Guide to Finding Your First Internship

Guide to Finding Your First Internship

It’s apparent that the working world is a highly competitive arena.

As a fresh graduate, it may be hard for you to stand out when you’re applying for a job, as you probably don’t have much work experience.

One way to gain work experience as a student is to do an internship and make the most out of it.

You should find the right internship, which is one that can broaden your knowledge and hone your skills.

That way, you can put it on your resume as work experience after you graduate. It will give you an edge over everyone else when you’re job-hunting.

Applying for your first internship, however, can be quite tricky. It’s hard to get people to consider you for an internship, let alone find one that will look good on your resume.

To help you with that, here are some tips on how to find your first internship:

Submitting a Well-polished Resume

The first thing you should do when applying for an internship is to draft your resume.

At this point, you probably won’t have much to put on your resume as far as work experience is concerned. However, there are some things you can mention that may appeal to employers.

These include your educational attainment, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and any volunteer work you may have done.

You may also want to write down all the knowledge and skills you picked up in school. Highlight the ones relevant to the internship you’re applying for.

Utilizing the University’s Career Service

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What are your university's career services for? Their sole purpose is to help students find their way in the working world.

So why not make the most of this service that your university offers? They can introduce you to the realm of employment opportunities.

They have an extensive network of businesses and professionals, some of whom may even be alumni of your university. It would be a good idea to attend any networking events organized by your university, because such events may help you get in touch with them.

They will also help you build connections and they may even point you in the direction of an internship.

Sending Speculative Applications

The next step to do is to make a list of companies you’d most like to do your internship with and send out speculative emails.

Of course, you need to attach your resume and a personalized cover letter explaining why you’d like to work with them. Make sure to keep track of all the companies you emailed along with the date of your email.

Wait for responses, but you should expect that you probably won’t hear back from most of them.

That said, the more applications you send, the more chances you have of getting an internship. Be patient and don’t lose hope.

Referring to Job Listings Online

There are plenty of places where you can look for internships online.

You can filter by industry and role. You can browse through the listings for companies that might take you on as an intern.

Keep in mind, however, that many internships aren't advertised online. It’s best to use a wide range of methods to maximize your chances of finding a good internship.

Resort to Volunteering

Finally, you can resort to volunteering with an organization of your choosing. That would be an excellent approach to get work experience, hone your skills, and build your network.

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