Our Advice on Writing a Cover Letter For an Internship

Our Advice on Writing a Cover Letter For an Internship

Here are our writing tips and a sample internship cover letter.

Recruiters, even for an internship, are always looking for the little extra that makes the difference among a multitude of applications.

Sometimes this plus comes from the cover letter: an essential element to apply for an internship in addition to your CV.

For an internship, there is undoubtedly less at stake for the recruiter or yourself.

But the same need for formalism and more passion is required!

The CV coldly relates your past experiences, if you are at the beginning of your studies, it can be light... but it doesn't matter, because the cover letter is there to fulfill all its role: show your enormous desire to obtain this internship!

The enthusiasm comes to compensate for your little experience.

Cover letter for an internship: fewer stakes, as much formalism, and more enthusiasm

sample cover letter internship

An application for an internship is less critical than for a permanent contract, but as with any cover letter, you must respect some rules: do not paraphrase the CV, be concise and direct...

Also for an internship, you must show: that you have learned about the target company and its sector, and show your desire to participate in the company's missions and challenges, show your curiosity for the field of activity and your willingness to learn.

Recruiters are looking for enthusiasm (punch, desire, will, freshness...), a mini experience that can be close to their mission (amateur, professional or associative experience, participation in a trade fair...), flexibility and open-mindedness...these are all qualities to highlight in your cover letter.

Adapt your cover letter to each targeted company!

Nothing worse for a recruiter who makes an effort to read your cover letter and realize that it is a standard internship cover letter not adapted to the recipient...so don't send a cover letter!
Style, content, formalism...consult the writing tips for any cover letter.

Sample of cover letter for internship

To help you in your application here is an example of a cover letter for an internship.

This example comes from meetings with recruiters and samples actually received and well rated by these recruiters.

Name of the person responsible for recruitment
Company address (optional)

London, Wednesday 14th of July 2019

Subject: Cover letter for the Southwest Accounting Assistant internship

I am currently a 4th-year student at the XXXX Business School in London and I am looking for a practical internship, integrated into my training, for a duration of 6 months and able to start in July 2019 (always clearly remind your availability).
Being passionate about accounting and the economic stakes of companies, I am very interested in the internship offer "internship as assistant accountant southwest" and the missions you offer, such as "management control" (you show that you have read and understood the internship offer) and I think I am the right person for you.

Indeed, I chose for my training the option International Accounting and I followed courses of XXXXX which allowed me to deepen my knowledge in XXXX.
Serious and pragmatic, the experiences acquired in contact with reality and during the various group missions at school have allowed me to approach marketing in the national and international context and, to carry out missions in perfect autonomy (You can detail here a professional experience from a previous internship or association).

I have been attracted to numbers since I was a child and I have always been curious and self-taught. I now wish to direct my career towards accounting and integrate the company XXXX, leader in its field, recognized for its seriousness and the quality of its products, (You show here that you know the company and its field) within the framework of an internship would be an excellent opportunity for me to discover in detail the accounting profession and its missions!

I am at your entire disposal for any further information.

I look forward to meeting you,

Best Regards,


The cover letter for an internship or a permanent position must be very personal.

It is up to you to adapt this sample cover letter to your situation, training, career path and especially to the announcement of the internship in question.

If you respect a minimum of formalism, spelling, the recruiter can accept hazardous formulations, some small errors, but the recruiter when reading your letter must include two main points:

  • Have you read and understood his internship announcement, his missions, the presentation of the company.
  • Do you have the desire and motivation to join your team, learn the job...

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