Internship In Costa Rica: The Benefits

Internship In Costa Rica: The Benefits

Not only do Costa Rica’s natural wealth and multi-cultural heritage give off a tranquil atmosphere, they foster new, exciting opportunities for career advancement and international internships!

Positioned in between the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica is at the forefront of international trade, manufacturing operations, real estates, and many more rapidly expanding industries, all of which you will benefit from interning in. But that is not all the benefits of having Costa Rica as your internship destination..!

Come onboard with us to explore all the benefits of doing an international internship in Costa Rica!!

Let’s get right into the benefits.

An Internship In Costa Rica Allows You To Get Involved In Its Food

Unlike its neighboring countries, Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rican food is not overly spicy. With most of their base ingredients being rice, beans, and potatoes, the flavor profile is much milder when compared to their country counterparts. Gallo Pinto, Chifrijo, Rondon, Chorreadas, Ceviche, Copo are among some of Costa Rica’s most beloved delicacies!

Food should always be taken into the equation when considering where and if you could live in your internship destination country, in our cases, Costa Rica. Why? An internship abroad in Costa Rica requires more than you to be accustomed to your new surroundings, this extends onto your lifestyles... yup, that includes the food that you consume... and with whom you share your meal with! Getting in touch with the local food helps bring you closer to the locals and their way of life!

An Internship In Costa Rica Puts You In Direct Contact With Nature

In the country that generates almost 99% of its electricity from renewable sources (i.e. hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, and biomass), Costa Rica is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. How diverse is Costa Rica’s natural ecosystem? The country’s forest coverage accounts for almost 60% in 2021! Thanks to its tropical climate, Costa Rica is home to various exotic; and endangered species!

National parks, wildlife refuges, and private reserves can be found throughout the country. After all, a quarter of the country’s land area is made into parks and reserves! Of course, in the lush green environment of Costa Rica, outdoor activities are next level awesome..! We say take advantage of your time in Costa Rica and savor the moment!

During your internship in Costa Rica, give yourself a reward with a small getaway at the country’s most reputable natural landmarks. Check out Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and see the orchids coming to life. Go on a turtle nesting walk at Tortuguero National Park. Or spend a day at the Arenal Volcano hiking or water-rafting!

(Source: Miguel Bruna on Unsplash)

An Internship In Costa Rica Gives You The Opportunity To Gain Professional Experience In A Multicultural Environment

With more than four fifth of the entire population being descended from Europe and the remaining having indigenous backgrounds, you are more likely to be working with people of different opinions, perspectives, and experiences. To put a cherry on top, Costa Rica’s famous international trade industry diversifies the working environment even more, with multiple trade contacts drawn between USA, China, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The exposure to a multitude of cultures would benefit you in your future professional pursuits. Not only will you expand your global network, you will be able to gain new-found confidence in interacting and communicating with people from different backgrounds, a skill most valued by employers in today’s interconnected and ever-changing world!

An internship in Costa Rica Prepares You For What’s Yet To Come

Not every international internship gives you the opportunity to further your practical knowledge on the fields of your choice or in Costa Rica’s emerging industries! You will be quick to find out that Costa Rica is an ideal destination for you to learn to conquer your fears and unleash your full potential with every new activity and experience. Like surfing or free-diving!

These skills will come in handy for the rest of your life. Should you successfully overcome your fears, you are more likely to say “YES” to new opportunities in and outside of your work-life. You will definitely witness real changes in your self-esteem too! But that’s not all. Your internship in Costa Rica will leave you with multiple life lessons that you will probably cherish for a lifetime whether that be ‘how to not take anything for granted’ or ‘to live a stress-free and happy life’.

And those are the reasons why Costa Rica should be your next internship destination! We will now pass on the baton to you! This is your time to set forth to new adventures and put yourself on the path of growth— and success. At the end of the day, what makes Costa Rica your truly special place to begin your internship experience can only be found in Costa Rica!! Experience Costa Rican Pura Vida with AIP.

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