HR Internship In Hong Kong

HR Internship In Hong Kong

Attracted by the supremely competitive and influential HR industry of Hong Kong, thousands of international school and college students flock to Hong Kong every year for an HR internship.

HR is one of the hottest job industries in Hong Kong right now, with a great percentage of employers planning to grow or at least sustain their current employee base.

Doing HR internship in Hong Kong makes sense because Hong Kong is a knowledge-based economy, meaning that HR professionals working here play important strategic roles in companies by overseeing talent management and human capital development, and thereby contributing to the company growth.

HR sector makes up for around 13-14% of available job opportunities in Hong Kong.

As evident, HR sector occupies a big chunk of the job market in Hong Kong, which places it in the top echelons of Asia's HR industries.

For young and ambitious novices who want to break out in this industry, Hong Kong poses as the right platform to learn the ropes.

hr internship in hong kong

HR internship in Hong Kong goes above and beyond teaching about just regular HR operations.

It trains professionals to assimilate themselves into the business values, show proactive partnering with the business needs, and come up with innovative and business-oriented HR strategies.

Every day and every moment in the life of a professional doing an HR internship in Hong Kong is an adventure.

Here we take you through one day in the life of a typical international HR intern in Hong Kong.

Right from the usual job responsibilities and tips on conducting yourself professionally and appropriately on the job, to the day culminating with enjoying the fantastic nightlife of Hong Kong.

This is what your days would and should be like if you decide to go ahead with HR internship in Hong Kong.

Daily Work Duties Of HR Internship In Hong Kong

hr internship in hong kong

As an HR intern in Hong Kong, your job duties will roughly include:

  • Maintaining systems and processes for effective HR administration which take care of aspects like employee data records, reporting, correspondence and documentation.
  • Helping your HR seniors in implementing standard HR procedures and policies.
  • Participating in projects (involving business improvement) for areas like human capital cost management, company branding as a good employer, employee learning and development, talent recruitment, etc.
  • Developing a solid knowledge of the latest HR laws and regulations and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field.
  • Attending meetings, seminars and other professional events that are relevant to your learning about the HR industry.
  • Taking charge of hiring activities, which include posting job requirements, candidate sourcing, going through candidate resumes, taking interviews over phones and in person, making and negotiating job offers, etc.
  • Collaborating with the finance department when it comes to payroll management and related issues resolution. HR internship Hong Kong is multi-dimensional in nature allowing you to integrate yourself into every aspect of the business.
  • Developing and/or maintaining the HR information systems, an important thing for an HR professional to learn in the current day and age.
  • Supporting day-to-day basic HR operations, serving as an interface between the employees and the HR department, and responding to queries from both sides.

To efficiently execute these duties, it'd be helpful if you had some academic background in HR along with strong computer skills.

Needless to say, you should also have ability to work in a team-oriented environment, and planning, organizational and communication skills.

How To Become The Best HR Intern Ever

hr internship in hong kong

Success in Hong Kong internship isn't only about doing your due diligence in your job duties.

It's also about leaving a positive mark on the company with your personality conduct, forging professional connections that you can count on anytime, leaving with raving recommendation letters from senior executives at the company, and earning a wealth of learning about Asian HR industry.

Check out the below list of things that you should be and should not be doing to achieve this kind of wholesome success.


  • Act like a thorough professional throughout the time of your internship in Hong Kong, even if the internship is unpaid. Don't think that since you're not getting paid, you won't be expected to perform as a serious professional.
  • Look for a mentor at the company, someone who has been employed there for a long time.
  • Be willing to take on new and unfamiliar HR duties, this is how you'll develop new skills in the field.
  • Keep studying up on the specifics of your job. Avoid being too dependent on others to spoon-feed you everything. Keep your self-learning going on the side.
  • As your Hong Kong internship reaches its end, make it a point to express heartfelt gratitude towards everyone at the company who helped you out during the internship.


  • Don't restrict your learning to HR department only. Interact with people from different departments and approach your HR internship in Hong Kong with a cross-functional working attitude.
  • Don't think that you're only here for your personal interests. This attitude could get in the way of your working as a dedicated team member.
  • Don't lose your heart if during the internship you realize that this isn't quite the field of your interest. One of the reasons you're doing HR internship Hong Kong is to test-drive your interest in the field. Even if halfway through the internship you find your interest in the field fading away, wait until the internship is done to reassess your career goals.
  • Don't feel offended if someone points out constructive criticism in your work. Be receptive to suggestions that can help you improve.
  • Don't leave things on a sour note with the company, in case your internship didn't turn out as per your expectations.

Ending The Day With Style

hr internship in hong kong

Relax, your day won't be over once the sun goes down. Nights in Hong Kong have a lifeline and spirit of their own.

Contemporary performance art, night-time shopping, clubbing and partying are just some of the entertainment options that Hong Kong's lush and colorful nightlife affords amidst the glittering city lights.

HR internship in Hong Kong may keep you occupied during the daytime, but the nighttime will be yours to enjoy and partake in the various indulgences that the city has to offer.


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