Must-Read Internship Tips to Have a Great First Day

You’ve submitted your resume, completed an interview with your dream company’s HR division and got the good news that you’ve been accepted as an intern there. Congratulations!

However, successfully jumping through all those hoops and getting the job is only half the battle. You still have to plan how to go about your first day.

First-day jitters are common for anybody doing something for the first time. As a student, chances are that you were nervous to walk into your classroom after a long summer break.

CEOs also struggle with nerves when they start their new positions. Even the President of your country probably dealt with anxiety on the first day they assumed office.

Since you’re reading this article, that means that you’re probably doing everything you can think of to ensure that you set the pace and impress your supervisor on your first day. Your efforts will definitely not go unrewarded!

Here are a few things you can do on the first day of your internship to help you impress your superiors:

Must-Read Internship Tips To Have A Great First Day

1. Dress nicely, yet appropriately

When it comes to choosing your attire for the first day, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t go to the extremes.

Don’t be too uptight, but don’t go over the top, either. Your outfit should be in a neutral color and cover up any obvious tattoos if you have them.

Hold back on the extravagant jewelry as well; this isn’t Instagram or the set of a photo shoot and you’re not a model. You’re an intern and it’s your first day at work.

For the girls:

In regards to clothing concerns, make sure your skirts aren’t too short, your necklines shouldn’t be excessively low, and if you’re wearing slacks, you should ensure that they’re not too tight.

Opt to wear light make-up, get a manicure, and choose a small pair of earrings and a subtle necklace.

For the boys:

We recommend that your outfit consists of a white shirt with a tie with solid color-blocking. You should also pick a color that’s easy on the eyes.

A proper pair of slacks and dress shoes that match your belt, as well as your socks, would also be ideal. Stay far away from accessories unless it’s a simple yet elegant watch!

2. Come on time

Nothing will set off your employer more than coming late on your first day.

You could get in trouble for that, and if you’re tardy on your first day as an intern, that will leave your employer with a bad first impression of you.

That may cause them to rethink the possibility of welcoming you into the fold on a permanent basis once your internship is over. Set your alarm clock, plan your route, and leave earlier than you normally would.

3. Bring a bag with everything you need

It would be in your best interest to come prepared for your first day at your internship, and that means bringing a bag with everything that you’re going to need in order to do your tasks properly.

Pack your laptop, your notebook, some pens, and a few pieces of paper.

4. Address people with their last names

As you go about your first day, your supervisor will introduce you to all the other employees in the company.

For formality’s sake, address them in this format: Mr/Ms + (last name). It’s important to respect the need for formality in the workplace, and something as simple as addressing somebody properly will make all the difference.

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