Hospitality Internship In China

Hospitality Internship In China

Are you planning on making a career in the hospitality industry?

Have you thought about the steps you'll need to take to get started on your quest?

A college degree in hospitality management is a great place to begin your efforts.

In addition to the degree, you will also need some real-world experience of working in the hospitality industry.

While some hospitality programs require students to complete a formal internship, some might not have such a requirement.

But regardless of the formal requirements of your college degree program, you should do a couple of good hospitality internships anyway, like an international hospitality internship in China.

Gaining hospitality work experience in an exotic locale like China will give you a good opportunity to learn about the field from a broader, international perspective.

Whether you work as a front-office executive in a hotel or a server in a posh restaurant during your international hospitality internship in China, what you're getting via these experiences is hands-on learning about the issues, challenges, and practices of the hospitality industry.

You work, you learn, and you enjoy, that is what international hospitality internship in China is all about. Best of all, you will feel much more ready and confident to take on bigger hospitality jobs in your future.

A Peek Into The Hospitality Industry In China

hospitality internship in china

Chinas hospitality industry is spread extensively across areas like hotels, flights, restaurants, entertainment, and several other avenues that have the potential to attract and please tourists.

The biggest consumer of China's hospitality services are the people traveling for business reasons.

This is why it's easy to find in major Chinese cities many convention centers, restaurants and luxury hotels that have been built around the convenience of business people, serving as good places for them to conduct business meetings and dealings.

Business may be a prominent reason for people to travel to China, but it's far from being the only one.

The historical and cultural richness and beautiful natural landscapes that are present in China draw leisurely visitors too who seek exploration and entertainment.

Malls, entertainment centers, and resorts are continuously being developed to cater to this group of tourists who are just looking for a good time.

Currently, China is estimated to have 2.5 million hotel rooms. This number is expected to rise to 6.1 million by 2025, thus making China one of the largest hotel markets in the world by then.

Already renowned international hospitality brands have their presence established in the country.

Transport infrastructure and tourist attractions in the country are receiving consistent rejuvenation to make China as one of the premier tourism and hospitality destinations in the world.

Pursuing international hospitality internship in China is going to be worth your while, whenever you decide to pursue it.

8 Qualities You Need For Success In Your Hospitality Internship China

Working in the hospitality industry alone is difficult, add to that the pressure of working in a foreign hospitality industry, needless to say, international hospitality internship China is no joke.

You will be handling a variety of responsibilities for your international hospitality internship in China, and so naturally you will also need a variety of skills and qualities that help you do so efficiently.

Wanna see if you're ready to take on this challenging international internship in China? Then read on to see if you possess the below qualities requisite for the internship:

1. Cool-Headedness

hospitality internship in china

What does chaos do to you? Does it rattle you or are you able to maintain a calm and composed mind? The ability to stay composed in chaotic situations is important for anyone working in hospitality. You will need to demonstrate your equanimity for your international China internship too.

2. Cultural Awareness

Culture in China is different from that of any other country, whether it’s workplace culture, social culture, or even food culture. If you happen to have a keen interest in learning about cultures of different countries, you will be more likely to enjoy your international hospitality internship in China.

3. Interpersonal Skills

hospitality internship in china

Nobody likes a rude waiter or hotel manager. People working in hospitality have to be at the best of their personality and behavior at all times since the job requires extensive interactions with customers and fellow colleagues.

You need fantastic inter-personal skills to get by every working day in this industry.

4. Organizational Skills

As a hospitality intern, your day could be filled with lots of work responsibilities.

In order to successfully juggle between them all, you should know how to organize your work effectively.

Only by being organized can you complete all your work as per the expectations of your employer and customers.

5. Dedication

hospitality internship in china

Some customers are easy-going and easy to please. Some customers are high-maintenance and much more difficult to please.

Your dedication level in both these cases needs to remain unwavering. After all, the ultimate goal is to earn a happy and satisfied customer.

6. Team Working Skills

As you'll learn during your international hospitality internship China, to work in this industry you not only have to be productive individually but also as a member of the team.

Sometimes you might have to take back seat and follow instructions given to you. Other times you might have to take charge of the situation and guide everyone else.

7. Adaptable

hospitality internship in china

Hospitality jobs can get really unpredictable.

Even though your working hours may be clearly defined in advance, you may have to extend or change those in case any urgent situation arises.

You should be willing to make at least a few adjustments here and there, be ready to happily embrace changes as they come by.

8. Language Skills

While fluency in English is mostly enough for an international hospitality internship in China, picking up a little bit on the local language is spoken could do you a world of good.

It will make it easier for you to serve the local customers visiting your establishment. Plus you'll also find it easier to make new local friends and acquaintances.

Learning even just the basics of the local language can get you far ahead in your international China internship.

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hospitality internship in china

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