NGO Internship In Vietnam

We all like and want to feel just a little more human. What better way to do that than doing an international NGO internship in Vietnam?

The internship gives you the invaluable chance to serve and help people in need, all the while enabling you to feel more fulfilled from within too.

After your international NGO internship in Vietnam is over, you may decide to continue working more in the NGO sector or you may find working in the for-profit sector more apt for yourself.

Either way, you will have little nuggets of wisdom and experience, not to mention tons of transferable skills, to take away from the internship that will support your career no matter what direction it takes in the future.

International NGO internship in Vietnam doesn't limit you to working inside the four walls of the office and doing run-of-the-mill tasks, there will be times when it will involve you doing important fieldwork and becoming more directly invested with the philanthropic work that the organization is doing.

Just wait for the wave of contentment to sweep over you when you see for yourself the positive impact you are making in someone else's life.

It is for incredible moments like these that you should opt for international NGO internship in Vietnam during your summer vacation.

The boost that the internship gives to your career and character is just an added advantage that you will reap.

NGO & Non-Profit Sector In Vietnam

ngo internship in vietnam

Vietnam's economic growth is remarkable enough for the world to see. But Vietnam is not just giving way to money-making businesses, but also to life-changing NGO organizations.

NGOs working in Vietnam span across humanitarian fields like family health fight against widespread diseases, medical, educational, accommodation, and nutritional care for the children, orphan care, poverty reduction, disabled care, youth development, literacy, etc.

These NGOs work hard every day to expand their sphere of outreach and impact to make Vietnam a better place to live in for everyone.

With an international NGO internship in Vietnam, you can contribute your bit to this communal effort for the greater good.

How To Get The NGO Internship Vietnam That You're After?

ngo internship in vietnam

Getting an international internship in Vietnam at a reputed NGO is tricky.

The internship position that you've set your eyes upon is likely to be eyed by many other young enthusiasts just like you.

There are quite a few steps that you will be required to follow in securing an internship position at an NGO of which a key step is an interview with the internship organization.

The interview is your chance to get a face-to-face interaction with the interviewer from the NGO that you so badly want to intern at.

This is the time when you need to let your passion for the international NGO internship Vietnam shine through and make the interviewer believe that there is indeed no one else out there better than you for the internship position.

This may sound easier said than done but following NGO internship interview tips will make the task more achievable:

Be Earnest About Your Interest In NGO Work

A question that you should expect to be asked during the interview is why you are interested in doing this international NGO internship in Vietnam.

You can go the generic route for answering this question and tell the interviewer how it has always been your dream to help others.

Or you can make your answer more unique by adding in a little bit of your personal take on NGO work, and more specifically on the cause that the organization is majorly involved in.

Maybe you have been engaged with the cause in some way in the past. Or some incident happened in your life that made you realize why working for this cause is important for you.

Personalizing answers shows that you've given some thought to your decision of pursuing the internship, that the internship means something to you, and that you're not doing it just because you want to jump on a bandwagon.

Don't Let Good Academics Be Your Only Value

It's not that good grades don't say anything about you. Having a strong academic record does go on to speak about personality traits such as sincerity, dedication, and efficiency.

But it still doesn't speak entirely about the value proposition that you can bring to the international Vietnam internship.

This is the time when you want to play to your strengths and clearly show how these strengths can help you fulfill your intern role successfully.

Talk about your interests and passion in a way that connects with the internship. Discuss your personal and professional achievements that can testify for your suitability for the internship.

Also if you some prior volunteer or professional work experience in the welfare field for which you're applying, bring that to the forefront in your conversation with the interviewer.

Be Ready To Talk About Your CV

It's not uncommon to find people who do a great job at preparing their CV, but when it comes down to talking about the nitty-gritty of the CV they find themselves out of answers.

Since CV is often a major point of discussion in interviews, it only makes sense that you go over it a couple of times before the interview and think about answers to plausible questions that the CV can give rise to.

There may be questions about inconsistent grades if any, or about any work experience that you've mentioned.

Keep The Interview A Two-Way Conversation

Yes, you're the interviewee so you are obligated to give all the answers. But your interview would remain incomplete if you yourself don't ask some questions too.

Ask questions that are meaningful; asking about what the NGO is and does isn't the best idea since the interviewer would expect you to have some background information about the NGO to begin with.

You can certainly ask for more details about the internship position, associated work, and responsibilities, work culture of the organization, etc.

If you've ever dreamed about being part of something bigger than yourself, international Vietnam internship can be the reality of that dream.

Let international NGO internship in Vietnam change who you are and what you can do for the better.


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