Journalism Internship In Singapore

If you're pursuing journalism as your majors in college, then there could be no other better way to spend your summer break than doing good internships and digging a little deeper into the field.

Journalism is your industry of choice for career, and given that there are so many possibilities in this industry, only an internship can give you the much-needed comprehensive industry overview.

Choose your internship wisely because a good internship has the potential to transform your resume from average to exceptional.

A great internship program that you should consider doing is an international journalism internship in Singapore.

The Need For International Journalism Internship In Singapore

An international journalism internship in Singapore takes place at media organizations like newspaper publications, magazine publications, digital media agencies, broadcast media houses like TV or radio, etc.

The internship is designed to give you exposure to the usual tasks of a journalist, such as creating and managing engaging content to be published or broadcast, investigating and researching news stories, conducting interviews, managing social media channels of the company, preparing press releases, developing scripts, etc.

International journalism internship in Singapore effectively puts you in the shoes of a journalist, meaning all the work that you'll do and all the experience you'll get in the process would be very much real-like.

You should know that getting your first job in journalism is going to be quite competitive, especially if you're targeting national and large metro newspapers, magazines, and broadcast TV and radio stations.

A college degree in mass communications or journalism is vital but not enough to land the most coveted jobs.

Your profile needs to shine through as the best among the rest. Internship experiences with prominent media organizations, like an international journalism internship in Singapore, can play a key role in getting you hired at a good journalism position right after college.

This is why you'd be wise to get a quality internship experience like that of international internship in Singapore under your belt during your college years.

Media Industry In Singapore

Media is a major industry in Singapore and is spread across areas like print, publishing, digital and IT media, and broadcasting.

There is a good presence of both local and foreign media in the country.

There is some censorship imposed by the government on the local media content produced as well as on the media content that's available from abroad.

Despite of the governmental regulations governing the mass media industry, the industry has a lot of learning to offer in terms of practicing international journalism.

5 Special Skills Required For International Journalism Internship Singapore

Saying that journalists are superheroes in disguise wouldn't be an overstatement. They need to be everywhere and do everything possible to get a story out in the public.

Journalism is an all-consuming job, there are no strict daily working hours and no fixed cut-out work for the day.

Since international journalism internship Singapore is a close simulation of the real journalist job, you can expect to meet at least some of the job's challenges right in your internship.

To succeed in the international journalism internship Singapore as well as later down the line in your journalism career, you need to have a special set of personal and professional skills.

Let's look at what these skills are that will make you an exemplary journalist at international journalism internship Singapore:

1. Never Give Up Attitude

Giving up is not an option when you have a major story to cover and publish in a day.

This could mean pursuing different leads to get more and more information, working for hours at a stretch to put the pieces together, or consistently following up with people to give you quotes.

All being said, once you get the story out, you'll find that all the hard work was definitely worth it.

2. Impeccable Communication Skills

This is a no-brainer, since journalism is about communicating accurate and articulate information to the public.

Good verbal and written communication skills rank pretty high on the job description.

Fluency in written and spoken English is a common requirement, but knowledge of more foreign languages is always seen as a plus point.

However, communication skills aren't just limited to proficiency in languages, they also refer to the ability to tell compelling stories across various mediums.

Regardless of the medium that you get to work within your international internship in Singapore, print, social media or TV, you should know how to communicate a story that informs and also touches hearts.

3. Digital Media Friendly

Digital and social media are the realities of journalism today. Even a print media house has some form of online presence to connect with more and more audiences.

You need to be digital media savvy and have relevant technical skills.

The engaging audience on social media platforms, writing blogs, editing photos and videos, creating podcasts and multimedia, social media sharing, using tools like content management systems and Photoshop, are some of the digital media related skills that you'll find handy to have for your international Singapore internship.

4. An Eye For Opportunities

Do you have the ability to view things differently than other people?

Can you find opportunities in places that others think of as worthless?

If yes, then you'll find this knack of yours particularly beneficial during your international journalism internship in Singapore.

This ability will enable you to find uncommon yet newsworthy stories, identify work areas that can be streamlined, and bring more creativity and imagination into the work that you do.

5. Adaptability with People and Situations

International Singapore internship will involve you meeting and working with a variety of people, as well as dealing with new situations every day.

You need to have at least enough of people skills that allow you to cordially collaborate with the different people that you meet.

You should also be able to maintain a calm and balanced disposition, whether you're in an easy or challenging situation.


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