Hospitality Internship In Japan

Hospitality Internship In Japan

How does interning in a five star luxury hotel in the exotic Asia sound?

If the idea resonates with you, then you should consider doing a hospitality internship in Japan during your vacation from school or college.

Bubbling with diverse possibilities in hospitality, Japan is an exciting place to be for students and professionals intending to make their foray into the industry.

Whether it is about earning an extra credit for academic purposes or just about wanting some practical work experience in hospitality sector, a hospitality internship Japan holds great promises for the newbies in this field.

The Ever Blooming Hospitality Industry In Japan

Japan occupies an important place in international tourism, attracting over 24 million foreign tourists in 2016 alone.

Several World Heritage Sites, ultra-modern cities, impeccable hygiene and cleanliness, lush greenery, vibrant pop culture, and overall a distinctive character have been key factors in the popularity of Japan as a tourist destination.

From nearby countries like China and South Korea to far away countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, people from all over the world have been flocking to Japan for either leisure or business.

This global appeal of Japan is one of the reasons why a hospitality internship in Japan is considered an ideal stepping stone into the world of international hospitality.

Hospitality internship in japan

The boom in Japan's tourism has had a direct impact on its hospitality industry. Japan has now become a hot spot for hospitality investments.

Hotel development is on the rise, inviting participation from renowned international hotel brands and thus becoming a world-class business in the process.

But hospitality in Japan is much more than business, it is also tinged with warmth and personal touch.

If you want to understand how to work in hospitality with commendable grace, courtesy, and sincerity, then you can count on a Japan internship for the same.

Japan has mastered the art and subtleties of hospitality. So know that when you are pursuing a hospitality internship in Japan, you are learning from the best.

Hospitality internship Japan will help you with professional grooming, building new contacts, learning a new language, getting an international job experience on your resume, working on guest service skills, and maybe even earning a credit for your college degree.

An internship that offers such a wholesome work and life experience definitely deserves your time.

What You Should Know For Your Hospitality Internship In Japan

As you embark upon your internship in Japan, here are some pointers that will help you throughout the course.

Hospitality internship in japan

Browse through the list to find out what you should or should not do during your Japan internship and how to come out as the best performer of your internship program.

  • One of the best things that you can learn from your hospitality internship in Japan is how to interact and deal with guests. So do ask for responsibilities that center around guest management.
  • The working hours may extend over your schedule. Try not to whine and crib about it, because this is a mere reflection of a typical job in the hospitality sector.
  • Don’t shy away from asking for feedback from your supervisor and other experienced colleagues. Be open to suggestions for improvement.
  • Mingle with everybody at work, not just with colleagues of the same age but also with older ones. Because they are the ones with years of hospitality experience; you can talk to them about career, job, references, etc.
  • Being warm and friendly is kind of an implicit part of the job description for any hospitality related job. Even though there could be times when you may feel like losing temper, resist the temptation!
  • Hospitality internship Japan is like a practice ground for learning to adapt to a particular workplace culture. Each hotel, resort, restaurant usually has its own distinguishing flavor of customer service. Learn it and inculcate it into your own work style.
  • At the start of your internship, you may be assigned menial tasks. Don't treat these tasks lightly. Use them as a platform to show how dedicated and sincere you are. If you can prove yourself worthy at a boring task, interesting tasks will automatically come your way.
  • Be a good follower of the instructions. You will be briefed about your internship responsibilities and how to carry them out. Listen with care in order to execute them with perfection.
  • When on duty always be available to your guests and colleagues. You may be needed any time, so inform someone responsible if you do need to excuse yourself for a while.
  • Since you are doing an internship in Japan, it only makes sense to acquaint yourself with basic Japanese cultural etiquette. Could come in handy when dealing with Japanese guests!
  • The contacts that you have built during your Japan internship, try to sustain them even after the internship ends. Stay in touch with occasional texts or emails. This is key to building long-lasting professional contacts.

Work Nature Of A Hospitality Internship in Japan

Hospitality internship in japan

Many are often confused about what a hospitality internship might entail.

Usually, a hospitality internship requires you to work in various departments, front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, food and beverages servicing, back office, etc.

Depending on your ability you may be given chance to work in departments like HR, marketing, and sales also.

During your hospitality internship in Japan, you may be required to assume various roles.

This is excellent for hospitality students and budding professionals since having a wide-ranging work experience on a resume is a big plus point.

The internship may last for a couple of months so make sure to clear up your calendar.

Working in the hospitality industry is inherently quite thrilling, but working in Japan's hospitality industry takes the thrill to a whole new level.

Work and fun will become synonymous to you! Not to forget you will also have the chance to travel and explore a new country.

It's time to step out of the comfort zone and become a part of a life and career changing experience, which is a hospitality internship in Japan.


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