Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In Singapore

Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In Singapore

Preparing for a career in supply chain and logistics management? Then you probably do know all the qualifications that you'll need for the same. A degree in subjects like supply chain management, transportation and logistics, and operations management will be required to get you started. But did you know that companies look beyond the educational qualifications when hiring for such technical positions? Before hiring a candidate, companies like to see that the candidate has worked in a real-world environment before. So, whether you are done with your education or still in the process of getting your degree, you should consider going for a Supply Chain internship in Singapore.7 Ways A Singapore Internship Will Add Value To Your Life

Understand The Dynamics Of International Business

Logistics in singapore

Supply chain and logistics is a global industry, with business operations extending across countries and continents. In a global destination such as Singapore, you'll get plenty of opportunities to understand the supply chain and logistics operations of an international business. Logistics internship in Singapore will help in nurturing your existing knowledge and skills for a wider scope of possibilities.

Choose From An Ocean Of Opportunities

As part of your Supply Chain internship Singapore you could be working for any business, ranging from a Fortune 500 company to a local startup. Each has its own advantages. While at a bigger company you may find things more structured and well-defined, at a startup you could be instrumental in setting up and fine-tuning their initial stage operations. There are also a plethora of industries in which you can work, consumer goods, fashion retail, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, industrial goods, etc. The world is your oyster when you decide to do a Supply Chain internship Singapore.

Gets You Ready For Bigger Job Positions

Logistics in singapore

No doubt a degree is crucial for a career in supply chain and logistics. But there is no way that the degree alone can prepare you for the real-world scenarios that will be playing out once you are in the field. A Supply Chain internship in Singapore can give you a good overview of the day-to-day responsibilities, what an average work day would look like, what are the real-life variables that you need to factor in while making decisions, how to handle a crisis, and more. By facing such realities during your Supply Chain internship in Singapore, you'll find yourself capable to move on to bigger roles in the industry.

Secure Your Future Employment

Let's face it, besides the experience, the main reason students do internships is so that it's easy for them to find jobs in the future. A Supply Chain internship in Singapore can help you in this area in many ways. Firstly, having a Logistics internship Singapore gracing your resume is bound to make an impressive impression on the prospective employee. In their eyes, you've already gained an upper hand over the rest of the candidates. Secondly, if you manage to impress the company that you are doing Logistics internship in Singapore with, then you might even receive a full-time job offer from them. Thirdly, even if there's no job offer after the Logistics internship Singapore, you can still bank on the recommendation letters and industry connections that you have received and formed during your internship to find other employers who may have job positions available for you.

Discover What Work You Like The Most

Logistics in singapore

Supply chain and logistics is in itself a bundle of work opportunities. But you need to know what those are before you can decide which you like the best. There are several areas in which you can specialize: operations research and management, logistics analysis, purchasing management, storage, and distribution, production and planning, warehouse management, inventory management, customer relations, transportation management, etc. Singapore internship affords you the chance to work in one or more of these areas. This kind of extensive exposure can make it easy for you to figure out what type of work interests you the most.

Drive Your Career Towards Entrepreneurship

So you don't wanna follow down the much-traveled path of getting a job and working for someone else. You aspire to run a business of your own. Well, a Supply Chain internship Singapore will help you all right with your enterprising aspirations. You can't just venture out on your own with no practical experience and professional connections to back you up. You need to know the right people who can help you along the way. You also need to learn the finer and bigger aspects of running a business. Before you go ahead in planning your venture, it'd be a good idea to do a Supply Chain internship in Singapore to lay the groundwork.

Work, Live and Travel In An Exotic Land

Logistics in singapore

How often would you get the chance of working, living, and traveling in a far away land of endless beauty and opportunities? Not very often! Internship in Singapore is your escape to such a land. On one hand, you'll get a work experience that will enlighten your mind, while on the other hand you'll get an exquisite travel experience that will indulge your senses. Food, shopping, natural beauty, adventure, Singapore will give you all and more!

What's So Unique About Supply Chain and Logistics Industry In Singapore?

Singapore is the face of the rising Asian economy. It was named No. 1 Logistics Hub in Asia by the World Bank in the Logistics Performance Index of 2014. Owing to its strategic location in Asia right where major shipping lanes intersect and a world-class infrastructure, Singapore has become a pivotal hub for world trade logistics. The fact that nearly 20 out of the 25 major international logistics companies have operations in Singapore should tell you that a Logistics internship in Singapore could bear great results for your career. The companies in Singapore cover all bases of supply chain and logistics, from the basic ones of warehousing, transporting, and point-to-point delivery, to the more advanced ones of vendor-managed inventory and reverse logistics. A great career in the future is built on the foundation steps that you take today. Make your foundations steps count with a Supply Chain internship in Singapore.APPLY NOW! or LEARN MORE

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