different people, and forge friendships.

You'll never know when these contacts could come forward to help your cause.

Groom Your Personality For The Field You're In

The job of a PR and marketing professional is not easy. It tests your skills and personality in a very different way that you may not be used to.

Communication skills, interpersonal skills, friendliness with media, being objective and thorough, creativity, all of this and more are put to test during work.

Internship in Thailand will prepare you for the tough aspects of the PR and marketing job.

PR and Marketing Sector In Thailand

Marketing internship in thailand

Thailand is home to several global and local marketing and PR companies.

These companies handle various reputed clients from industries like media and entertainment, finance, retail, aviation, food and beverages, electronics, banking, automotive, beauty, fashion, etc.

These PR and marketing organizations are deemed very prestigious throughout South-East Asia region.

The reason why the PR and marketing industry has blossomed in Thailand is because of its rapidly growing status as the industrial and economic hub of Asia.

With more and more businesses venturing in Thailand, the demand for PR and marketing activities has also been increasing to help these global businesses integrate into the Thailand market.

During your Marketing internship in Thailand, you will be exposed to traditional as well as digital media platforms and you will learn how to use these platforms to reach your intended audience.

Tips To Remember For Your Marketing Internship In Thailand

What NOT To Do During Your Thailand Internship

  • Don't get hung up on criticism. Part of your job is to welcome all types of feedback, positive or negative.
  • Avoid being overly vocal and argumentative about your personal opinions. Agree to disagree wherever necessary.
  • Don't think that you are too smart to be asking questions. When in doubt or confusion, approach and ask the concerned person.
  • Refrain from taking on more responsibilities than you can actually handle. More is not always better.

What TO DO During Your Thailand Internship

  • Look and behave professionally at all times. Your internship may be unpaid, but that doesn't mean you don't treat it with the sincerity that it deserves.
  • Find a way to be present at the meetings. Listen and learn. By being present at the meetings you increase your chances of being delegated important responsibilities.
  • Make yourself an indispensable asset. Take the initiative to do some niche tasks that you think could help the company.
  • Have a positive attitude always, even when you are asked to do something that you don't think is important enough.

The most important thing to remember for your PR and marketing internship in Thailand is that you should try to gain maximum experience and learning out of this amazing career-shaping opportunity.

You will be laying the cornerstone of your career, so set it well.


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