Journalism Internship in China

Journalism Internship in China

Do you want a career that’s not only personally fulfilling but is also an opportunity to do greater good?

Then journalism field is the clear winner.

The field always demands more and more passionate individuals who are concerned with more than just making a living for themselves, individuals who also believe in enlightening the public with what’s true, relevant and important.

To gain an understanding of the working norms and practices of journalism, you must obtain an internship experience.

Moreover, if you pursue your journalism internship abroad, you will acquire exposure to the different styles and techniques of journalism.

Pursuing international journalism internship in China, one of the fastest growing Asian economies, would be a good career move for you. Becoming a journalist means becoming proficient at a number of skills.

These include researching, writing, interviewing, reporting, editing, communicating, etc.

The responsibilities and assignments you take on during international journalism internship in China will allow you to develop these much necessary skills.

Now let’s take a closer look at the media industry in China.

Diverse and Booming Media Industry in China

The diverse news and media sector in China is the perfect place for aspiring journalists to become well-versed in the key professional skills that are requisite to become an efficient journalist.

The burgeoning economy of China coupled with the country’s progress in the field of education have been some of the important factors in developing China’s media sector.

The wave of social and economic reforms that had swept over the country in the recent years had left an impact in the media industry as well.

As a result, now there is much greater diversity and autonomy in China’s media industry.

Another factor responsible for this increased diversity and autonomy has been the rising competition within the media industry.

There is an immense demand for a variety of broadcast and print news, and media firms in China are consistently trying to cater to this demand.

The media groups in China have achieved the status of a force to be reckoned with; an international journalism internship in China at any of these media firms would teach you how to become an assertive, dynamic and competitive journalist.

A List of Do’s and Don’ts for Your Journalism Internship in China


When you are doing international journalism internship China, you must keep in mind the below list of do’s and don’ts, which is designed to maximize your internship experience.

1. Do research and pitch ideas for unique stories.

International journalism internship China is all about experimenting, learning, and growing.

Leverage this opportunity afforded by the internship to discover your thought process as a journalist.

Express any interesting story ideas that you may have with confidence.

Just make sure that you have a thorough research work backing up your ideas.

2. Get plenty of experience in effective writing, as writing is one of the most important activities that you’ll be doing as a journalist.

Writing in journalism is different from your usual writing.

You need to follow a certain set of best practices to structure your story in a way that’s simple yet impactful.

Get plenty of writing experience during your international journalism internship China so that you become acquainted with all these best practices.

3. Do follow the instructions that you’ve been given.

You’ll be working alongside well-trained journalists during your international internship in China.

Take advantage of working within their guidance.

You’ll be able to learn a lot by understanding and following the instructions coming from them.

4. Try and understand the differences between various types of journalism.

For example, there is investigative journalism, news journalism, tabloid journalism, interactive journalism, and so on.

You want to utilize your time in international journalism internship in China to figure out what kind of journalist you would like to become.

This means understanding the various paths that you can pursue in journalism and among these selecting the one that appeals to you the most.

5. Always have questions to ask.

Questions help you scratch the surface and dig deeper, which can be described as the essence of journalism.

International China internship is a great time for you to begin imbibing this essence.

Be as creative as you can be in asking questions, because intelligent questions can help you explore a story from different angles.

So put your thinking cap on and come up with smart work-related questions.


1.Don’t give up when you run into obstacles, because this is the moment for you to prove yourself as a capable journalist by getting past these obstacles and achieving your objectives.

Tenaciousness is a desirable quality in journalists.

So why not start instilling this quality within yourself right from international journalism internship in China onward itself?

2. Don’t slack off in taking down notes.

Whether you are in meetings, interviews or discussions or just doing some research work of your own, having a notebook handy is a must at all times.

The notebook is where everything important that you learn during the international China internship will go.

From jotting down little details related to a developing story to penning down your own observations and experiences, a notebook is a great friend to have during the internship.

3. Avoid all sorts of distractions that make you less productive.

So, for instance, if you are addicted to talking or texting on phone, then give this habit a bit of rest during your international China internship.

You want to give 100% of your attention to the internship, and that can happen only when you’re not constantly hooked to your phone.

4. Never compromise with the quality and accuracy of your work.

Journalism is all about putting forward correct, verified facts and information. This is what you should be doing in your international journalism internship China too.

Your focus for all your assignments should be on getting even the tiniest bit of detail right.

So if this means double-checking your work before submissions, then you shouldn’t shy away from that.

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