HR Internship In China

How would you like if you could get HR professional experience and international work experience combined into one?

Wouldn't that be an awesome way to spend your summer vacation? Well, this is what you get when you sign up for an international HR internship in China.

This internship is especially beneficial keeping in view that today companies have become more demanding in their expectations from their HR personnel.

From small businesses to multi-national corporations, all want HR professionals who can work in a multi-cultural environment, so that the East can effortlessly meet with the West.

International HR internship in China is a great way to prepare yourself for such expectations.

Learn Interesting Facts About The HR Sector In China

hr internship in china
  • The booming private sector in China has enhanced the scope of the HR profession in the country. The domestic, as well as foreign companies in the country, are eagerly looking to incorporate Western HR practices and theories in their work environment since they want to rise up to globally accepted standards. With your degree in HR, there is much for you to contribute to the international HR internship in China.
  • Modern metropolises in China, like Beijing and Shanghai, are continuously gaining more importance in the global business scenario. This has allowed their HR markets to evolve and become more culturally diverse and professionally competitive.
  • Some of the most critical areas in China's HR sector include hiring and retaining top talents and managing the rising costs of labor. Foreign-owned enterprises in China also find it tough to accommodate the Chinese legal environment and regulations.
  • Other important functions that make up the HR sector in China are organizational development, employee career planning, employee training and development, employee compensation and incentives, and such.
  • An international HR internship in China promises an in-depth knowledge about the Chinese human resource laws and Chinese work practices and etiquette, both of which offer important insights into the work environment of the rapidly growing Chinese economy.
  • While fluency in English is enough to complete the international HR internship in China, if you plan on taking a more permanent job role in the country, knowledge of Chinese language becomes a must.

10 Tips To Ace Your International HR Internship China

hr internship in china

1. Learn Basic HR Practices

A good intern never forgets to do their homework, which in your case of international HR internship China would be to get familiar with all the basic norms and practices that are prevalent in China's HR environment.

Whether it's respect for age, hierarchy, and authority, the idea of "saving face", or group orientation, try to understand and immerse yourself into this unique environment even before the internship begins.

2. Understand Your Role Clearly

Every international HR internship in China is going to be different. While some may ask of you to take on multiple HR roles, others may need you to take on more of a specialist role.

So, clear this up with your supervisor at the start, whether they want you to act as a generalist or a specialist.

3. Delve Into The Challenges and Issues

Learn about the key challenges and issues that usually pose obstacles in the HR industry of China.

Moreover, also go ahead and learn about the specific problems that the HR department of your own company has been facing.

You might have interesting ideas, solutions, or perspective to offer, a gesture that would convey how committed you are to your international HR internship China.

4. Work On The Skills You Don't Have

We all like and prefer playing to our own strengths because that makes us feel confident and successful.

But consider an international internship in China an opportunity to act a little different and adventurous.

Do a little self-analysis and find out the things and skills that you're not good at. Then look for work opportunities that will allow you to hone these areas where you're currently lacking in.

5. Create Your Dream Resume

Only you know the best the dream career that you're after.

A perfectly built resume is what's going to get you closer to that dream career.

Keep a long-term career approach in mind when doing your international China internship.

Think about what kind of work duties, technical and soft skills, and experiences would look good on your dream resume, and how much of these can you manage to earn with your international China internship.

6. Mingle Around and Network

An international internship in China is the best place to start building your professional network.

Connect with people who have similar professional or personal interests as you.

Find out if there any HR group or association that you can join. Interact with diverse people during your internship in order to build a diverse contact network for yourself.

7. Ask For References and Recommendations

If you've worked hard enough for your internship, you shouldn't hesitate at all in being upfront about asking for professional recommendation letters from seniors in the company.

These letters will prove to be extremely valuable when you enter the competitive HR market looking for a high-paying job.

8. Request Guidance and Expertise When Needed

Being a self-starter is great, it makes you less of a liability and more of a productive resource.

But since learning is the main objective in international HR internship China, you should seek senior guidance and expertise wherever you can.

This way, even for things that you already know how to do, you might end up learning a better way of doing.

9. Keep Stress At Bay

Internships are stressful as is, but doing them in a foreign culture and environment can make things even more stressful.

Don't let undue pressure and stress consume you. Take things one a time remembering that you're here to work and have fun.

10. Be Respectful and Professional

Don't take your international internship in China lightly, slacking off here and there, disregarding your responsibilities.

Be respectful towards the work that you're entrusted to do and fulfill your responsibilities with professionalism.

Start Your HR Internship In China Adventure Today!

hr internship in china

If you're ready to embark on a life-changing adventure that combines professional development and cultural immersion, then an HR internship in China is the way to go.

Click on the Apply button below to submit your application, or on Learn More for more information about Human Resources.

We look forward to seeing you in China!


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