NGO Internship In China

Serving others and yourself too in the process is one of the best ways to spend your summer break.

International NGO internship in China will give you the best summer vacation of your life, where you'll be lending a helping hand to those in need, discovering an exotic global destination, learning much about a foreign culture, and boosting your resume with an impressive internship experience.

Who knows, after doing international NGO internship China, you might even feel inclined and motivated to make a career out of NGO and non-profit related work. After all, it's an internship where you give and receive in abundance.

NGO & Non-Proft Sector In China

ngo internship in china

The two densely populated cities of China, Beijing, and Shanghai, are replete with many non-profit organizations and NGOs.

These leading international cities are at the forefront of championing many welfare issues like environmental preservation, protection of the rights of unprivileged communities, maintenance of China's rich culture and history, provisioning health care for the struggling people in need, and so on.

For someone who is looking forward to getting involved with social work, community development work and different charitable causes, an international NGO internship in China can provide the right direction to move in.

Apart from Beijing and Shanghai, there are many other metropolises too in China that offer good career opportunities in NGO and non-profit sector.

Shenzhen, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Dongguan are some of the other major cities that will serve as excellent places for pursuing an international NGO internship in China.

Currently, there are more than 400,000 NGOs actively working in China. Dealing with issues like women rights, environmental conservation, student education, and labor rights, these NGOs showcase a rare commitment and focus towards bringing about a change.

These are the kind of organizations you want to be involved with if you're serious about learning the workings of the non-profit sector and keen about working with people who are sincerely dedicated to humanitarian causes.

As country with the largest population in the world and a burgeoning economy, China has a unique set of environmental and social problems to deal with.

High pollution levels, migrant labor challenges, and income disparity and poverty are some of the key problems that China is currently facing.

However, the presence of domestic and foreign NGOs in the country is proving to be somewhat relief in effectively dealing with these problems.

What Does International NGO Internship in China Entail?

ngo internship in china

The work assignments that you'll be given during your international NGO internship in China will vary depending on the organization's needs as well as your own technical prowess.

It's always a good idea to brush up on at least one technical skill as you prepare for your international NGO internship China.

This technical skill could be anything, accounting, graphic designing, social media marketing, content writing and editing, or anything else that you like.

Possessing technical skills makes it easy for the NGO to picture and place you as a part of their wide-ranging team.

As you contribute your valuable technical skills to the international NGO internship China, you'll receive many fundamental life lessons in return too.

Your inter-cultural and global awareness will increase significantly. You will be able to think on your feet and solve critical problems more efficiently than before.

You will learn the strength of teamwork and how great things can be accomplished when everyone is working together in tandem.

International NGO internship in China is a life-changing experience, not only career-wise but also in terms of its impact on your persona. This international internship in China has the potential to change around everything in your life for the better.

5 Key Work Areas In International NGO Internship China

ngo internship in china

There is a common misconception about the work that's done in a typical NGO and non-profit organization.

People tend to think that it's only field work all the time. But non-profits are actually very similar to for-profit businesses in their organizational structure.

As international internship in China will further clarify for you, that while NGOs handle serious issues like gender equality, environment, human rights, migration, education, healthcare, and so on, they still have work departments like finance, marketing, public relations, administration, and HR to enable them to function properly.

Your international China internship could take place in any of such departments. Here are some of the key areas where you might get to work in for your international China internship:

1. Project Management

NGO activities are usually organized under different projects, each of which is lead by a manager.

The managers are assisted by training assistants or project assistants in managing, evaluating and executing the project to success.

Working in this area is surely exciting since it puts you right in the structural center of the NGO.

2. Marketing and Advertisement

Publicity is not just for the for-profit businesses, non-profits and NGOs need it too to spread awareness about the work that they're doing.

This is how they can raise greater awareness among general population and get more people involvement for their causes.

3. HR Department

An NGO needs good, dedicated volunteers to grow and thrive.

If you get to work in HR team, you'll be entrusted to hire, manage, and train new capable volunteers to join the NGO team.

You will also be managing the existing NGO staff.

4. Fundraising Department

In this department, you'll work on organizing various fund-raising campaigns and events that help in raising funds to support NGO activities.

You could be attending meetings with potential contributors and donors.

You could be negotiating and collaborating with other organizations in an attempt to combine efforts and raise funds.

5. Administration and Management

Every organization needs a functional administrative and operations department that acts as an umbrella for all the activities going on.

NGOs are no exception. If you have strong organizational skills and a natural orientation for the following process, working in this NGO department would suit you well.

As you can see, there is a diversity of work opportunities offered by international NGO internship in China. All you need is the desire to help others and yourself!

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ngo internship in china

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