IT Internship In Vietnam

IT Internship In Vietnam

Planning to do an internship in information technology this summer? Have you given a thought to your reason behind this decision?

Maybe it's to earn an extra academic credit. Maybe it's to get an internship experience on your resume. Maybe it's because you want a first-hand working experience of the IT field before committing to it in the long run.

Or maybe you just want to have a good time interacting with the new crowd and trying your hand at something exciting.

Regardless of what your reason is, international IT internship in Vietnam is just the internship you need to do in your summer break.

The Growth Of IT Industry In Vietnam

IT internship in vietnam

Back in 2010 itself, Vietnam was recognized as one of the top 30 countries in the world for offshore software development services by Gartner, a renowned advisory and research company.

In the 8 years that have passed by since then, Vietnam's IT industry has continued to live up to its global recognition as a top outsourcing destination.

In fact Information and Communication Technology has been identified as one of the major economic sectors in the country by the Vietnamese government.

The average growth rate for the industry is estimated to be at about 8% through the years 2016 to 2020. Various hi-tech software technology parks have also sprung up across Vietnam boosting up the country's software industry.

As a key global IT outsourcing location quickly rising up to be on par with other popular locations such as India, the Philippines, and China, Vietnam does offer a vibrant environment for young IT professionals to work in.

Some of the key software areas of Vietnam's IT industry include business intelligence, data analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cloud computing, etc.

Vietnam seems to be making all the right moves when it comes to its growth and development in the information technology sector.

As it inches closer and closer towards becoming a world leader in IT, you know you can't go wrong career-wise if you choose to do international IT internship in Vietnam.

3 Tips To Win Your Way Through International IT Internship Vietnam

IT internship in Vietnam

The world isn't short of interns and yet not all interns are alike. There are some interns who instantly stand out with their skills and knowledge and have no difficulty at all in landing a job.

And then there are some who struggle to build a good skill portfolio for themselves and find their coveted jobs to be out of reach even after doing a great internship.

It all comes down to what the interns manage to make out of their internship. International IT internship in Vietnam is a select internship opportunity, when you get it you don't want to waste it.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make international IT internship Vietnam a career-defining step of your life:

1. Identifying Strengths and Working on Weaknesses

If you have some prior IT work experience, it's probable that you have some semblance of your technical strengths and weaknesses even before you begin your international internship in Vietnam.

That being the case, you already have your work cut out for you. You should use your strengths to deliver impressive work and be recognized by peers and seniors.

As far as weaknesses are concerned, look for related work opportunities that involve working on them.

You are likely to be surrounded by experts during your international Vietnam internship, why not ask any one of them to help you out.

In case international Vietnam internship is your first brush with IT field, use this time to learn more about the field with the intention to eventually figure out your likes, dislikes, special interests, strengths, and weaknesses in the field.

2. Balancing Being A Seeker and A Contributor

Being an intern is difficult. Chances are that you know enough to give inputs here and there, but not enough to take complete responsibility on your shoulders.

This means you'll need to decide when it is time for you to push forwards and when it is time for you to pull backward.

Generally speaking, you want to be more on the aggressive side rather than passive side when working in a competitive internship program like international IT internship Vietnam.

Though you are not a full-time employee of the company, your work ethics should certainly match like those of one.

At the same time, though, you should also be aware when something's way out of your sphere of proficiency.

If at any point you feel like you don't know what you are doing, it's better that you reach out to someone who can help you rather than grappling with it on your own.

3. Asking For Feedback and Using It As A Guide

Most of us shy from overtly asking for feedback thinking what if we don't like what we hear in return!

But when you are doing an international IT internship in Vietnam, feedback is often a close ally to rely upon.

Ask for feedback with an open and inquisitive mind. Let the feedback received become a guiding light for you going forward.

In addition to requesting feedback from others, it's also a good habit to do self-review and self-analysis once a while.

Take a pause when you can and contemplate upon what you've done so far and if you have lived up to your potential.

International IT internship in Vietnam serves you on many levels.

Firstly, it equips you with vital IT skills that can't be learned from reading any books. Secondly, it makes you a better and more culturally aware worker. Thirdly, it gives you a productive international travel opportunity.

And lastly, it shapes you to be so assertive and capable that you are always ready to sign up for challenging work opportunities in the future.

When an internship program offers advantages on so many fronts, you have got to give it a chance for the sake of your present and future.


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