Intern with Sustainable Tech Giants in Vietnam

Intern with Sustainable Tech Giants in Vietnam

Vietnam is fast growing into becoming one of the biggest tech-hub in Southeast Asia, with many international firms offshoring their companies to the country. Vietnam has been termed as one of “pacesetters" for Southeast Asia’s internet economy because of its efficient economy and rich environment for start-ups.

Why is Vietnam becoming a tech-hub?

One of the reasons behind Vietnam’s increasing attraction for big businesses is the young and dynamic population. Vietnam has a population of 96.46 million people, with 40% of them being under 25 years old. This is an age group that is technologically knowledgeable and this is attractive to tech companies when thinking about where their next market will be. The population in Vietnam is curious and willing to try out new tech products.

Another key reason for Vietnam’s booming tech market is its geographical location. With the increased tension between China and the U.S in the trading market, many tech companies like Samsung have shifted their manufacturing sites from China to Vietnam. Other companies like Apple and Google have also shifted their manufacturing sites in order to avoid tariffs.

The Vietnamese government is also adamant about making the country as technologically advanced as possible by implementing policies that can facilitate the growth of start-up companies like AYA and Airiot. Some of these policies include land rent reduction and better corporate income tax.

Not only is Vietnam attracting a plethora of tech giants to the country, but it is also specifically attracting companies that have shifted their focus to ensuring sustainability and promoting a green platform to operate on.

Tech Giants’ Green Reform

Over the years, the environment has become a growing concern. Consumers are more mindful of the products they are purchasing; where their products are made, under what condition and the kind of materials used in the process. Because of this, businesses are beginning to put sustainable strategies in place and changing their production processes. Some of the tech giants that have made moves to be more sustainable are Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 by purchasing renewable energy and by 2030, they plan to explore new tools like advanced nuclear, green hydrogen and enhanced geothermal. Google aims to improve the predictability of renewable energy by developing a machine learning system that predicts power output from wind farms as much as 36 hours in advance.

Wind energy

Apple announced that they are planning to be carbon neutral for its supply chain and products by 2030. By using clean energy and reduced carbon footprint, Apple aims to make all its products with recycled materials. They are very transparent about their renewable energy strategy and aim to use 100% green energy when producing their products. Microsoft’s ambitious plan is to remove more carbon than they emit into the atmosphere, which means going beyond Net-Zero.

Microsoft has been carbon neutral since 2012 and plans to remove all of its historical emissions since its inception in 1975 by 2050. Microsoft’s level of ambition and progress has solidified their place in the front in terms of climate action.

Vietnam: Your next tech internship destination with AIP!

Completing an internship in Vietnam right now will be highly beneficial in the long-run. The country is attracting a lot of companies and inspiring many start-ups. This inevitably encourages a climate of healthy competition among students and young adults who are searching for experience in this field. Having big fintech companies leading the action of climate change has a big impact on society. They have a huge influence on the way products are being produced and consumed which can have a big effect on the environment.

Furthermore, with the influx of capital into Vietnam from foreign investors who don’t want to miss the initial establishment of the country’s fintech industry, Vietnam’s business sector was worth USD 7.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to steadily grow yearly.

Field of grass

With the growing importance placed on sustainability, the tech giants located in Vietnam have prioritized the use of green energy. This means that an internship with these tech companies will not only give you a glimpse into the tech world, but you will also learn more about the new processes and the latest technologies developed that could cut down carbon emissions and reduce carbon footprint.

An internship with AIP guarantees you an intern position with tech companies in Vietnam that are dedicated to the cause of sustainability and are paving the way to new processes of technology. Here at AIP, we support companies that are pursuing sustainable development goals and aim to be more eco-friendly.

Completing an internship with a tech company in Vietnam is very promising. It will provide you with a great work environment and an unforgettable experience. It will ensure a great balance between independence and guidance for the interns as well as a higher chance of getting hired for a full-time position after the internship.

In a time where climate change is becoming a growing concern, AIP is determined in providing you with opportunities and choices of companies that will give you an experience that is life-changing and inspiring.

AIP supports companies that have a significant contribution to society. Therefore, we will provide you with companies that are socially responsible and whose green platform is going to influence the business world. We will provide you with an internship that is both diverse and impactful.

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