Jorge's Korea Internship Part 3

The Beginning of My New World Experience

"I am merely a visitor here. This planet, these people, and the circumstances that surround my existence are meant to help teach me understanding, compassion, empathy and love. The beautiful thing about life is, that we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn, see or be; it's magical really."

I believe that anybody can get a great opportunity if that's the goal they set for themselves.

The experience I'm gaining in Korea, it's been so far one of the best I have gotten in my life.

Not just experience as an intern, but a personal experience that has marked my life in a great and positive way.

While writing this blog, I was listening to a new and special song that came on my channel.

This song is called "Dia Especial" translated into English as "A Special Day" by Shakira.

The lyrics are very positive and I felt how much it encourages me to take every day as a special day, where you believe in another opportunity no matter how high you jump in the darkness.

There will always be a light at the end, and I will be able to find it because I'm looking for it. These opportunities will always be there, but we need to keep looking for them and work hard.

We can't give up because we see things too big for us to handle when actually it's not true. We all can have the same opportunity and get where we want to.

During the time I spent in the middle of my internship, I got to experience day by day, hand on hand what is the real work that marketers do.

It's not so easy as we think it could be since there is a process to follow and it can be long, but if we persist we will be able to see the fruits.

I have learned this in a very short time, but definitely, it will help me with my future projects. I have learned to be patient, multitask in different projects, be positive and take the results to another level.

I feel like I have gotten smarter to take what life offers me every day as good or bad, in a positive way. It is funny to see how you can learn so much from little things that come your way when you don't expect them.

Immersing Myself into the Korean Culture

While living in a different culture, I got to learn how at the end, we are all the same.

We have different features, different languages, different thoughts, and perspectives.

But we all hurt, we all love and hate, we all laugh, and struggle in life.

I'm so glad I decided to come to Korea for my internship, and while I had chances to pick another country I decided Korea would be a country to learn a lot from.

A new language that I believe is very smart, new people, new culture, a different work environment, new challenges, and new food to try which I love.

This opportunity has also helped me reflect on my actions, and how I should live my life passionately without letting the things of the world getting me down when I have potential, just like you and others do.

These days I have been working on live projects that involve important pieces of the company, and it is pleasant to be able to do so, even though I don't have access to every archive of the company.

I also have been able to communicate with current customers and I have gotten the opportunity to persuade other companies to give our services a chance to try.

My experience out of work has been very rewarding.

My work schedule is very busy, but I have managed to take some time to enjoy the daily life on the streets, trying the food, enjoying walks and the nightlife in the city.

Sadly, the transportation to go home is very difficult since I live in the countryside. But I always found and still find my ways to enjoy and be able to get home even if it is the following day.

One of my close friends came to visit me over here, and it made me really happy since I was able to show and share how nice and fun my experience has been over here.

She loved it here that much, that she is planning to come back. We got the experience together with new places, and even new dishes that I didn't know but she did.

Korean Cat Cafes

My friend Luba has a special love for cats, so I told her about how in Korea there are pet cafes where you can spend time with nice animals while having a coffee or a juice.

She got so excited about it so we had to visit there on her second day of stay. We went to a town named Myeondong, where there is a big market with a lot of small stores and definitely you don't leave empty-handed.

After spending some time going around trying street food and buying some clothing and souvenirs, we took our way to a cat cafe located there. It was also my first time spending time visiting a cat cafe and spending time with them.

It was a very nice and exciting experience. Without realizing it, we spent about two hours playing and feeding the cats, and around 21 of them were surrounding us. Definitely, a nice and relaxing experience that has to be repeated.

After spending some quality time with the cats, we went to visit the Namsan Seoul Tower. This was the first tower-type tourism spot in Korea.

The top of the tower is at almost 480m above sea level, including Namsan Mountain (243m) and the tower's own height (236.7m), making it one of the tallest towers in the Orient.

We went in the night time since it's the best time to enjoy a nice city view. It was just so beautiful that I could feel the joy on the wind even though it was a chilly night, but the fact that I was able to connect with the nature in such a way, made my day much greater than it was.

I was grateful my friend came to visit and spend time with me and my Korean friends.

We all had a great time together, but at the same time, I also realized I miss my people and family.

Luba was telling me how much people miss me and all the message they sent to me through her were very touching.

I'm almost done with my internship in Korea, and I feel sad I have to go but I'm also ready to go back home and use the experience learned over this period of time.

These days I have been meeting new people on and off work. There were a lot of funny interactions with the Korean locals since a lot of them were very fascinated with my hair, my color, and big eyes.

They would compliment me a lot, so that was very interesting and nice. I was able to practice my Korean and even do some language exchange, which I thought it was fun.

There are so many people I would love to keep seeing every day since they have been so nice to me just as a family member. I'm very grateful to them since they made my stay here so much easier.

I have made memories that I want to take with me forever, but I'm sure I'll be able to meet them again.

The End to an Incredible Experience

My colleagues are going to San Jose for a conference where many technologies and marketing companies will be attending.

It will be a great chance for my host company to get more recognition and spread their great and useful tools.

I have been helping them a lot on their preparation, contacting new people that could be interested.

My concentration is Advertising and Graphics, so being able to work on projects where it includes the business side of the marketing and advertising helps me a lot, since having this mix of knowledge will allow me to find better opportunities and keep growing as a professional.

I am more than ready to show what I have learned to the market out there.

I'm also very grateful to AIP because this wouldn't be possible without their support and dedication to find me the best place in Korea for me to get where I am now.

I still remember how everything started through an interview that was a success. Once I got on the program, the AIP team took care of me and since day one.

They were there to advise me and to guide me on my decision.

Today I finish my program, and I can say that it was worth the hard work because I can go back with a full experience, that will help me gain more to use it for a purpose.

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