How to Land a Full-Time Job After Your Internship

How to Land a Full-Time Job After Your Internship

An internship gives you the opportunity to gain work experience in a real-life workplace setting before you graduate.

When you’re having fun at your internship, you want the company to hire you eventually.

But how can you do so?

Here are five tips on how to launch your career by turning your internship into a full-time job:

1. Establish a strong relationship with the people

You need to make a good impression with the people you are going to work with. Although you should befriend those who sit close by, it’s a good idea to put extra effort into building a strong relationship with your supervisor.

How you and your direct supervisor get along will determine your future in the job. It will also be a great factor in how you are given opportunities for learning and how you perform during your internship.

Learn about your job responsibilities and what your supervisor expects from you. Regularly update your supervisor about your accomplishments, and try to exceed the expectations set for you.

2. Connect with other people and try to fit in

The internship period will allow you to learn about the company and the people who work there.

If you like it there and want to launch your career from that on-the-job training, start to connect with the people around, including other interns and full-time employees. Learn about the company culture and try to fit in as much as you can.

During your internship, the employer will also assess your performance and decide whether you are the right fit for the job. Don’t be afraid to talk and ask questions to help gain more insight into the ins and outs of the organization.

How To Land A Full-Time Job After Your Internship

3. Be inquisitive and proactive

The company will not feed you information and just about everything. You need to take the initiative for what you learn. Be inquisitive but make sure you ask the right questions.

Be proactive and show your eagerness to learn more about the job and the company. Don’t hesitate to ask the supervisor questions that will give you the knowledge and improve your skills. If anything is unclear, ask!

That’s the way for you to perform your tasks to the best of your ability.

4. Identify your goals

From the beginning, it is essential that you set goals. Knowing what you want to achieve in the short or long term through the internship will determine how you will perform.

You can also share the list of your goals with your supervisor. This will show how determined you are to do well and that you are accountable for your future.

5. Act like an employee

Many interns hold back from voicing their opinions or asking questions because they are “just” interns. However, if you want to be an actual part of the organization in the future, you must start to act like you are already a full-time employee.

Speak up and demonstrate your abilities and that you have something to contribute should they decide to absorb you.

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