How To Market Yourself On Social Media

Social media is spreading out in every minute, getting wider and wider each day. When everybody has Facebook and anybody can reach you.

You might have a question, how do they decide to add or accept a friend request, or read or unread your message?

That is all about how do you brand and market yourself online. Self-branding can benefit you, especially for your career life.

But it seems so complicating when it comes to today's world.

When in the past all of us could have several identities, you can be a party-animal and the best employee, and fewer people knows about a different shade of you.

Now you got drunk, everyone seems to know and somehow judge you from the photo that your friend tagged you.

Your social media channels can tell a lot about you. How to make your profile look in the way you want others to see you, here we have some useful tips to market yourself on social media.

Brand Yourself

market yourself

Nowadays, with the globalized world, everything in the market is all about branding.

Even you are a person but considered as a product as well, you need to start thinking to put the price on, in another word, to sell YOURSELF?

To sell yourself is to brand yourself. Branding 101, start by identifying the qualities or characteristics that make you distinctive from your competitors (in some cases, your colleagues).

Think about something that can add your value, not only having a sense of humor, if you want your profile to be career-oriented.

Set the goal of what you want other perceive about you. As a brand, what do you what them to think of when going through your pages.

Show It With A Story, Not A Word

market yourself

Visual images stick in people's mind more than words do. No one wants to read a long essay about your achievements!

You don't need to tell them all by yourself, let the photos do it for you.

Instead of posting, I am a great negotiator, how about posting a photo of you in your group of friends, or in the business meeting?

I think those photos are self-explained and it can tell a thousand word that essay cannot.

Just make it simple but eye-catching, which means you don't have to post a photo with a super boring long caption, just well-explained photo with a short description is more than enough for people to know about you.

Be Careful What You Comment/Like On Social Media

market yourself

It is hard to tell if your social media channels are private or public space. It is your personal page, yes, but when you post something, it goes in public.

When someone goes to your page, not only your posts that are taken into account, your comments and likes as well.

Sometimes, it appears in other people's timeline or page when you just click like or comment on something.

Please, avoid acting in a defensive way on both your own or others post.

It looks aggressive and unprofessional which can generate a negative impression of you in your future employers perspective.

Don't forget everything will stay there as long as a channel is on and it may affect your future life.

My suggestion is STAY POSITIVE. Even you don't agree with some posts, give an opinion politely and nicely or do not put anything at all.

Be Yourself

market yourself

Authenticity is the main key to marketing yourself. Don't try to be a copycat or pretend to be someone who isn't you.

Everyone likes honest and trustable guy/girl, right? You don't have to be a complete stranger in order to have a good-looking profile.

Just pick one side of the REAL you, not the good side of someone else. And make sure those stories about you are relevant!

Not random post of something like I am religious when the last post was about animal hunting. No one wants to know the story you have build-up.

Selling yourself is not showing off, don't get it wrong. Bare in mind, self-promotion works best when it's natural and unforced.

Enhance Your Profile

market yourself

If you don't have anything to post, find something and do it! There are so many interesting things to do out there!

For example; searching for your job-related hobby, signing up for extra/volunteer project inside your organization or even apply for internship opportunity (read more) in order to boost your experience.

Those kinds of activities will enhance your profile, or at least, it shows that you are a productive time user.

market yourself

Social media connects the world as well as connect you with the world. Social media is not a playground anymore if everyone, which means your employers, can reach you.

They judge you from your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

It sounds unfair but you need to admit the fact that many employees will go to your pages after receiving your resume.

It is really important to make them look nice and professional.

Remember, everything that appears on your pages affects how they will perceive you. Now, go back to your pages and start to BRAND YOURSELF.


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