Kayden's Thailand Internship Part 4

This month marks the end of my internship and I couldn't have asked for a better experience with better people.

The analysts and consultants here love to work hard but also to have fun, and after working it is nice to come together for social events.

My favorite event with the analysts was an informal dinner with all of the analysts at one of their houses near the office.

One of our Nepali colleagues offered to teach us how to make momos, which is a type of stuffed dumpling native to South Asia, and to socialize.

We mixed the ingredients together to make an incredible garlic fragrant and then started to roll and molded them into the momo shape as we all chatted about work and our daily lives.

Laughs could be head all throughout the room, and it was one of those moments where I felt so lucky to be working here and to meet them.

Once the momos were finished being rolled, they went to steam them.

After being so proud of our creation, the momos somehow fell apart and the flour wrap started to rip.

We all looked at each other and burst out with laughter, and then proceeded to taste this delightful treat.

We ate and talked, and at the end of the meal, one of the analysts said that they actually had a purpose for meeting that day, and it's to welcome two of our new interns to the team and as a farewell party for me.

Their thoughts were really touching and it made my internship even more memorable.

One of the best things about working here is that since we are working on multiple projects at once and are all very dedicated to our work, they reward us with little things that sometimes make a big difference.

For example, almost every week we would have a professional masseuse come in on Friday and all of the staff members can sign up for 30-minute slots.

Thai massage is generally a deep tissue massage and so some find it painful, but she found a way to keep the intensity of a good massage with minimal torture.

I can say that it definitely helps us destress from the week's busy work schedule.

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