Finance Internship In Hong Kong

Finance Internship In Hong Kong

Many college graduates dream of a career in finance because of the plenty of lucrative job opportunities to search for in the field.

Even the entry-level jobs in the finance field are better paying than most other fields.

With the right skills, motivation and professional contacts, one can easily climb up the success ladder and join the ranks of the echelons of the finance world.

But in order to reach the top, you need to begin early to check all the boxes.

If you are studying in high school or college and are certain of your finance career choice, then doing a finance internship in Hong Kong can really prove to be a defining move for your career.

Usually, for finance internship positions, candidates are not expected to be extremely well-versed or academically qualified in finance.

A basic understanding of the domain and its technical jargon are generally enough to start you with the internship.

finance internship in hong kong

The company that you intern with may conduct a training program at the start to give you a fair idea of what's to come next.

The great thing about a Hong Kong finance internship is that while at the start of the internship you may feel like a novice who probably knows little or nothing about finance, by the time you'll be through with it you are likely to find yourself much more knowledgeable and prepared.

Think of pursuing a finance internship in Hong Kong as laying the groundwork for a solid career in the financial services industry.

Because a sound preparation is integral for success in this industry.

While your academic degree will teach you the theoretical concepts of finance, nothing other than an internship will give you the much needed practical overview.

Employers in the Hong Kong finance industry are always on the lookout for candidates who have diverse resumes, which is why it is a good idea to complement your academic credentials with the practical experience of an internship.

Interesting Facts About An Internship In Hong Kong

When you want the best of learning, you need to go to the best teacher. This principle very well applies to a finance internship as well.

To get the best learning experience from the internship, you need to put careful thought into where you pursue it from.

You will not find a better alternative than Hong Kong, which has beaten all odds over the years to become a top-ranking global financial listing.

finance internship in hong kong

Let's look into some fascinating points that make a Hong Kong internship so right for a career in finance:

  • Hong Kong ranks among the top five international financial hubs in the world. This is partly because of its status as one of the most free market economies of the world. The well-structured and supervisory judicial and legal policies further bolster Hong Kong’s position as a premier financial center.
  • The finance industry plays a very important role in Hong Kong’s economy and is a major contributor in the overall GDP.
  • Hong Kong specializes in sectors like asset management, banking, stock trading, and insurance. In fact, the Hong Kong stock exchange is the world's sixth largest, and more than 70 of the world's top 100 banking institutions have operations in Hong Kong.
  • The financial markets and institutions of Hong Kong serve local as well as foreign clients through their extensive range of offerings.
  • Because of its world-class infrastructure, welcoming business environment and prominence in the South-East Asia region, Hong Kong's finance industry is set for more growth in the coming years.
  • FinTech (Financial Technology) is beginning to take concrete shape in Hong Kong. This is bringing about positive changes in the way financial service providers operate, a true reflection of the technology changes that are doing the rounds in the global finance arena.

Life During And After The Internship

finance internship in hong kong

A Finance internship in Hong Kong can serve as a gateway to different sorts of opportunities.

The internship program may also comprise of career development related events and seminars to give you a more insightful view into the finance industry.

After your internship, you can pursue higher education in finance or you can even apply for a full-time job position in the firm that you have interned with.

What you do after the internship is up to you, the world will be your oyster.

But during the internship, it's important that you put in 100% of your ability and efforts to the work assigned to you.

The harder you work, the happier your mentors at the company will be, and consequently, you will receive better references and recommendation letters.

Focus on proving yourself as an asset for the company. You'll be receiving plenty of opportunities to do so.

You may be required to work through real-world business situations, all while under the mentorship of a designated supervisor.

At the end of the day, you will be assessed on your ability to learn, adapt, and respond.

Overall, your finance internship in Hong Kong will comprise of a balanced mixture of learning and working experiences.

Hong Kong After Work Hours

finance internship in hong kong

The best thing about international internships is that, in addition to the obvious work opportunity, they also act as a travel opportunity in disguise.

They make the idea of internship a lot more adventurous. And surely your finance internship in Hong Kong will be nothing short of an adventure ride.

Nicknamed as the vertical city, Hong Kong has the most number of skyscrapers in the world. You will find it hard to take your eyes off the stunning architecture of these buildings.

While the day is spent toiling away at work, the nightlife is exuberant enough to take away all the work stress.

There are many ways you could be spending your time after work.

Immerse yourself into Hong Kong's lively and spirited nightlife by relishing delightful contemporary music and dance, dining at some of the finest restaurants, partying and dancing away the night at happening clubs and pubs, or indulging in nighttime shopping.

The energy of this place is infectious, enough to rejuvenate you completely for next day at work.

Give yourself the gift of a promising career start and an exciting travel adventure with a finance internship in Hong Kong.

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