Information Technology in Thailand

Information Technology in Thailand

In the past few years, technology has grown and progressed exponentially. The technology sector has become one of the fastest-growing industries globally. In 2019 alone, $3,360 billion was spent on technology.

This industry has become a large investment opportunity for investors who see the immense potential in this market. The introduction of the internet in Thailand dramatically transformed the country from an industrial economy to a digital one. Currently, Thailand is the second-largest economy in the ASEAN region.

An internship abroad in the Information Technology field will open up a lot of opportunities for you and your future career. And the best place to start is in Thailand.

The IT Industry

The IT industry is defined as the use of computing services through software, infrastructure, and hardware. It is a sector that is fast-growing, surpassing even the financial and industrial sectors. Now more than ever, the IT industry is heavily associated with innovation.

Almost all sectors have some kind of technology integrated into their business. Technology is different from other industries in the fact that technology evolves and grows at a faster rate than any other industry.

Fig 1. Information Technology (Source: Pexels)

Today, our professional and personal lives heavily revolve around technology and digital aid. The main challenge is when businesses and industries have to adapt to the quick changes as well. Some industries fail to integrate the new technology fast enough, leading them to fade away from the market itself.

The IT industry is a fast-moving industry and therefore, it is advised that if the industry you are entering into is not as tech-savvy as other industries, it is most likely to fail, especially in today’s world.

But one thing is for certain and that is the fact that the IT industry will continue to grow and flourish in today’s markets and it is not likely to go away any time soon.

A booming IT industry in Thailand

The main reason for this rapid digital growth in this country is the use of digital technology and services in almost every sector of the economy. The implementation of technology from the production sector to the service sector has challenged these industries and the economy to change their business model and framework if they plan to survive in this new market.

The IT market in Thailand can be put under three categories; hardware, software and services. Being one of the biggest contributors to the IT market, Thailand is highly sought out by foreign investors.

Fig 2. Internet Connections (Source: Pexels)

Starting up a business in this country is not as expensive as it would be in other countries and the cost of living is also quite affordable. Another important reason that businesses flock to this country for new opportunities is because of the government’s wholehearted support of pushing for a digital change in Thailand.

One of the initiatives introduced in the country to boost up advancements in technology is the Thailand 4.0 initiative. Under this initiative, some of the main technological advancements that the government plans to focus on are; big data, advancements in AI, cloud, software as a service and smart devices like Bluetooth and CCTV.

The Thai government and the ICT Ministry have also introduced an additional strategy called the ‘Smart Thailand’ strategy. One of the aims of this strategy is to enable local industries and businesses to enter and compete on the global stage.

Another objective of this strategy is to introduce the internet into every household in the country and make technological devices easily accessible and affordable to people. Thailand’s IT market has grown exponentially in recent years and sees no sign of slowing down.

An internship in Thailand right now will be a great opportunity to grow your professional career and expand your network in this field.

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