Internships Abroad In Manchester

Internships Abroad In Manchester

Introduction To Internships Abroad In Manchester

Manchester, the second most populous urban area, is perfect for international students to do internships in the UK. It has cool winters and mild summers as it is bordered by the Pennines Mountains and the Cheshire Plains. Located 160 miles (a two-hour train ride) from London, the city is known for its amazing opera, performing arts, music and can also enjoy the nightlife by going to pubs, clubs and bars located throughout the city.

Located 160 miles (a two hour train ride) from London and its best known for its two premier league football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City and has a thriving, predominant nightlife as well. The city is known for its amazing opera, performing arts, music and can also enjoy the nightlife by going to pubs, clubs and bars located throughout the city.

Salaries And Costs

Internships in Manchester are multiple internship opportunities with numerous benefits. The paid internship opportunities tend to be in the engineering and in hospitality industries. Internships with hotels usually includes meals and free accommodations on top of a monthly stipend. On the other hand, internships in the sports industry are usually unpaid while engineering positions typically offer competitive monthly salaries to draw interns to their companies.

Cost of living in Manchester per month is at an average of ₤2,045. This includes a ₤912 accommodation and ₤89 utility costs. The cost of food in Manchester is approximately 31% cheaper than London. This means that you can still enjoy the diversity of food options! Medical expenses, though cost less than London, are fairly expensive when compared to other British cities.

Internship Listings In Manchester: Internship Opportunities; Industries

While not quite as expensive or popular as London, Manchester is a close second, offering internships in many industries.We could find many engaging and informative internships in the sports industry; Manchester is known for internship opportunities in engineering and hospitality.

Sports Internships

Manchester is famously known for having the best sport clubs, coaches, teams and management agencies. Taking an interest in sports will give you a great insight into the global sport industry and at the same time you will have the opportunity to set up connections for life. Companies have contacts with more than 2000 sporting organizations that have potential to get connected. Internships period is varying from 4 weeks to 1 month and you can choose either full time or part time, depending on how much time you are looking to dedicate to the field during your health and fitness internships in Manchester.

Hospitality Internships:

The opportunity in hospitality includes placements in reception, front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, restaurants and bar. Hotels are constantly seeking hard-working, customer-focused and who are at least 18 years old with an intermediate level of written and verbal English. Interns can choose the hospitality and tourism internship duration with a minimum of 6 weeks. It is however to be aware that some internships in the industry are reserved for undergraduate and graduate students who are with valid student visas.

Engineering Internships:

Manchester has a strong engineering industry that seeks engineering bachelor graduates with no prior experience. Students will gain practical experience in engineering internships that can apply what you have learned in university. The duration of internships in Manchester can last anywhere from 4 months to 1 year depending on student dedication. That’s why Manchester is one of the best spots to begin your engineering career.

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