Journalism Internship In Hong Kong

Journalism Internship In Hong Kong

Budding journalists know just how important internships are at the beginning of their career.

An internship acts like a bridge between the coursework and the real world.

The better journalism internships you can secure, the more quickly you can transition from being a classroom student to an industry-ready journalist.

As you search for the perfect internship, don't limit yourself to local and national opportunities, look beyond the borders and you'll find a great internship opportunity like international journalism internship in Hong Kong offering an experience that's professionally and personally transforming.

It is internships like international journalism internship in Hong Kong that you should pursue to become the learned and accomplished journalist that you desire to be.

Media & Journalism In Hong Kong

The media industry in Hong Kong is home to some of the biggest names in the industry, including media organizations like Far Eastern Economic Review and Asian Wall Street Journal.

The wide-ranging scope of media here extends across domains like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online media.

From traditional to electronic to digital, media in Hong Kong has a good reach, meaning you have various options to choose your desired international journalism internship in Hong Kong from.

Whatever internship you decide to go with, you'll be getting a front-row seat to the dynamics of the Asian media industry, and that's an interesting position to be in.

5 Tips To Earn A Job Offer After Journalism Internship In Hong Kong

An international journalism internship in Hong Kong isn't a guarantee that you will get a full-time job offer from the media house where you're interning.

Even so, the skill development and work experience acquired from the internship are enough to get you a good journalism job down the line.

Therefore you shouldn't obsess too much over securing a job offer after an international journalism internship Hong Kong, because your internship would be a success even without the job offer.

That being said, it's worth trying your best to turn your internship into a full-time employment position. Because you've interned at the organization for quite a duration, you're already familiar with the culture there.

If you have liked your time of internship there, chances are you'd also have a good time working there full-time.

So it's a good idea to prove your employability to the organization and let the internship become an awesome job opportunity you are looking for.

Here are some tips that you should remember by if you feel interested in taking up a permanent job position at your internship organization.

1. Keep Track Of All Your Good Work

Whether it's writing up a well-constructed news story or going out of your way to deliver a task within a deadline, whatever feats you have gotten under your belt during the internship, you should keep a close track of those.

This is so that you can highlight your strengths and potential as a reliable employee if the opportunity arises.

You certainly don't want to boast about your achievements, but you do want to have some clarity about all the remarkable milestones that you've achieved during your international journalism internship Hong Kong.

2. Be Sincere Towards Your Internship

If you don't treat your internship with the seriousness and commitment that it deserves, you can't expect the company to extend you a job offer either.

An internship lets on many attributes about you to the company you're interning at.

Hence, international internship in Hong Kong is the perfect time for you to impress your colleagues, supervisor, and senior officials with outstanding work ethics and dedication.

Use this time to leave a positive impression on people in the company. Anyway, sincerity is important if you want to walk away from the internship with valuable learning.

3. Inquire, Not Demand About Work Opportunity

Keep in mind that you can't simply demand for a job offer to be handed to you.

You can, though, have a polite conversation about it with the relevant person at the company when the time is right.

For example, when your international Hong Kong internship is nearing its end, that would be a good time to have this conversation.

You could ask if the company would be open to hiring you, either immediately after the internship or maybe sometime in the near future.

It's okay to show your interest in earning a full-time work opportunity at the company. You never know you might get what you're wishing for.

However, do remember to thank the company for the internship opportunity even if the answer you get for a job request is a refusal.

4. Be Active In Networking Within The Company

If you truly want to become a part of the permanent workforce at the internship company, you might want to take the time to get to know the people working there.

As you work on projects during international Hong Kong internship, you'll be coming in contact with various people, some from even different departments.

Establish good working relations with all the people that cross your path, don't forget your supervisor too. It's an easy way to build a good reputation for yourself.

These people may also act as advocates for you to become a full-time employee at the company after the internship.

5. Urge Your Colleagues, Senior, and Supervisors For Feedback

As an intern, you are in a position of learning, while your colleagues, seniors, and supervisors at the company are in a position of teaching.

Good learners not only make good interns but also good employees.

To show your willingness to learn and improve, you should ask the people you work with to provide you with feedback at regular intervals throughout the internship.

More than anything, it will keep you guided on how you're performing in your international journalism internship in Hong Kong.

That way you will always know of the ways you can improve yourself and prove yourself as an ideal resource for the company.

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