Finance Internship In Japan

Finance Internship In Japan

When it comes to making a career in international finance, getting a degree is only the beginning of the process.

Today, finance industries across the world are more tightly intertwined than ever.

The activities, processes, and transactions of the financial markets have become increasingly intricate.

Aspiring finance professionals are required to equip themselves with a broad-ranging understanding and skills to really integrate themselves into this multi-faceted industry.

To do so they should plan pursuing an internship opportunity that exposes them to the dynamics of the global financial markets.

Something like a finance internship in Japan would fit the bill perfectly.

6 Major Types Of Finance Internships In Japan

Jobs in the finance sector are in abundance, every company in every industry has the need for finance specialists.

Doing a finance internship in Japan will give you a good idea of what type of work opportunities are out there.

Here are some of the common areas in which you may get to do your finance internship in Japan:

1. Corporate Finance

finance internship in japan

Landing a finance internship in Japan with corporate finance will help you understand how to find, manage, and sustain capital for running an organization.

The focus is on enhancing the value of the company while analyzing and minimizing any financial vulnerabilities.

During such a finance internship in Japan, be ready to learn about devising company's financial goals and strategies, creating financial statements, predicting profits and losses, working with auditors, etc.

2. Financial Planning

Another interesting field for internship in Japan is financial planning.

Here you'll mostly be coordinating with individual parties, helping them secure stability in their finances.

For your Japan internship at a financial planning firm, you'll be responsible for analyzing the financial needs and goals for the clients, and tailoring a savings and investment plan accordingly.

The internship will provide you with a solid understanding of concepts like wealth preservation, tax planning, and investment development.

3. Accounting

finance internship in japan

If crunching numbers and analyzing data is your thing, then a Japan internship in accounting is something that you'll love to do.

Helping global businesses keep their finances in check, preparing a variety of financial and accounting statements, recording the financial transactions, doing an audit of the financial records, and preparing and filing income tax returns, are some of the many things that you'll learn as an accounting intern in Japan.

4. Insurance

An internship in insurance sector will involve you advising from individuals to businesses on how to protect their assets from potential financial risks and losses.

Your internship duty could be anything: marketing and selling insurance policies to prospective leads, providing customer support to the firm's clientele, or calculating risks and insurance premiums using financial theory, probability, historical data, quantitative analysis, and computer science.

5. Investment Banking

finance internship in japan

Probably one of the most heard of fields in finance sector is investment banking.

It's pictured as something very glamorous, which it is, but not without some serious work responsibilities.

Finance internship Japan will sow in the seeds of smart investment banking in you.

The internship will give you lessons in how to prudently raise capital for companies, how to trade equity securities and derivatives, how to help out in mergers and acquisitions, how to issue securities, and so on.

6. Commercial Banking

This sector comprises of your typical banking operations. From local institutions to international banks, Japan is a home to them all.

A Japan internship in banking is a good place to learn about international finance.

There will be opportunities to learn about private banking, loan issuance and servicing, credit analysis, mortgage banking, branch management, etc. Apart from the above fields, you can also find a finance internship in Japan in various other fields like private equity management, venture capital management, hedge funds management, portfolio management, and so on.

There is no better place than an international financial center like Japan to learn about these financial services.

Why Go To Japan For A Finance Internship?

finance internship in japan

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the address for many of the world's biggest insurance companies and investment banks.

Rising as a major financial hub since the 1960s, Tokyo has now been dubbed as one of the "command centers" for the global economy, right alongside London and New York City.

The 2017 Global Financial Centers Index ranked Tokyo as the 3rd most competitive financial center in Asia and the 5th most competitive financial center worldwide.

The thriving financial sector of Japan is not just limited to the Tokyo city.

Other metropolitan cities in Japan are just as competitive and primed for excellence in offering financial services.

On the whole, the finance industry of Japan consists of a host of entities like foreign and local banks, insurance companies, stock brokerages, consumer finance companies, investment banks, credit card companies, and more.

This is the country where you need to be if international finance is what you want to learn and specialize in.

Finance internship Japan is an exciting opportunity of working amidst a vibrant financial landscape.

Tips For Getting Good Finance Internship Placement In Japan

finance internship in japan

Landing good finance internship in Japan will need quality efforts from your side.

You don't want to slack off on your internship placement because working at a good firm can make all the difference in the skills and knowledge that you acquire by the end of your internship.

Here are a couple of things for you to keep in mind as you prepare for your Japan internship placement.

Firstly, prepare your resume and cover letter carefully. They should be a reflection of your sincerity, integrity, and honesty.

Secondly, be clear about what in finance excites you the most. This will help you ace your interview with the firm.

Students who ooze passion effortlessly through their answers always manage to leave an impression on the interviewer.

Lastly, study in depth about the firm that you are interviewing with. By study, we don't mean solely mugging up their history, mission statement, and a bunch of other facts.

Try to grasp the length and breadth of the work that the company is doing.

What sets them apart from their competition, what types of clients they work with, what types of projects they handle, what are the highlight points of their journey so far, this is the kind of information you should read up on.


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