Journalism Internship in Korea

Love to read, write, travel, listen to people's stories and research?

You might want to try your hand at journalism.

As a journalist, you can not only earn the respect of people you may or may not know, but you are also in a position where you can make a difference with the news that you think is worth spreading.

The bonus is that you won't have to sit inside a cubicle day after day from 9 to 5.

The professional life of a journalist is as exciting and adventurous as it gets. Try out living like a journalist with an International Journalism internship in Korea.

5 Reasons To Undergo An International Journalism Internship Korea

For most mass communication and journalism degree programs, earning at least one internship experience is a mandatory part of the curriculum.

But there is no reason why you can't go ahead and earn more than one.

The more internships you have under your belt, the more opportunities you'll have to learn about how journalism works in the real world.

Head for an International Journalism internship in Korea to understand journalism from an international perspective. Here is why this internship will work wonders for you:

1. Action-Filled Experience

journalism internship in korea

With an International Journalism internship in Korea, you'll be at the center stage of where all the action is taking place.

There will be deadlines for you to chase, pressure to report a great story and your own desire to bring about a change, much like how it is in a real journalism job.

2. Learn Local Journalism Abroad

Ever wondered what it would feel like to cover local news, like a local, in a foreign country?

During your journalism stint as an intern in South Korea, you will have to think like a local and act like a local in order to report the news that locals like. A great practice for when you become an international correspondent.

3. Secure Connections and References

Journalism is a profession that requires you to work for the people and with the people.

From the internship supervisor to the internship colleagues, every person is a potential professional contact.

In your future journalism jobs, these people may be able to help you out in many things, like in getting you exclusive news scoop.

4. Mixture of Work and Fun

journalism internship in korea

International Journalism internship in Korea demands sincerity and dedication, but not without fun.

The great thing about doing an international internship is that there are travel opportunities galore for you.

The stress of work never gets to you because there is the travel fun to balance it all out.

5. Prioritize Your Preferences

Metro, business, finance, entertainment, or sports, what kind of news gives you the kick as a journalist?

You'll have plenty of time to figure this out during your International Journalism internship Korea. It's best to have your preferences cleared out in the start to avoid any conflicts later on.

The Robust State of Mass Media in South Korea

journalism internship in korea

With television, newspapers, magazines, Internet websites and radio dominating the mass media scene in South Korea, the country can be deemed as media-rich.

As a leader in the current digital revolution, South Korea relies much on electronic means for news delivery.

That being said, there are over 122 national newspapers in circulation today in the country.

In addition, there are a number of local daily newspapers too for the urban centers and provincial capital cities.

Many of the media giants are based in the capital city Seoul, since this city is the center of the country's politics, business, and culture.

Online news sources are major news providers in the country given the ultra-fast wireless internet services available here.

If you're interested in Internet journalism, there is nothing better than an International Journalism internship Korea to pursue your interest.

Overall, South Korea has a vibrant amalgam of Internet-based media, print media and broadcast media.

The high population literacy rate of South Korea, over 99%, has been an important factor in the demand for educated and free media.

From time to time, the country's media has seen signs of restriction and censorship, but the robust media environment has sustained these curtails well enough.

5 Tips To Become A Star With Your Journalism Internship In Korea

journalism internship in korea

No matter how confident you are as a person, the first few days of a journalism internship abroad can give you jittery nerves. Things will be a lot different from what they are like back home. But as long as you keep your focus intact, you can breeze through these jitters like a hero and become the journalist that you came here to become in the first place. Here are a couple of tips for you to keep at the back of your mind during your International internship in Korea:

  • Learn everything about the media outlet where you're doing your International Journalism internship in Korea. Get acquainted with the kind of news they cover, the communities they target and their unique style of journalism.
  • Don't chase only after the prime time or page one worthy stories. While it's a good idea to get your hands on such kind of news, there might be a chance that you're overlooking the impact and underestimating the potential of that small story which only you can bring into the light.
  • If you're multi-media savvy, don't hold back from showing off your skills! Especially if your International Korea internship is with a smaller media agency, which might not have a specialized department for multimedia production.
  • Pitch your ideas, even when you don't think much of them. You never know, your idea could offer a new spin, a different angle, or a more powerful voice for the issue. Let your creative juices flow freely.
  • Be a sharp dresser. The moment you step out of your organization's premises, you're acting as the brand ambassador for your media organization. If you want your employee to choose you to go cover an important news or attend a press conference, you should be dressed well enough to look and carry the part.

Apply for your international journalism internship in Korea today and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!


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