How to End Your Internship With a Bang

How to End Your Internship With a Bang

Your internship is about to end.


It means you’ve had a taste of the professional world outside and you’re going back to the university equipped with more practical knowledge and experience.

You’re probably excited to close this chapter of your life, but have you been wondering how to make your exit?

How you end your internship can affect your future career. It’s essential to maintain your credibility and professionalism up to the end of your internship.

You want to leave a good impression as much as you worked hard to create a good first impression. Your primary goal should be to leave your internship gracefully.

How do you do that?

Read on to learn about the ways to end your internship with a bang and be able to leave a good mark on your internship colleagues and supervisors.

How To End Your Internship With A Bang

Exhibit Character

Even if your internship is about to end, it does not mean that your responsibility and accountability should abruptly end as well.

Even if you already had your papers signed by your supervisor, you should continue to show professionalism.

The worst thing you could do is show that you’re done and you no longer care. Your colleagues and supervisors will eventually notice.

If there are ongoing projects that you are still a part of, make sure that you continue working with the team and give your best until your last day.

Keep on showing up and finishing tasks on time. This will show the people in the organization that you have learned from the best.

Reflect on the Things You Learned and Experienced

Before your internship fully comes to an end, reflect on your experience and knowledge while things are fresh in your mind, and write down the things you learned.

Evaluate your experience by listing down pros and cons, and think about key moments in your internship.

Were there situations where you wish you have acted differently?

Are there things you wanted to learn but didn’t? Do you think you can learn them during the short time you still have left? Are there things you already know a bit about but would like to clarify or verify further?

By doing this, you can identify opportunities for further learning both within and outside your internship.

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Take Note of Feedback

At the end of your internship, you might sit down with your supervisor for a feedback session.

Your supervisor will discuss your performance, so be sure to take note of all the feedback, whether positive or negative.

Be open to constructive criticisms and professional tips that your supervisor will provide and take those with you as you embark on your professional journey.

Provide Feedback

One way to show that you took your internship seriously and that you were attentive and observant the whole time is to provide your feedback with regards to your role and the management.

Talk to your supervisor about the things you learned and the challenges you experienced. If you feel that your supervisor will be cool about it, you may also offer suggestions for improvement.

You may even offer to train anyone who will assume your tasks and responsibilities before you leave. This way, you will show your dedication to the team.

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