Import-Export Internship in Japan

Import-Export Internship in Japan

If you are looking for a career field that’s probably never going to lose its appeal and momentum of growth, then you are looking at import-export or international trade.

Countries, today, thrive by importing the requisite goods from other countries and exporting their own produce to the countries in need.

This kind of mutually beneficial relationship is essential not only for the present but for the future as well.

And that is exactly why the field of import-export will always continue to blossom, given that the scope of international trade is practically boundless in terms of opportunities.

Well, doing an international import export internship in Japan would be a great way to start.

What Does an Import-Export Intern in Japan Exactly Do?

Given the global nature of the import-export jobs, an international import export internship Japan can prove to be a wonderful platform to experience how international trade works in one of the strongest economies of the world.

All the processes and job duties that are typical in an import-export job will become crystal clear to you, thus allowing you to develop a well-informed perspective about the field.

This international internship in Japan will help you get your fundamentals in import-export right, so that you can build your career in the field the right way.

The internship role will depend on the type of import-export company that you get to intern at.

For instance the company could work in freight forwarding, export management, shipping, transportation, logistics, etc.

As you can imagine, with such a huge variety of companies working in import-export, the possibilities for you as an intern are endless.

We’ll try looking at the kind of work that you may get to do during your international import export internship in Japan, on the whole:

Help with effectively managing the documentation related to shipments.

Oversee different aspects related to goods management such as distribution, warehousing, packaging, and receipt.

Now the question is how do you get started with making a career in this promising field?

Contribute in researching the best feasible routes available for transport.

Learn about advising clients over matters like quotas, tariffs, insurance, and more.

Understand the applicable trade laws for Japan and other countries and how to govern compliance with these laws.

Be involved in the everyday operations of the company to understand the practices and procedures being followed.

Become aware of how to establish cordial long-term professional associations with the clients and how to interact with clients when negotiating with them or handling their concerns and issues.

After completing the international import export internship in Japan, you would become well-versed in import-export related matters like understanding the dynamics of supply and demand, reducing risks and costs for better profitability, and being one step ahead when it comes to perceiving opportunities and trends.

Backed by this immense knowledge and real-world experience, your chances of finding a great job in this field will improve significantly.

International Trade in Japan

You must wonder, what makes the 2nd largest developed economy of the world the perfect place to learn about import and export.

Japan has a powerful economy and an integral part of this powerful economy is international trade.

Among the chief exports of Japan are computers and machinery, chemicals, vehicles, electrical equipment, and metals.

Whereas, the key imports of the country include agricultural products, medical equipment, oil and mineral fuels, and optical apparatus.

Countries like China, US, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore are the key trading partners of Japan.

By positioning yourself in the vibrant international trade scenario of Japan, you can learn all you want to about global trade in a very practical way.

This is why you should go for international import export internship in Japan.

Having Fun in Japan While Doing Import-Export Internship

Internships can quickly turn boring if they are all work and no play.

Lucky for you, international import export internship Japan offers a good mix of work, travel, and fun.

A foreign internship like international Japan internship is an opportunity not just to grow professionally by learning extensively about a popular career field, but also to become a more worldly person by deeply exploring a country’s living and culture.

There is a lot you can do during the time you spend in Japan for your internship.

From the spectacular natural landscape to a riveting urban culture, Japan is a wonder through and through.

Use the leisure time you get during your international Japan internship to experience one or more of the following adventures in Japan:

Head to a Famous Castle in the Country

In mood to see the ancient side of Japan?

Why not head to any of the world-famous castles of the country that comprise of sections dating back to hundreds of years ago.

Help with effectively managing the documentation related to shipments.

The stunning architectures of these castles have fantastic stories to tell to the spectators.

Osaka Castle, Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, and Matsumoto Castle are some of the most prominent examples of enchanting castles in Japan.

Don a Chef’s Hat for a While

What if we told you that you can work on your cooking skills as well during your international import export internship in Japan?

As crazy as that may sound, it is true!

You can sign up for a cooking class while you are in Japan and try your hand at cooking the famous Japanese cuisine.

This will be one of the many unforgettable memories that you’ll be taking back home with you.

Visit the Beautiful Temples and Shrines

Here For enjoying precious moments of spiritual peace, you could spend some time at the beautiful temples and shrines in Japan.

Radiating quietude and serenity, these places will make you forget everything else and completely absorb your attention with their calm beauty.

Some of the best known temples in Japan are Kiyomizudera, Todaiji, and Kinkakuji.

These are just some of the many exciting adventures that you can enjoy while doing your international import export internship Japan.

It’s safe to conclude that you will love your international Japan internship for its educative value as well as for its fun quotient.

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