NGO Internship In Singapore

NGO Internship In Singapore

For some a job is about making money, earning fame, and carving a name for themselves.

Then there are special some for whom a job means more than all of these things.

What these people want to do is make the world a better place through their work.

It's not uncommon to find such people landing a career in an NGO sector.

If you count yourself among these people, then you should know that working in the NGO sector can be quite a personally rewarding experience.

And the best way you can test-drive this idea is through an NGO internship in Singapore.

NGO internship in singapore

An internship is one of the easy ways to make a breakthrough in the NGO sector. Top it off with an international internship, and you're set for a rosy career start.

The structure of an NGO organization almost mirrors that of any other type of organization.

There's the HR department, finance department, administrative department, communications department, marketing and campaigning department, logistics department, and so on.

If you have a specialized degree in any such areas, then NGO internship Singapore will give you a good practice of implementing your skills in the context of not-for-profit kind of work.

This Is How You Should Plan Your Career In The NGO Field

Of course, there are students who may not necessarily want a career in social and charity work, but still pursue an internship with an NGO to earn credits for their degree or have something differentiating on their resume.

An international internship experience, like an NGO internship in Singapore, can make these students stand out from their peers.

But if you are keen about making a career in the NGO sector, then understand the steps that you'll need to take and how the NGO internship in Singapore would fit into the whole picture:

Figure Out What You Want To Do

NGO internship

If you have realized your calling for doing social work while still in school or college, then you should focus on getting your education in order.

There are graduate courses specifically designed for areas like humanitarian causes and social work.

But if you have an interest in any particular field like economics, HR, environmental sciences, nutrition and food science, public health, engineering, etc. then get a Master's degree in the same.

The good thing about having a strong educational background is that there is a vast employment scope for technically qualified people in NGOs.

Additionally, if later down the line you wish to start working for a for-profit organization, you'll have a degree to fall back on.

The important thing is to know what kind of work you'd like to do in the NGO sector and get a degree that aligns with that work. This is the best way you can reinforce your NGO internship in Singapore.

Get As Much Volunteer Experience As You Can

NGO internship program singapore

Getting a degree is just half battle won. The next thing you need to conquer is building a repertoire of NGO volunteer experiences.

This is where your Singapore internship will play a major role. NGO internship Singapore will require you to work in an inter-cultural environment on issues that may range from local to international.

The experience of an internship in Singapore will give you a broader understanding of humanitarian work, teaching you that social welfare transcends way beyond the borders.

It will expose you to social problems that may have been non-existent in your sphere of life. Working in NGOs is all about widening one's perspective, and Singapore internship would help you with just that.

Even though the internship in Singapore is likely to be unpaid, the field experience that you'll gain out of it will be invaluable.

You can go for more than one NGO internship in Singapore to showcase multiple international NGO internship experiences on your portfolio.

Start With The Job Hunting

summer NGO internship in Singapore

Once you have gotten your education and Singapore internship experience under the belt, it's time to start looking for job opportunities with international NGOs.

You could take your search online, by looking for opportunities on job portals or looking for job position openings on the websites of the NGO organizations that you want to work for.

Find the cause that moves you, it could be about the environment, child education, animal welfare, women empowerment, or sanitation.

Figure out your interest domain and start looking for jobs at renowned NGO organizations that work in that domain.

Remember, there are a plethora of NGO organizations out there. Not all of them are what they seem to be. Networking with experienced people in the NGO sector can help you filter out the good from the bad.

NGO internship in Singapore would be a good place to start building your NGO contacts network.

You can seek help from this network, whether for advice or references, at the time you decide to look for jobs. Consider making contacts an integral part of your NGO internship in Singapore.

The Reason Why An NGO Internship In Singapore Is Awesome

NGO internship in Singapore

There are over 140 international non-profit organizations in Singapore. NGOs form a crucial part of this huge number.

These NGOs work in a variety of areas like youth education and development, global biodiversity conservation, environmental awareness, arts, and cultural heritage preservation, women and girls welfare, etc.

Asia has had its own share of challenges including natural disasters, environmental deterioration, and poverty.

International NGOs that want to work in the Asian region prefer Singapore as the base for setting up their operations.

Their interest can be attributed to Singapore's favorable business environment, world-class infrastructure, corruption-free law and order, diverse pool of talents, and global connectivity via air, land, and water.

These strengths of Singapore has helped it become one of the rising centers of philanthropic organizations.

Start Your Singapore NGO Internship Today!

As is true for any other career path, you need the right tools to succeed as an NGO professional, and NGO internship Singapore is one of these tools.

It can put your international NGO career into gear and take you miles ahead in your noble career choice.

More than this, during your NGO internship in Singapore you'll get the chance to touch many lives and help people, the environment, or animals like you've always wanted to do.

Grab this opportunity and make a difference in the world.


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