Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In Hong Kong

Supply chain and logistics management is one of the hottest employment markets in the world today.

To get started with a career in this industry, you need the backing of relevant formal education and internship experience.

While the academic education is important to learn about operations research and management, distribution, procurement, decision-making, etc, internship experience gives you the chance to extrapolate these concepts to real-world scenarios.

With supply chain and logistics becoming more globalized than ever, your best bet for a standout internship experience would be on an international internship like supply chain internship in Hong Kong.

Supply Chain & Logistics Industry In Hong Kong

supply chain internship in hong kong

The leading position that Hong Kong holds in the current global supply chain ecosystem is undeniable.

Favorable geographical location in South East Asian region, state-of-the-art transport infrastructure, receptiveness towards application of new technology, excellent quality of manpower, and uncomplicated customs and taxation regime have fostered a smooth flow of goods, thereby developing the supply chain and logistics sector in Hong Kong.

Supply chain internship Hong Kong opens the door for work opportunities in this renowned industry leader of Asian continent.

Hong Kong is a home for a large network of logistics, freight forwarding and shipping service providers.

There are more than 3000 logistics providers here, all at par with the global supply chain and logistics trends and standards.

Logistics internship in Hong Kong is the easiest way to place yourself in the center stage of international logistics industry and build up your career from there.

6 Tips To Enrich Your Internship Time In Hong Kong

supply chain internship in hong kong

Leaving your home to pursue a supply chain internship in Hong Kong can seem a little overwhelming.

But there’s no changing the fact that if you honestly apply yourself to the internship program, it will turn out to be the most rewarding work experience of your life.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind as you prepare to venture upon the supply chain internship in Hong Kong, things that you should do before and during the internship to ensure a comfortable internship time.

1. Get Your Travel Documents In Order

If you don’t already have passport, without wasting any more time apply for one.

Since you’ll be working in Hong Kong, you’ll need a visa too.

Don’t forget to get a travel insurance to cover your stay in Hong Kong.

Even though you can’t foresee and appreciate its utility right now, you never know when it might swoop in to save the day.

2. Do Your Research On Hong Kong

Logistics internship in Hong Kong is not only an opportunity to learn about logistics but it is also an opportunity to learn about a new country and culture.

But traveling to and living in a foreign country can quickly get scary if you’re not prepared in advance.

Before you leave your home country for logistics internship in Hong Kong, do an exhaustive research into the country.

Where you’ll be staying, what are the nearest hospitals and grocery departmental stores, are there any unsafe areas that you should steer clear of, what tourist attraction points you can visit in your free hours, what is the climate usually like during the time and season of your stay, have things like these worked out ahead of time.

3. Extend Your Research To The Company As Well

supply chain internship in hong kong

Don’t limit your research to Hong Kong, do your homework on the company too with which you’ll be doing your supply chain internship Hong Kong.

After all, these are the people with whom you’ll be spending most of your time in Hong Kong.

The quicker you get acquainted with the company and its culture, the easier it will be for you to make friends there and adjust to the new environment.

4. Set A Budget and Stick To It

International travel experiences are fun and adventurous, but if you don’t have your finances planned, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Try to anticipate a fair idea of how your expenses would look like in Hong Kong.

Of course, it’s not possible to get the full picture until you arrive there and you need to keep your budget flexible enough.

But you can certainly set a limit for how much you’ll be spending on shoe shopping and club partying during your logistics internship Hong Kong!

5. Leave A Good First-Day Impression

Once you arrive in Hong Kong, you are ready to embark upon the wonderful journey of a supply chain internship in Hong Kong.

To kick-start your journey with a bang, you need to keep your sincere and enthusiastic self up front right from the first day of the internship in Hong Kong.

Starting from your outfit, dress up in formal clothes that you feel comfortable in. Extend cheerful and appropriate greetings to your supervisor and peers.

Pay careful attention to everything that you’re told, from your job duties to the workplace norms.

On your first day of Hong Kong internship you can expect to be bombarded with loads of information.

So keep a notebook on hand and jot down the important things lest you forget them.

6. Start Getting Into The Skin Of Your Internship Role

supply chain internship in hong kong

The first few days of your Hong Kong internship are defining and set the tone for the rest of your internship time.

Use this time wisely to completely absorb yourself into the company’s environment and your work responsibilities.

Make sure that you’re clear on details like the number of working hours that you need to put in daily, the procedure for applying for a leave, who is your point of contact at the company, code of conduct and specific protocols that are followed at the company, etc.

Treat the assignments delegated to you, no matter how small, with complete diligence.

Take initiative and ask for more work if you’re done with your current assignments.

Interact with seniors at the company to learn about their experiences and bits of knowledge related to the supply chain and logistics industry.

It’s the little things that make the biggest of the differences. So keep these little things in sight in your pursuit of big goals for your supply chain internship in Hong Kong.


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