PR and Marketing Internship In Japan

In recent times, a major shift has been observed in the hiring practices of various corporate organizations.

Internships have always been given importance by employers at the time of hiring.

In fact, the more relevant internships a candidate has completed, better are his chances of getting the job.

But in today's competitive scenario where all companies want to hire the best of the people, recruiters have begun to pay special attention to the scope and reach of an internship as well.

They have shown an inclination towards candidates with international internship experience. This is particularly true for PR and marketing field.

Hence, college graduates who have completed at least one PR and Marketing internship in Japan would certainly reap the benefits of their international work experience at the time of job application.

Benefits Of Doing PR and Marketing Internship In Japan

Marketing internship in japan

PR and marketing fields revolve extensively around people and networking.

Naturally, companies prefer hiring candidates who have the work experience to demonstrate that they can work with and among a diversity of people.

The work nature of PR and marketing fields is such that it usually crosses the international boundaries, venturing into different cultures.

Companies that operate globally need people who are capable enough to keep up with the same.

A candidate who has done an internship in Japan can proudly say that they have the competence to work in a global-scale company and a deep understanding of the distinctive Asian business culture.

A Japan internship is not just a testament to your credibility as a professional, but it also goes on to say volumes about you as a person.

Your Marketing internship Japan will help in painting a positive picture of your personality to your prospective employers.

For a young individual to relocate to a new country, even for a short amount of time, requires a tremendous amount of willpower and grit.

It means that the individual has qualities like adaptability, self-confidence, receptiveness, tolerance, and patience, all of which are regarded as extremely important for a PR and marketing professional.

By completing a PR and Marketing internship in Japan, you convey the message loud and clear to your recruiter that you have what it takes to be an ideal employee.

Marketing internship in japan

It's pretty clear by now what a Marketing internship in Japan can do for your career. But an internship is not supposed to be just for professional benefits, ideally, it should work for personal enrichment as well.

An internship in Japan gives you the opportunity to live and work independently in a place that is not home, yet!

With each passing day of your internship, you will find yourself becoming more and more self-reliant, responsible, and flexible.

You will discover new shades of your own personality, and you will surely love your personal journey to self-discovery.

During your Marketing internship Japan, you'll have the opportunity to meet and network with different people, learn about a new culture and become more culturally aware, develop new language skills, and travel and explore an exotic land.

All in all, a PR and Marketing internship in Japan is a bundle of opportunities for enhancing your career and personality.

Common Business Etiquette To Follow In Japan

Marketing internship in japan

Be ready to meet and greet a variety of people throughout your internship in Japan, most of whom will be Japanese.

Adherence to proper protocol for business conduct is given much importance in Japan.

And even though foreigners are not expected to be well-versed in Japanese business etiquette, it doesn't hurt to do due diligence and make ourselves a little acquainted with appropriate business behavior to follow in Japan.

Here are a few guidelines for the same:

  • Let's start with the greetings. In Japan, respectful bowing is the customary business greeting. So if you are offered a bow instead of a handshake, make sure to return the courtesy with due respect.
  • Dressing plays an important role in creating good impressions. Never dress casually for a business meeting. Put on a formal business attire that is appropriate for the occasion.
  • Learn a few basic formal greetings and phrases in Japanese. A simple yet effective way to break the ice and get the conversation going.
  • Be careful at the time of sitting during a business meeting. Status hierarchy determines where each person sits. If you are not sure where to sit, wait for someone to guide you.
  • An important part of your Japan internship will be networking. Carrying business cards will help you with that. Business cards are an important part of Japanese business culture. Show respect and acknowledgment when accepting a business card. As for your own business card, make sure that your details are printed in English on one side and in Japanese on the other.
  • During meetings avoid fidgeting with your phone or doing any such thing that might indicate that you are getting bored.
  • Don't go into meetings unprepared. Have the agenda and details clear in your mind. Do all the necessary research well in advance.
  • As a foreigner, your blunders with Japanese business etiquette will be forgiven. But the polite thing to do is to show a genuine interest and respect for their culture and practices. This will help you forge a good bond with your Japanese colleagues and clients.

Brief Outlook On Japan's PR and Marketing Sector

Marketing internship in japan

Japan is the home for many renowned PR and marketing consultancies. Some of these include international names as well.

The PR and marketing companies here work for global brands that want to foray into the Japanese market, as well as the Japanese brands that want to enter the international market.
Therefore, PR and Marketing internship in Japan will teach you about both, the local and global markets.

The companies usually work across a wide range of industries and offer services like brand consulting, digital marketing, media planning, and relations management, marketing research, social media management, consumer marketing, corporate communication, etc.

An internship in Japan is a chance to grow professionally and personally. You will be getting ready to take on the challenges of the real corporate world.

For an aspiring PR and marketing professional such a training is crucial at early stages of a career. This is why a PR and Marketing internship in Japan should definitely be a part of your career planning.


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