Google Blackbelt Has Been Ignited!

Google Blackbelt Has Been Ignited!

Digital marketer verified by Google Doesn't that sound interesting?

Our first batch of Google Ignite students received the title. First of all, what is Google Ignite exactly?

Google Ignite trains you to be a full-time digital marketer and sparks new career possibilities for young professionals. (Google, 2016)

For that reason, decided to introduce Ignite Black Belt.

Our course powered by Google Thailand, is an intense three-day course succeeded by an internship that has started on the 27th of May.

The purpose of the program is to empower the most dedicated and talented individuals in Digital Marketing to become experts in their fields.

The Lucky 30

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You might wonder how managed to succeed in this objective.

First of all, we started with an application form for the students who are interested in attending the course.

After that, 30 candidates of the 900 applicants were chosen to attend our first edition of Google Ignite: Black Belt. set up a comprehensive program for the students to let them gain the right knowledge for doing a successful internship in digital marketing.

Our program, therefore, has five key outcomes that we wanted to provide to our students during these three days.

Expertise in digital marketing, the ability to communicate across multiple levels, autodidacticism, initiative by actively contributing and taking responsibility for new ideas and business empathy were the main aspects we were focusing on during our Google Ignite event.

Course Content

To make sure that our attendees succeed in taking over these key outcomes, we divided the program in several topics.

As such, we discussed the following: a science of intrapreneurship, design thinking, pitching, Google AdWords theoretical and practical information, improving communication skills, communication confidence, networking practice, digital marketing trends and an interesting speak on goal setting.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing...

You might question yourself the importance of this course. It seems that Thailand is experiencing a big growth in the use of social media and online services.

For example, Thailand is ranked on the global ranking for Facebook usage. Furthermore, there is an average of 5 hours internet usage in Thailand.

This is an interesting trend where companies should respond to. Nowadays we see that digital marketing is way more efficient and effective than offline marketing.

Google wants to give students a chance by empowering themselves with the Google Ignite program.

Therefore, it is interesting to educate students with our Black Belt program about digital marketing and make them aware of this trend.

This importance was presented by Ms. Nitti (Director of Business Development,

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The rising importance of digital marketing came with a need of theoretical knowledge.

This knowledge was provided by Ms. Katesara (Managing Director, Thinkplus Digital Co.). She distributed her science on AdWords to the Black Belt students.

It is obviously important that this theoretical knowledge is practiced with the help of an expert in the field.

As such, we invited Mr. Mark McDowell (Co-Founder & General Manager, Primal) who is concerned with digital marketing campaigns for businesses.

He lectured on using Google AdWords and Google Analytics. His explanation on this would provide the students with the right information to set up their own digital marketing campaign.

...And The Communication

As everyone knows: knowledge is not everything. There are side issues that come with digital marketing.

We wanted to learn our applicants about the most efficient way of working during their internship in digital marketing.

Furthermore, we wanted to provide them with information that has to do with their internship position.

For that reason, Mr. Geng (CEO, RGB72 Ltd.) presented on how to handle clients in digital marketing and how to use your digital marketing campaign as efficient as possible.

Additionally, Mr. Paul Ark (Head of Venture Capital SCB, Digital Ventures) focused on using the right communication in a company.

As Paul mentioned: Constant two-way communication can make the difference between a bad internship experience and a great one.

For this reason, we think that the success of your internship is not only about your skill set, but also about how developed your interpersonal skills are.

We also taught on personal confidence during the course. Many times students face hard times with feeling comfortable and how to behave in a company.

That is why we invited Mr. Philip Martin (Author & Law of Attraction specialist) to talk about communication confidence, rapport building and how to network.

It is important to know for an intern that it is allowed to make mistakes and ask questions. Besides, having communication confidence is essential when you want to reach your goals.

We decided to get this immediately into practice by inviting the students to the STCC Networking Night at the Landmark Hotel.

It was a great opportunity for them to experience networking and get into contact with business people.

Setting The Right Goals

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Communication is not only important to get where you want to be. Setting the right goals and pursuing them is as important.

What are reasonable goals? What is the easiest way of achieving them? How does it benefit me?

These are frequently asked questions. It seems that many people do not make efficiently use of goals and that only 3% succeeds to achieve a goal.

You might think why we perceive this as important. Here is why: it creates a vision which sets you upon the path where you want to go.

Moreover, achieving a goal results into passion and satisfaction.

For that reason, we invited Mr. David Giang (Head of Executive Education at the Bangkok School of Management & Founder of Optime Co.) for an interesting talk on this topic.

At least, what is an internship without the ability to use your creativity? We live in a society where black and white thinking is outdated and out of the box thinking is the new thing.

We want to stimulate this by this by inviting Mr. Phorn (Head of UX/UI, Kaidee) and Mr. O (Leader Product Development, Kaidee) to teach on unilateral thinking.

They also introduced the attendees to a new way of approaching customers, since nowadays it is important to create customer value. It is not only about creating revenue, but it is important to create and maintain relationships.

In Conclusion

We wanted to provide a course that is not only about learning, but also about experiencing. Having practical experience of your theory is greatly valued in this hiring based on experience society.

As such, we want to prepare the attendees in the right way for their internship, by giving knowledge about hard skills as well as soft skills.

As an attendee mentioned: "The Black Belt course exceeded my expectations. I expected to learn about digital marketing, but it was way more than that".

The students will all start their internship in a digital marketing position in a company soon.

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What kind of training courses would you be interested in for personal development? Give us your suggestions for future courses you'd like to see us offer!


What kind of training courses would you be interested in for personal development? Give us your suggestions for future courses you'd like to see us offer!

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