Hospitality Internship In Thailand

Hospitality Internship In Thailand

A quick glance over the lists of most-visited tourist destinations will tell you that Thailand usually occupies the top ranks.

It is a country where people ranging from middle class to higher class, all can find something exceptional to do within their budget.

In 2016 alone, Thailand attracted more than 32 million international tourists. History, nature, wildlife, culture, food, shopping, its all here in Thailand.

This is probably why Thailand's tourism industry continues to thrive, with people coming from all over the world to discover this popular haven in Asia.

A booming hospitality industry is a natural concomitant of the booming tourism industry.

For hospitality students and professionals, a Hospitality internship in Thailand presents superb work opportunity in an exciting destination.

Tourism and Hospitality In Thailand

internship in Thailand

Heralded as a hub for tourism, Thailand occupies a place in every traveler's bucket list.

International hotels have trusted Thailand's tourism potential and expanded their business chain here.

Thailand is considered very favorable for hotel investments because it is one of the best travel destinations in the Asian region.

For any business that wants to make a foray into the hospitality industry of South-East Asia can just not overlook Thailand.

Its high rankings on world tourism surveys continue to reaffirm the strong position of its tourism.

Someone who wishes for a career in hospitality will definitely benefit from working in a place that has such an international appeal.

Hospitality internship in Thailand is like a dream work experience for anyone who aims for a future in international hospitality management.

Thailand's hospitality industry includes luxury to budget hotels and resorts, casinos, day spas, destination spas, yoga centers, wellness centers, business and meeting centers, etc.

The industry is wide-ranging enough to cater to all types of travelers, from the ones who are budget-conscious to the ones who don't mind spending for luxury.

Once you complete an internship in Thailand you will be ready and set to work in any hospitality business anywhere in the world.

Things To Know About Hospitality Internship In Thailand

Hospitality internship in Thailand

How do you evaluate the value of an internship?

Quite simply, by measuring its outcome using parameters like how much you have learned, what kind of work responsibilities you handled, how has the internship helped you with personality development, and so on.

You just need to compare yourself before the internship with yourself after the internship.

If you see a big positive transformation, you'll know that the internship worked for you.

Thailand internship fulfills all the parameters for a productive and successful hospitality internship.

The end result will be loud and clear, with you groomed as full-fledged hospitality professional.

Here are some things that you may like to know about hospitality internship in Thailand:

  1. Thailand internship programs are usually offered in popular places like Bangkok (the capital), Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Patong, Ko Samui, Koh Phangan, etc.
  2. These internship programs aim at building a foundation for a solid career. They are not for someone who is looking for a casual travel experience.
  3. You may get the opportunity to work in five-star international hotels and resorts! Thailand is great for acquiring work experience in luxury hospitality.
  4. The hospitality teams in Thailand are usually multi-national, meaning you will be working alongside Thais of course, but also people from other countries who have come here to work and leverage the opportunities in Thai hospitality industry.
  5. Internship opportunities include, but are not limited to, hotels, restaurants, resorts, health, spa, culinary arts, fitness clubs, recreation, catering, etc.
  6. Since Thailand has tourists coming from all over the world, there is a demand in Thai hotels for foreign workers. You can leverage this demand by pursuing an internship in Thailand.
  7. Fluency in English is recommended because you will be dealing with people from across the globe. A plus point will be if you are also fluent in any one or more of these languages: Chinese, Italian and French.
  8. Undergraduates and graduates who have majored in hotel management, business administration, culinary arts, hospitality management, food and beverage management, tourism management or similar related subjects, they should definitely consider pursuing hospitality internship in Thailand to advance their career.
  9. Commitment from your side is very important. The internships usually last a couple of months. Thailand internship programs vary in duration, so choose one that falls into your time availability.
  10. Thailand's hospitality industry engages professionals from all around the world. These professionals carry with them extensive experience and expertise. Working under the guidance of such pros is an experience in itself.

Fun Awaits You In Thailand

Hospitality internship

Hospitality jobs, in the right destination, can really bring work and fun on the same platform. Thailand is one such destination.

While during work hours you will be busy gaining valuable learning, on your own time you can explore and bask in the beauty of spectacular Thailand.

Your internship location can be anywhere in Thailand, you will still find something extraordinary to see and do.

Whether its the lovely beaches, outdoor sports, diverse wildlife, shopping, dining, or cultural places like temples and palaces, you will have something to keep you occupied even outside of work.

An exotic work location, global exposure, and useful learning is all that hospitality internship in Thailand offers.

It is the answer to all your ambitions in the hospitality sector.

From working a high-profile job to maybe opening a hotel of your own somewhere down the line, you will realize that the internship has primed you for every possibility.

Be where you can learn the most about hospitality, be in Thailand.

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