HR Internship In Singapore

HR Internship In Singapore

Have you ever wondered why HR is such a popular career choice for many?

While some are drawn to the field because of its well-paying nature, others like working in a position of power where they get to call major shots.

But one thing that works for all HR professionals is that they enjoy managing the most crucial asset of their organization, human capital.

If you are serious about a career in HR industry, then it's time to back up your interest with a qualification (an MBA degree or a diploma) and a work experience of a HR internship in Singapore.

HR internship in singapore

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States has estimated a growth rate of 9% in the employment of HR managers in between the years 2014 to 2024.

It is worthwhile to note that this growth rate beats the average growth rate of most other occupations.

There is no better time to pursue a career in HR and no better way than a Human Resources internship in Singapore to bolster your efforts.

Since as an HR specialist you'll be required to work with people and for people, it makes sense to get some practical learning prior to beginning your career as a full-fledged HR professional.

5 Things To Expect During Your HR Internship In Singapore

HR internship in singapore
  1. During the time of your HR internship in Singapore, you'll be able to work on necessary HR skills of organizational communication, conflict identification, address and resolution, and resource management, in a different cultural backdrop.
  2. Working with a multi-cultural, multi-national crowd will make you more sensitive towards cultural and perspective differences among people. This way the Human Resources internship Singapore will sharpen your interpersonal skills, which form such an important part of a people-intensive job like that of an HR professional.
  3. The purview of a HR internship in Singapore is wide-ranging. You may be handling employee training and onboarding, employee hiring and relieving, employee performance management, settling of legal and employee-related disputes, the organization of corporate events and seminars, etc. HR field is multi-faceted and so is the Human Resources internship in Singapore.
  4. Singapore internship opens up many gateways for you to follow, the destination to all of which is the same, a bright career in HR. You can take a humble start by choosing to work for a local startup. Else, you can intern with any of the myriad multi-national giants in Singapore.
  5. Who knows, your internship in Singapore may also turn into a full-time job offer. Usually, the internship will last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. If you're able to prove your worth to the organization in this time, then a more permanent job position may be in the offing.

The Do's and Don'ts of A Human Resources Internship Singapore

Before you go ahead with the Human Resources internship in Singapore, take a quick read of the do's and don'ts that you should be keeping in mind during your internship time:


HR internship in singapore
  • Take it slow but steady. Your internship may entail several responsibilities, and if you try to surf quickly through them, you'll end up drained pretty early in your internship. Maintain a sustainable and practical working pace.
  • Plan out your day first thing in the morning. The work culture in Singapore is a paragon of efficiency, and it demands the same of the people too. Being organized with your work schedule will help you complete your tasks on time and track your work progress.
  • Integrate yourself as much as possible into the organizational culture and values. Your Singapore internship may only last for a couple of months, but still, it is worth the effort to understand the core business, guiding values, unique challenges, and the operational processes of the organization that you are interning with.
  • Every moment of your HR internship in Singapore is precious. Make the most of it by staying as participative and interactive as possible. Stay involved in meetings and day-to-day activities. Ask for assignments that interest you. Attend relevant HR conventions and seminars that may be getting conducted outside the workplace.
  • As your Human Resources internship Singapore nears its conclusion, you should start putting extra efforts into networking and gathering reference letters. Positive recommendation letters from the HR specialists of a renowned organization can make the job-hunting easier for you later down the line.


HR internship in singapore
  • Don't be dismissive towards your responsibilities. There may be a lot of them, and if it's more than you can handle, just talk to your supervisor to maybe relive you of some. But don't resort to ignoring issues or working in a half-hearted manner.
  • Don't get comfortable with the grunt work, if you're given any. Complacency is not an option here. Your Human Resources internship Singapore will not work unless you make it work. Discuss with your supervisor to assign you bigger and more relevant work responsibilities.
  • Avoid being a know-it-all. Even if you have a MBA degree in HR, never forget that you are doing HR internship in Singapore to get some on-the-job training. That will require you to be humble, flexible, and receptive. Contribute ideas, but not in an overly intrusive and patronizing way.
  • Don't back away from going to socializing events. Your attendance may not be mandatory for such programs, but these events are best grounds for interacting with industry people and making contacts.
  • Avoid getting caught up in the petty office politics issues. Steer clear of such distractions. They won't serve you in any way, but could definitely damage the goodwill that you have managed to create through your work.

The Latest Buzz From Singapore's HR Industry

HR internship in singapore

The HR industry of Singapore comprises of approximately 43,000 professionals. These professionals are the support system for over 200,000 enterprises and a workforce of nearly 3.4 million.

On July 10 2017, Singapore's Ministry of Manpower announced the launch of the HR Industry Manpower Plan (HRIMP), which aims to boost the HR industry in Singapore.

Courtesy of this plan, the HR professionals in Singapore are likely to get more opportunities to enhance their professional skills through certification programs, and better support their organizational goals.

Singapore offers a rich HR ecosystem for professionals to grow and succeed, and this is why you should consider doing a HR internship in Singapore.


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