Hospitality Internship In Singapore

After her junior year in high school was over, Kathy, soon to be an 18-year-old, was mighty confused about her next steps towards her career.

The summer break before the senior year was about to start soon, and she still had to find a way to make her summer vacation as constructive as possible.

Kathy decided that working on her resume and professional skills would be a good step in that direction.

Since she liked the idea of building a career in the hospitality industry, she did a quick search on the internet to find internship opportunities in her industry.

This is when she came across the idea of doing a hospitality internship in Singapore.

Kathy was drawn in at once at the thought of doing an internship overseas, especially in a global destination like Singapore. Asia was at the top of her list.

She knew that an internship in Singapore will not only be good for her resume and hospitality career, but it will also give her the rare opportunity to travel, meet new people and work abroad all on her own.

Who Can Go For A Hospitality Internship In Singapore?

Hospitality internship in singapore

Now that Kathy was super excited about Singapore internship, she decided to find out a little more about it.

She was surprised to find out that hospitality internship Singapore is not only great for a high school student like her, but it is a great opportunity for anyone who is:

  • Studying in a college/university enrolled in a hospitality-related program.
  • A holder of a degree or a diploma in hospitality management, and would like to kick-off their professional career with some on-the-job learning work experience.
  • Not enrolled in any university, but is 16 years or older and interested to work in the hospitality sector.

Outlook On The Hospitality Industry Of Singapore

Hospitality internship in singapore

These findings intrigued Kathy enough to do a little more digging about hospitality internship in Singapore.

She started with a research into the hospitality sector of Singapore and discovered following interesting information.

Singapore may be a small-sized island nation in South-east Asia, but when it comes to hospitality it joins the ranks of popular locations in Europe, North America, and Australia.

People keep flocking to this city-state for travel and leisure, business, and even medical procedures. There are more than 400 hotels in Singapore and the count is still on the rise.

The place has an incredible number of food and beverage options to cover her curiosity like restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, both high-end and budget, as well as attraction points, to keep the tourists entertained.

No wonder, Kathy thought, that hospitality internship Singapore is so popular.

Luxury hospitality is a well-established sector in Singapore, home to many luxury hotel brands like The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Shangri-La Hotel, Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, The Fullerton Hotel, to name just a few of many.

Kathy realized that a hospitality internship in Singapore can afford her the chance to work for a renowned hotel brand.

Kathy deduced that the tourism and hospitality industry in Singapore has developed vastly over the years, and will only continue to bloom over time.

She began to see the huge potential that a hospitality internship Singapore would entail.

The Lush Living and Working In Singapore

Hospitality internship in singapore

Next on Kathy's radar was finding out about the living and working experience in Singapore.

Since for her internship in Singapore she would have to spend weeks to months away from home, it only made sense to know a little more about the kind of life she would have in Singapore. This is what Kathy found out.

  • According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2016 - 2017, a report that evaluates the productivity and prosperity levels of a country, Singapore ranks at the second position. Living here would mean getting coddled by extraordinary conveniences.
  • The country is safe to live and work in. The crime rate and similar nuisances are pretty low here. Safety is the last thing that Kathy would need to worry about during her internship in Singapore.
  • Kathy was happy to discover that Singapore is a multi-cultural society. She'd find people belonging to a myriad of cultures, nationalities, and religions here. The Singapore internship would serve as a good opportunity for her to get global exposure.
  • There are plenty of employment opportunities available in Singapore. So if Kathy decides to work a more permanent job here, she knows the doors will be open for her.
  • Singapore is packed with tourist attraction points, whether it's cultural heritage sites, museums, theme parks, or lush gardens. The city-state is replete with assorted things to see and do.
  • The nightlife is just as vibrant and exciting as the daily life in Singapore. The cityscape at night radiates an infectious energy and liveliness, enough to wash away the lethargy that sets in after a hard day's work.
  • Food in Singapore is out of this world. The sheer variety is dazzling. From street stalls to fine dining options, there is something for every palate and every budget. Being a foodie herself, this made Kathy really happy!
  • Singapore is known for its super-efficient professional work environments in all industries. Kathy easily saw that a hospitality internship in Singapore would teach her the discipline and effective working style that is necessary for her industry of choice, hospitality.
  • The public transport infrastructure is excellent in Singapore. So Kathy would have no problems in getting around the city and even traveling to the nearby islands.
  • But the most useful benefit that Kathy noted about living and working in Singapore was the way she'd be able to enhance her personality and nurture her professional goals through the hospitality internship in Singapore.

Pursue A Hospitality Internship In Singapore Today!

Hospitality internship in singapore

As Kathy was closing in on her research about hospitality internship in Singapore, she felt a lot more confident in her choice.

She knew that pursuing a hospitality internship in Singapore during her summer vacation would do her a world of good. And so she decided to go for it!

Just like Kathy, you too can take a smart step towards your dream of making it big in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality internship in Singapore could prove to be everything that you need to get to the pinnacle!

Give your hospitality career aspirations more concrete shape with this Singapore internship.


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