Internship Locations: 5 Reasons to Pick Thailand

If you are looking for a place to gain work experience, then Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world to head to.

No matter what field you come from, Thailand hosts many companies where you can get valuable work experience.

Whether you’re an aspiring tech expert, chef, architect, entrepreneur, or conservationist, we offer five reasons as to why you should undergo your internship in this beautiful tropical paradise.

1. Budget-Friendly & Business Focused

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps.

Moreover, it doesn’t come with the astonishingly high costs of living that many business-centered cities do, making it a more cost-effective place for interns and students to live.

The city brims with life.

You will learn how to deal with various kinds of people because of the stark social contrast and variety of origins and economic classes of the people working and living in the city.

There’s no better chance to put your bargaining skills to the test by shopping in Bangkok’s floating markets.

You won’t also miss out on enjoying a night out, thanks to Bangkok’s dizzyingly high rooftop bars as well as its live music and chill jazz clubs.

2. Pick Thailand Because of Its Fresh, Delectable, Yet Affordable Food

Spicy noodles, spicy soups, spicy curries, crab cakes, grilled prawns, crispy pork rind, mini coconut pancakes, bananas in coconut meal, lemongrass tea, rice wine, and more - what else would you need?

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or supper, Thailand has an endless smorgasbord of tasty treats that will overwhelm you.

Fish, coconuts, prawns, mangoes, and crabs are common ingredients in many Thai meals.

Since the country is next to the sea, you will be able to enjoy freshly caught seafood.

Even these selections are skilfully cooked yet affordable.

Thai cuisine will be more than enough to satiate your hungry stomach after a hard day of internship work.

For interns studying culinary arts, trying and understanding Thailand’s hodgepodge of food and cooking techniques may impart added skills upon you.

3. Pick Thailand Because of Its Majestic Structures

All over Thailand, there are ornate temples and shrines, bell-like pagodas and stupas akin to pyramids, giant statues and tall religious pillars, and pointy traditional houses that dot the landscape.

Buddhism strongly permeates the country’s architectural heritage as epitomized by the Emerald Buddha statue found within Bangkok’s Grand Palace.

Interns from the fields of social science, architecture, and tourism service will have the most profound learning experience from immersing in Thailand’s cultural heritage.

That being said, interns from other fields will get the opportunity to appreciate a foreign culture in general, which can help widen their horizon and broaden their career perspectives.

4. Pick Thailand Because of Its Great Outdoors

Thailand has a lot to offer to prospective interns when it comes to great places to unwind and relax.

Thailand’s assortment of beaches and islands gives you a menu of activities to choose from: beach parties, beach volleyball, sailing, paddling, snorkelling, scuba diving, shell collecting, and even plain old fishing.

There are also less-frequented stretches of white sand beaches where you can go to if you prefer just the calming sea breeze without boisterous, blabbering tourists disturbing you.

Interns involved with computer sciences, marketing, and engineering can take a dip for a change in their monotonous environment.

Thailand’s extensive tropical jungles, on the other hand, are sure to give you a completely different view of the country otherwise known for its beaches and temples.

Thailand’s jungles host an assortment of wild birds and mammals such as the Asian Elephant, Asiatic Black Bear, Siamese Fireback, Clouded Leopard, and Indochinese Tiger, making Thailand one of the most exciting wildlife destinations in Asia.

This is particularly true for interns whose interests are biodiversity and conservation.

The northern hills around Chiang Mai are perfect for trekking, rafting trips, and homestays in the local villages.

5. Pick Thailand Because of Its Warm, Welcoming Smiles

From the moment you step off your plane, Thailand will greet you with smiles that it is globally known for.

The smiles and genuine joy form a big part of the Thai ambiance and attitude as seen through the various colorful events that are held in the country throughout the year.

There are the water fights during the Songkran (New Year) festival in April, the spooky but thrilling Phi Ta Khon ghost festival in June, and the delicious Food Festival in September.

Your only problem will be finding all the time in the world to experience all that the country has to offer! The variety of people, places, and events in Thailand would enrich not only your work experience but also your own personal development and outlook in today’s era of globalization.

Thus, aside from these five reasons you should choose Thailand for your internship is because the country itself can cultivate you as a person and as a soon-to-be professional.

And of course, you will get to receive internship training that will be both worthwhile and memorable. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an internship program, Interns in Asia is your best option. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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