PR and Marketing Internship in Malaysia

It takes time and a lot of practice to cultivate good PR and marketing skills.

The more time you spend working in the industry, the more you learn about how the industry experts come up with great ideas, solve complex problems, achieve big goals, deliver measurable results, and deal with the stress of the job.

PR and marketing internships offer a great way to start getting involved in the industry before your first full-time PR and marketing job.

If you can grab an international internship opportunity like international PR & marketing internship in Malaysia, you can expect your internship experience to become all the more rewarding for your career, since this internship would allow you to understand how PR and marketing play out in the fast growing Asian region.

International PR & marketing internship in Malaysia is the kind of professional internship experience that does more than simply educating you about the industry, it gives you the chance to become bolder and smarter.

At any given point during this international Malaysia internship you’ll be in a room full of people that come from different parts of the world.

In totality, international PR & marketing internship in Malaysia has quite a multi-cultural vibe to it, which means you not only become knowledgeable about PR and marketing fields but also about cultures from around the world.

The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of PR & Marketing Internship in Malaysia

Internships like international PR & marketing internship in Malaysia are exceptional opportunities.

If you’ve earned one, you should do everything in your power to maximize your internship experience.

Listed below are some important do’s and don’ts of this special international internship in Malaysia.

Make sure you heed these before you start your internship program and even during it.


1. Bring Your Most Energetic Self to Work

You probably already know how fast-moving and demanding PR and marketing industry is.

A single professional here may be responsible for a dozen or more tasks.

You can expect your international PR & marketing internship Malaysia to keep you busy for the good part of the day.

Keep yourself charged with unbeatable energy throughout your work day.

You never know, an important task might show up right when you’re ready to settle down for the day!

2. Find a Mentor and Shadow Them

Choose that one person at work who has impressed you the most with their professional skills and expertise.

Approach this person and politely ask them if they’d be interested in becoming your go-to coach for the internship.You can learn a lot by closely observing and shadowing even one person who is great at their job.

With a wise and helpful mentor, your international PR & marketing internship Malaysia can become an even more enlightening experience.

3. Be Thankful for the Opportunities Given

No work opportunity is too small.

If you truly feel thankful for every opportunity you get during your international Malaysia internship and do your best to perform well in each of those, that’s when you would have truly lived the internship.

Thank your supervisors and colleagues for all the assignments they entrust you with, and then prove through your performance that you’re ready for more.

4. Feel Comfortable Enough to Ask Questions and Request Feedback

If you keep waiting for the right question to come to your mind, you’d only end up walking around with lots of queries but no answers.

For international PR & marketing internship Malaysia, it’s important that you achieve a certain comfort level where you can ask work related questions as well as request performance feedback with no hesitation.


1. Avoid Being Too Reliant On Others

While you should ask for help and guidance where you just can’t do without them, avoid relying on others to hand-hold you through every single task, especially the ones that you know you can handle on your own.

Be more confident as you assume the ownership of a task that lies well within your scope.

Request help if you feel stuck anywhere, otherwise try and work independently.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Give Creative Suggestions

You should never underestimate your role as an intern.

You may not be bringing great industry experience to the internship, but you are surely bringing along a uniquely creative mind.

International PR & marketing internship in Malaysia is a place for you to spread your creative wings and fly. If you have a creative idea to suggest, don’t hold yourself back in voicing it out loud to the relevant people.

Whether the idea gets the green signal or not is a different matter altogether, but it’s at least worth making yourself heard.

3. Never Take Deadlines Casually

If you have been asked to finish a task within given timeline, there is probably a good reason behind it.

Working in PR and marketing, you have to learn to respect time because some tasks can be really time-critical here.

If your assignment has a deadline attached to it, do your best to deliver within this timeframe.

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

It’s true that you should be serious about your international Malaysia internship.

But not so much that you complete the internship with no good memories and friends by the end.

Strike a balance between work and fun, and you’ll find the internship to be a positive influence for your career as well as life.

Malaysia has a rich presence of PR and marketing agencies that work across different niche disciplines and develop effective strategies for global brands.

The disciplines include brand reputation, media analysis and planning, event marketing, marketing research, direct marketing, etc.

With international PR & marketing internship in Malaysia, you can acquire a practical understanding of vital disciplines like these and develop the necessary skills to excel in PR and marketing when you venture into the field with your first job.

Spend your summer break time wisely with international PR & marketing internship Malaysia.

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