Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In China

Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In China

Do you know the most important parameter that you will be judged upon when you apply for a job in logistics and supply chain?

It will be your ability to efficiently work and thrive in the real-world dynamic supply chain and logistics environment.

Your fancy college degrees will not count for much if you have zero practical work experience to showcase in your resume.

Add a valuable internship experience, like that of international logistics and supply chain internship in China, to your resume and leave a fabulous first impression on your prospective employers.

It is exactly the kind of work experience that employers like to see in their recruits.

When studying in college for your supply chain and logistics degree, you learn the basic concepts and practices of the industry, which is enough to get you fairly acquainted with the field.

But formal education hardly gives any insights into what a daily work day in this industry could look like.

It won't tell you how much busy you would get or how fast-paced the work is.

Only an internship program like international logistics and supply chain internship in China can tell you such minute details about working in the field.

If you see a future for yourself in supply chain and logistics sector, doing international logistics and supply chain internship in China should be on top of your to-do list.

An Outlook On Supply Chain & Logistics Sector In China

supply chain internship in china

China may not be yet classified as a developed country, but that hasn't stopped it to become a manufacturing hub of choice for many reputed international companies.

Reasons? A modern infrastructure and low labor cost in comparison to many developing countries.

Whether it's to market or source goods, China has emerged as a force to be reckoned with for either of the cases.

While the Asia Pacific as a whole occupies a big chunk of the world's logistics market, China is the largest logistics market within this massive region.

In fact, the country is swiftly moving to become a consumption-driven economy. Domestic consumers in the country are more eager to purchase products than ever.

This rising need for consumer goods has driven local as well as foreign-owned companies in the country to reinvent and streamline their supply chain infrastructure.

The excellent transportation and warehousing amenities of China provide the right support to these companies.

China is consistently working on connecting its logistics services with the global logistics network to aid rapid economic growth.

International logistics and supply chain internship in China lets you become a passenger of this exciting path that China is currently on.

Get To Know The Typical Work Life That Awaits You

supply chain internship in china

Planning, organizing and executing. This is a simplistic version of what supply chain and logistics professionals do.

The deeper you go into the field, the broader the job responsibilities get.

So, let's take a brief dive and find out the typical work that you might get to do during your international logistics and supply chain internship in China:

  • Manage warehouse operations, which involves looking after the shipping, receiving and storage of the raw or finished goods.
  • Get up-to-date with the key annual goals, key performance indicators and operating plans of the organization, and find out ways in which you can contribute.
  • Work on projects that involve entering into new ventures and markets, you'll work on aspects like planning, implementation, and optimization.
  • Discover opportunities and give suggestions that help in improving efficiency, reducing costs and promoting growth.
  • Work with various cross-functional teams to identify new opportunities as well as potential risks when it comes to business strategies and plans.
  • Perform data analysis that could help in process improvement and better planning.
  • Ensure quality support and commitment fulfillment for clients.

These are just highlights of what an international logistics and supply chain internship China could entail. This internship has several more exciting things in store for you.

6 Interesting Facts To Learn About The Chinese Work Culture

supply chain internship in china

Working in China is an experience unlike any, primarily because China itself is a country unlike any!

As and when you go for your international internship in China, it will be worthwhile for you to first learn a few interesting basics about the work and business culture that's prevalent in China.

  • China follows a hierarchical structure, whether in societal relations or in workplace/business relations. In a business context it is common for professionals to address each other by their respective designations in the organization, unlike using Mr. or Mrs. for addressing as is the Western custom and norm. Keep this respect for hierarchy in mind when you greet and meet people.
  • Arriving fashionably late isn't well-accepted in the country. If you are in the habit of doing so, rest assured that international China internship will set this habit right! Be punctual to all your meetings and appointments, since showing up late could be perceived as a slight. However, lateness could be excused if you have a genuine reason to back it up.
  • "Saving face" is considered very important in Chinese culture. This means explicit criticism and open disapproval are a complete no-no. Basically, you should avoid doing anything that might embarrass a person. Don't be too vocal, sharp or upfront with your criticism.
  • Learning a few words and phrases in Chinese will earn you appreciation from your colleagues and other local people you meet. It will convey your respect for their country, language, and culture. Do make sure, though, that you accurately understand the meaning of the Chinese words and phrases you've learned so that you don't end up using them in the wrong context!
  • Need some topics for starting up a conversation with your Chinese colleagues? Talk about the natural beauty, climate, tourist attractions, or art and culture scene in China. If you have something positive to share about your travel experience in China, bring that up too in your conversations.
  • If you're someone who likes to know the people you're working with every day on a personal level too, then China offers the perfect workplace culture for you. The culture here allows and even encourages employees to develop informal bonding with each other.

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