HR Internship In Thailand

Does working with and for people excite you? If so, a job in HR might be right up your alley.

Dealing with various aspects of human resources whilst working for an organization, HR management positions allow you to play an important role in other people's success stories while carving out your own journey of success.

If you're ready to test out this career field, then sign up for an HR internship in Thailand during your next summer break.

The HR internship in Thailand will let you ascertain if you're indeed cut out for this exciting career.

As one of the most progressive economies in Asia, Thailand offers a vibrant platform for businesses and working people.

hr internship in thailand

It is this dynamic work environment of Thailand that necessitates the requirement for smart HR professionals as well as learning opportunities for budding HR aspirants.

Thailand is a great place for you to study more about the HR field and analyze whether it would be a good choice for your career.

Your HR internship in Thailand can deal with one or more of HR works like organization development, talent hiring and development, learning and training, employee performance management, employee onboarding and exit, employee and employer relations, compensation and rewards, etc.

The exciting part of HR internship Thailand is that it would teach you the critical aspects of HR management while exposing you to an all-together different culture.

HR internship in Thailand is not merely about learning HR management, it's about learning HR management in the context of a different, important culture of the world.

5 Signs You're An Ideal Candidate For HR Internship In Thailand

Confused whether the HR internship in Thailand would be the correct move for you? Here are some telltale signs that should tell you whether you are right for this internship in Thailand or not:

You Like People

hr internship in thailand

Here, people don't refer to your friends, family and acquaintances. It refers to people in general, including strangers.

Do you feel comfortable with the idea of meeting new people, striking conversations with them and helping them out?

Do you have the patience, desire and genuine concern to guide and motivate other people? During the internship in Thailand, you'll be among strangers and whom of which could also be from another country.

To succeed in this people-intensive internship program, at the very least you should have basic people skills.

You're A Decision Maker

Working in HR might sometimes put you in tough spots, whether to hire a candidate or not, what type of training do employees need, what would be the best reward packages for employees, and so on.

As an HR professional, you'll be entrusted to make several decisions on a regular basis.

If you're someone who can objectively and quickly come at a firm decision, then the job would be easier for you.

You're Team Player

hr internship in thailand

An HR person not only has to work for people but also with people.

While there are work responsibilities that need to be handled on an individual basis, you still have to function as part of a team.

Throughout your HR internship in Thailand, you'll have to collaborate with other members of the HR department, and sometimes even with people from other departments. Hence, it's essential that you know how to work in tandem with others.

You Can Keep A Secret

HR professionals have to deal with tons of sensitive information.

It could be the organization's recruitment strategies, employee personal details, employee bonuses, employee complaints, etc.

As an HR intern, you may need to deal with some of these confidential pieces of information.

It will be your duty to protect such sensitive information and not let it slip even during the most casual conversations with colleagues and friends.

You Can Multitask

The job responsibilities for HR professionals are diverse.

Your internship in Thailand may require you to take up one or more of these job duties.

To excel in all your duties, you should have compartmentalization skills, time-management skills, basic administrative skills and organization skills.

Having this repertoire of skills allows one to efficiently multi-task. If you don't get too distressed by changes in workloads, then you'll sail through HR internship in Thailand comfortably.

7 Useful Tips For Working In A Thai Workplace

hr internship in thailand

Managing people may be tough. And on top of that, managing people who belong to a workplace culture that you may have only a little understanding of can be even more challenging.

Here is a glimpse into the unique Thai workplace etiquette and norms that you should know of before you start with your Thailand internship:

  • Courtesy and politeness are crucial in developing good relations with people around you. Kind words along with a soft voice and hearty smile can go a long way in winning the confidence and trust of your Thai colleagues. Also, make an effort to learn a little about the basic Thai greeting of "wai".
  • Never do anything that causes a colleague to "lose face". This means embarrassing or insulting the people you work with in any manner should be completely avoided, as it should be anyway. If there is an issue you need to discuss that might lead to such a situation, don't discuss it publicly and put the person on spot.
  • Avoid public displays of negative emotions like anger and frustration. Publicly directing these emotions towards your colleagues can cause them to feel humiliated and to lose face.
  • Decision-making in a Thai business environment can be pretty slow because the process crosses through many levels before reaching the finalization stage. Don't show impatience or frustration over this.
  • Have a deferential attitude towards your seniors, supervisors and other authority figures in the company. Showing respect for the authority is valued in Thai culture.
  • Personal relations are also an important part of the professional life in Thailand. Don't be afraid in socializing with your colleagues, getting to know them a little better and treating them more than just co-workers. Who knows, you might end up learning a wealth of information about Thai culture and making friends for life.
  • Criticism, even as a joke, about the Royal family, the King, Buddhism or Thailand itself should be avoided at all costs. Be respectful towards the country and all its elements.


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