Hospitality Internship In Korea

For those of you who want more than a typical 9 to 5 job, a career in the hospitality and tourism industry could be just what you need!

Encompassing an umbrella of opportunities, this industry is growing at a stunning rate, faster than other fields.

It's not just about the good money, hospitality jobs are also a travel opportunity in disguise, offering you the possibility of wandering around the world and working for luxury hotels and resorts.

A bachelor's or higher degree in hospitality management coupled with an internship experience, preferably an international one like a hospitality internship in Korea, can set you on the road to a promising career in this thriving industry.

Hospitality internship in korea

The combination of quality education and quality internship is important if you want to speed up your career progress.

An international internship like hospitality internship Korea can give a real boost to your college degree in hospitality management, enabling you to secure a job faster and at a higher than the average salary.

Ranging from a couple of weeks to months, a hospitality internship in Korea promises a unique perspective on the global hospitality industry, not to mention the thrilling, wonderful experience of living and working in a foreign land.

6 Reasons Why You Need Hospitality Internship Korea

Wondering in what ways can hospitality internship Korea be useful to you? Read on to find out.

1. Prepare You For The Career That You Have Chosen

Hospitality internship in korea

If you thought that getting a college degree was enough to train you for a hospitality job, you're in for a surprise. A degree is just half the battle won.

A classroom environment is not going to prepare you for the working environment of a typical hospitality job.

Only something like a hospitality internship in Korea, where you'll be independent in every sense of the word, can give you an idea of how your professional life will play out in the future.

Working more than 1 shift in a row, handling difficult clients, maintaining cool in a crisis, and still keeping a smile on your face; this is what you have signed up for and this is what hospitality internship Korea will prepare you for.

2. Differentiate Yourself As An International Talent

Hospitality is one of those industries that gives high value to internationally cultured candidates for jobs.

Since the industry players have and target global client base, they need staff who have the needed global orientation.

Students who have completed international internship are expected to bring fresh flow of ideas and slicker style of doing things by leveraging their experience.

Korea internship makes you a more desirable candidate for hiring.

3. Develop Diverse Skills (Personal and Professional)

Hospitality internship in korea

During your internship in Korea, any of these work opportunities may come your way: front-desk executive, event planner, guest management, concierge executive, food and beverage preparation and serving, cleaning and maintenance supervision, etc.

As you try your hand at such diverse work responsibilities, you imbibe a little bit of learning from each of them and become a more well-rounded professional in the process.

All the while you are also working, consciously or unconsciously, on your social and inter-personal skills.

This is a natural consequence when you work in an inter-cultural environment like that of a hospitality internship Korea.

4. Have Fun While Earning Academic Credit

Internship usually is one of the graduation requirements for hospitality degree programs.

So why not intern abroad in Korea and enjoy a travel experience in the process?

You can also check if your university grants academic credit for internship experience.

If it does, then hospitality internship in Korea will be even better use of your time. This is what they call killing two birds with one stone!

5. Be A Part Of A Culture Sharing Atmosphere

Hospitality internship in korea

Because South Korea is a popular tourist destination, chances are you'll get to meet, greet, and work with people from all walks of life and all over the world.

The impact of such an experience on the mind and heart of an aspiring young professional is hard to describe in plain words; enlightening is still a milder word!

You mingle with people different than yourself, you grasp some of their cultures while relaying to them some of yours, you realize that the world is so much bigger and wonderfully diverse than you'd imagined, and by the time you're done with your hospitality internship Korea your, until now blinkered, mind breaks free of its shackles.

6. Shape Your Youth Years With A Fulfilling Travel Experience

Traveling is life-enriching on its own, but traveling with a purpose is even better.

College is when you can devote the most time to exploring the inner self and the world around you.

It is the time you blossom into a smarter version of yourself!

Internship in Korea can serve as a great way to add a meaningful experience to this incredible journey that you go through during your college years.

Why Go To Korea For A Hospitality Internship?

Hospitality internship in korea

Being the 4th largest economy in Asia, South Korea attracts a large amount of international travelers every year, especially to its capital Seoul.

With Korean entertainment culture, note K-pop music (remember Gangnam Style?), now being prominently recognized on the world stage, there has been a big surge in South Korea's international tourism.

The reasons are not just business and leisure, but health and wellness too.

The country's rising stature as an international tourist spot and flourishing tourism has been instrumental in fueling its hospitality boom.

And now South Korea is one of the hottest hospitality destinations in the world, as well as a leading culinary destination!

Tourists demographic is expanding, thus boosting the hospitality sector all around the country, not just in the metropolitan cities like Seoul.

The fact that South Korea will be hosting the Winter Olympics 2018 is a testament to its world-class hospitality industry.

South Korea is an inviting destination not just for the travel enthusiasts, but also for international talent who have big ambitions for themselves in the hospitality sector.

Such talent should seize the opportunity of a hospitality internship in Korea early in their career. The career path following a Korea internship only leads to the pinnacle!


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