HR Internship In Korea

Did you know that most of the entry-level jobs in HR sector require candidates to have relevant prior work experience?

The kind of work experience that is typically expected of candidates can be acquired by the means of an HR internship.

But the kind of work experience that exceeds the expectations of the hiring company can only be achieved via an HR internship in Korea.

A candidate who has a strong educational background in HR, like an MBA degree, coupled with the international work experience of HR internship in Korea is a catch for any company that's looking to hire bright HR professionals.

The reason is plain and simple. Companies don't just look for highest scorer when hiring.

No doubt good marks add to your credibility, but without practical work experience, they don't amount to much in the eyes of the recruiter.

HR internship in Korea

Here's a little secret, you may be an average scorer, but if you complete a challenging internship program like HR internship Korea, then your profile will look much better than that of a topper with zero work experience.

Wanna know why? Because you would have worked in a global business environment and tackled real-world business situations. It'd be easy for recruiter to see that you are ambitious, knowledgeable, and gutsy!

And don't forget, internships are recruitment grounds themselves. A company would prefer to hire a deserving and talented candidate that they have already trained and worked with, rather than hunting for fresh talent.

HR internship Korea could very well be your gateway to a more permanent job position. Even if a job offer doesn't pan out of your Korea internship, you can still leverage the experience for securing jobs in future with other companies.

It's not everyday that companies meet young candidates who have worked in the 4th largest economy of Asian continent.

Job Description For HR Internship Korea

HR internship in korea

Here are a few highlights of the exciting work opportunities that HR internship in Korea entails. The actual job description will vary from company to company, but here is the general essence of what you'll be doing:

  • Manage, update, and maintain the personal and professional data of existing and new company employees.
  • Assist senior HR professionals in implementing HR practices and policies company-wide and ensuring company's compliance with employment laws.
  • Coordinate with departments to understand their personnel needs and design a recruitment plan accordingly.
  • Create advertisements for jobs and post job listings on job portals. Review the profiles of candidates who have expressed their interest for the jobs, screen the candidates via their resumes and phone interviews, shortlist candidates for face-to-face interview, and allot them their interview appointment details.
  • Manage the employee recruitment and on boarding procedures and conduct induction sessions for newly hired employees.
  • File and manage HR physical records as well as electronic records.
  • Participate in business improvement projects like planning out recruitment strategies, conducting learning and development activities for employees, effectively managing costs of human capital to company, shape company branding as a good employer, etc.
  • Meet with employees from different departments to discuss and resolve their HR related issues, and refer the more serious ones to senior HR professionals.
  • Keep track of the yearly and quarterly hiring goals of the company.
  • Develop and oversee talent management initiatives like attracting new talents, retaining and nurturing the employed talents, conducting employee reviews, organizing professional skill development programs, etc.
  • Calculate and analyze the compensation structure of employees, and handle the payroll processing for all the employees.

As is evident, the nature of HR internship in Korea is pretty broad-ranging. Your role as an HR intern could be general and all-inclusive or a little more specialized.

Regardless, your internship in Korea will serve as a rich learning experience about the workings of HR department.

Life After HR Internship In Korea

HR internship in korea

So what follows next after HR internship Korea?

Once you are done with your Korea internship and HR degree, you are set to start working as a full-fledged HR professional.

Broadly speaking, you will have two career paths ahead of you, HR generalist and HR specialist.

HR generalist assumes the typical HR management responsibilities like hiring or firing employees, training employees, assessing the human capital needs of the company and coming up with strategic plans to meet them, etc.

Whereas HR specialist take complete accountability and ownership of a specific HR management program, this could be employee compensation and benefits, employee hiring standards and practices, maintaining healthy employee and company relations, etc.

The role of HR specialist might suit your taste if there is a certain part of the HR job that you love more than others.

Whatever category you choose to specialize, you'll need to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the same.

How Is It To Work In Korea?

HR internship in korea

South Korea, being one of the most industrialized nations of the world, is home to leading organizations and conglomerates of the world.

On the other hand, it has a thriving start-up scene as well, encouraging the break out of new business ideas and ventures.

Your HR internship Korea can be for a multi-national giant or for an emerging small-sized business. Irrespective of where your internship takes you, be ready to put in a lot of hard work.

The work culture in Korea is quite rigorous, and you may have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to meet those standards.

But the positive aspect of working hard in Korea is that commitment towards work earns great deal of appreciation, it's respected and recognized.

Being diligent throughout your internship in Korea will enable you to get commendation from your supervisors in the form of strong recommendation letters.

It will also help you form reliable professional ties with people at the company, consider this a beginning of your international network of professional contacts.

You can turn to these professional contacts for help with your career any time in future.

A word of advice to the budding HR professional: Never let go of a worthy opportunity that can help your career.

HR internship in Korea is one such opportunity that can make your career dreams more achievable. So grab this internship for your own sake!


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